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Today's World Census ranking is for Most Godforsaken.

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Scandinavia55The Constitutional Folkjarldom of Treanemark
Absolution60The Union of Sinovet
Atheist Empire101The Atheistic Republic of Felandos
Das Kommune56The Industrial Marxist States of Communal Earth
Region Inc55The United States of Robert Hawkins
Portugal93The Friendship of Tiago Silva
Forest71The United Mangrove Archipelago of Ransium
Laissez Faireholm85The Motors of Lincoln Sydney
Asia79The Grand Duchy of The Derrak Quadrant
The Local Cluster56The Kiith Federation Expedition of Feazanthia
Hippy Haven82The Mostly Harmless Nation of Hicdarr
Ankh Mauta60The Lone and Level Sands of Nationstatelandsville
Sondria52The City of Varnheim
ITALIA95The Socialist Federal Republic of Albarusija
Greater Dienstad59The Free Republic of Lamoni
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