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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Ile de France67The Borderlands of Kazestigma
La France67The People's Republic of Maoist People
Australia68The Kingdom of King Rankmore
The Zuropean Union66--None--
The Darwinish Coalition67The Empire of Nhissaatiire
ITALIA69The Socialist Federal Republic of Albarusija
Mapperdonia65The Technocratic Republic of Esceosia
The Second Republic Alliance65The Constitutional Monarchy of The United Kingdom of Greater America
JCID65The Federation of Ethereal Redemption
Tropical Isles64--None--
New Zealandia64The People's Republic of Xarcan
Middle East64The Republic of Frennierstan
Esamir63The Democratic Republic of Blukon
B1 Kingdom63--None--
Central Pacific Empire62The Dominion of Aanon Bay
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by Max Barry

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