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Today's World Census ranking is for Largest Welfare Programs.

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Communist Bloc1,200The Sovereign Kingdom of Westnesia
Spiritus604The Crashed Spaceship of The Salaxalans
Albion512The Free Land of Moolaha
Glorious Nations of Iwaku286The Fifth Element of Vernafer
Kingdom of Alexandria208The Kingdom of Rassendylia
Winterfell120The Chibi Cats of The Flame Dawn
Equestria107The United Utopia of Untspah
Esamir90The Kingdom of Duresia
Sovereign Charter104The Federated Republic of Oceanion
The Kingdom of Kvatch130The Commonwealth of Lebnania
Pony Lands76The Pony Principality of Princess Luna
Asylum65The United Districts of Crettia
Hogwarts103The Republic of Gemps Land
Zhaucauozian Friendship21The Mods want tacos fiefdom of Lunatic Goofballs
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