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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Beach63The Empire of Retracia
Geopolity67The Commonwealth of Dubnia
Maltropian Puppet Confederacy63--None--
United Empire of Islam62The Sunni Islamic Republic of Patistan
Ankh Mauta63The Lone and Level Sands of Nationstatelandsville
Antarctica62The Trenchant Order of The Voltarum
Atlantis60The Republic of Madrocea
The United League of Nations58The Godless Utopian Progressives of Cardoness
American Union59The Republic of Iaidoren
Scandinavia58The Constitutional Folkjarldom of Treanemark
Real Places59--None--
Europa59The People's Federation of Emakera
Das Kommune67The United Socialist Federation of 4years
The Genesis Corporation58The Mëkanïk Dëstruktïẁ Kömmandöh of The Star of Jorj
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by Max Barry

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