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RegionNationsWA Delegate
World Alliance252The Grand Empire of Xolox
Commonwealth of Liberty172The Republic of Ventraidi Sombran Delegation
The Royal Alliance142The Federal Republic of The Confederation of Northern Germany
Commonwealth of Free Nations126The Fenced-In Area of Vladovaskia
Libertatem97The Time of Troubles of Miencraft
Ceseris90The Republic of Steakrim
The Allied Republics80The Federal Drakan Republic of Obito
North Africa72The White Sands of Yoh-en-Boeit
Laissez Faireholm69The Motors of Lincoln Sydney
NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries64--None--
Eastern Europe63The Cobriet Union of Jorji Cobrastan
Commonwealth of Allies63The Traitorous Zamby of Nordenwald
Antarctic Oasis61The Flaming Pirates of Bloodstone Kay
Monkey Island56The Star Empire of Ainocra
Federation of Free States49The Confederacy of Western Mars
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by Max Barry

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