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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Tropical Isles64--None--
Antarctica79The Trenchant Order of The Voltarum
Anime65The Diaspora Church of The Eternal Kawaii
Forest78The United Mangrove Archipelago of Ransium
Realm of Unrestricted Science51The Scientific Collectives of Frenequesta
Hippy Haven88The Mostly Harmless Nation of Hicdarr
Absolution64The Union of Sinovet
Das Kommune55The Federative Socialist Union of Kazirstan
Scandinavia52The Constitutional Folkjarldom of Treanemark
Equestria69The United Utopia of Untspah
Ankh Mauta61The Lone and Level Sands of Nationstatelandsville
Anarchy59The CNT Supporters of Nova Castlemilk
Region Inc62The United States of Robert Hawkins
Atlantis52The Republic of Madrocea
The Milky Way Galaxy95The Terran Confederacy of Steel Union
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