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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Post Apocalyptic Divide39The Rogue Nation of Blutengel
Greater Prussia35The Greater Island Kingdom of New Hayesalia
Germany36The Royal Imperial Commonwealth of Brunswick and Nassau
The Luxan Empire38The Federal Republic of Eemeria
Role Player Coaltition33The Armed Republic of The orthodox society of shagour
The Axis of Evil28--None--
Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions31The Holy Imperium of Man of Gigaverse
Coalition of Sovereign Nations30--None--
Mazeria30The Kingdom of Greater Gilboa
Imperial France13The Empire of CyberiumEmpire
Deritan Meillur28The Imperial Republic of Kingdom of Derita
The Kingdom of Denmark27The Empire of Glorious Vojvodinan Grand Duchy
Haugalandet27The Kingdom of Vikjaa
The Land of Power24The People's Republic of Lynxcia
The Refuge25--None--
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by Max Barry

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