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RegionNationsWA Delegate
World Alliance191The Grand Empire of Xolox
Commonwealth of Liberty180The Republic of Ventraidi Sombran Delegation
The Communist Bloc178The True Communist State of Skydiveria
Commonwealth of Free Nations132The Fenced-In Area of Vladovaskia
Philosophy 115129The Commonwealth of Wesland
Social Liberal Union123The Magnificent Kingdom of Avaerilon
Esamir118The Social Democracy of New-Zealand
Atheist Empire114The Atheistic Republic of Felandos
Libertatem92The Libertatem President of Humpheria
New York89The Christian Kingdom of Vanic Topia
United Left Front88The Soviet Socialist Republic of Jnania
Hippy Haven87The Mostly Harmless Nation of Hicdarr
Laissez Faireholm86The Motors of Lincoln Sydney
The Allied Republics77The United Dual Anime Kingdom of Lewis and Daniel
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by Max Barry

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