The Regions

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Western Isles557The Free Lands of Vancouvia
Taijitu388The Unbearable Deliciousness of Jutensa
Commonwealth of Free Nations211The Crowned Republic of Markotovia
Esquarium179The Republic of Vyvland
The Coalition of Democratic Nations161The Second Empire of Ascoobis
Geopolity147The United States of Imperial Eagle
North American Federation142The Presidency of Our Governator
Ioraqus126The People's Republic of Wadden-Amrum
Pluviostan115The Commonwealth of Nousona
Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitude109--None--
Sunalaya97The United Soviets of United Soviet Jason Republic
Austritaria93The Republic of Grand Britaria
World Conference90The Republic of Inggison
Esamir83The Kingdom of Duresia
American Union74The User-Friendly Democracy of Nearly Finland
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by Max Barry

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