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RegionNationsWA Delegate
United Group72The Constitutional Monarchy of Joktria
The Coalition of Shokpo72--None--
The Universal Union72--None--
Atlantis71The Assembly and Demos of Madrocea
Greater Ixnay69The Elegans Imperium of Heku
The Galactic Federacy68The Bravelands of Diyel Grandiose
The Bulldog67The Commonwealth of The Brotherhood of Stee1
The Union of the Royal Alliance67The Mystical Imperium of Paseo
Conf of Traditional Socialist Nations67The Federation of Socialist Republic of the French People
Avarenth66The Caretaker of Cybertron outpost 23
Ausozera66The Iron Superpower of Vanquaria
Brasil66The Semipresidential Borderlands of Santana Tucuruvi
Mapperdonia65The National Bolshevik Empire of The Britannian Kingdom
HVMUN65The Constitutional Monarchy of Zach-Way
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