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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Mazeria42The Republic of Luthionia
Madrigal40The Republic of United doughnut republic
The Insane States of Insanity40The Vereinigte Reich of The Socialist Provinces of Xihanlang
Arapuca40The Most Serene Dictatorship of Hipona
The Commonwealth of Kings38The Galactic Empire of Father motherland
The Imperialist Coalition39The Socialist Monarchy of The World Worker
The Empire of Tamriel38The Diciplined Legion of Thayn
The Galactic Empire Est 20 ABY35The Galactic Empire of Fo-20
New Barsaria34--None--
Imperium Slavicum32The New World Republic of Akrotirum
Germany32The Royal Imperial Commonwealth of Brunswick and Nassau
Alliance of Absolute Monarchs30The Kingdom of Gyuamno
United Alliances30The Unified Lunar Empire of Elphis
The Great Roman Empire30--None--
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by Max Barry

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