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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Communist Bloc64The Communist State of The Russian Communist Federation
Real Places63--None--
Homage to Catalonia62--None--
Das Kommune61The Democratic People's Union of Communist Bloodia
Central Pacific Empire61The Incorporation of Apple
SPACE61The Federated Democratic States of Xanthal
The Crown Federation of Recon62The Crown Kingdoms of The Recon Empire
Ile de France60--None--
Kingdom of Britain and Ireland61The Confederacy of The Isles of Bjornholm
Empire of Japan62The Dominion of Spiritbw
No region60The Tumbleweed Náisiún of Chaunceys
Nations of Libertas60The Protectorate of The Reformed Knights Templar
Geopolity57The Commonwealth of Dubnia
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by Max Barry

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