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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Insane States of Insanity45The Vereinigte Reich of The Socialist Provinces of Xihanlang
The Imperialist Coalition42The Socialist Monarchy of The World Worker
Brasil41The Borderlands of Santana Tucuruvi
The Britannian Empire39The Most Serene Republic of Abeann
Coalition of Sovereign Nations38--None--
The Confederation of Unity37The Empire of U n i t y
The Eternal Realm37--None--
Imperium Slavicum36The New World Republic of Akrotirum
New Hyperion35--None--
The Commonwealth of Kings34The Galactic Empire of Father motherland
New Barsaria33--None--
Arconian Empire32--None--
The Union of Fascists32The Greater Empire of Arnoria
The Axis of Evil30The Unholy Imperium of The Wounded Love
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by Max Barry

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