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RegionNationsWA Delegate
ITALIA72The Socialist Federal Republic of Albarusija
Emirates of Futurnia71--None--
Land of Eagles71--None--
New York68The Kingdom of Vanic Topia
Violet Irises67--None--
Alternate History World67The Empire of Hanchu
Holy Rome66The United Republics of Great Jergania and Jonland
Anime66The Diaspora Church of The Eternal Kawaii
The Western Colonies65The People's Union of Telemarcia
Central Pacific Empire65The Dominion of Aanon Bay
Unified Coalition of Nations66The United Federation of Ajerrin
The Insane Region67The Party nation of The Reapers of the Night
Greater Dienstad64The Free Republic of Lamoni
Absolution63The Militaristic Federation of The Sheika
Austritaria63The Republic of Grand Britaria
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