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RegionNationsWA Delegate
United Sovereign Socialist Republics162The People's Slavic federation of Socialist Federative Republic of Sornia
Commonwealth of Free Nations132The Fenced-In Area of Vladovaskia
The United Northern Countries125The Freeborn People's Republic of Russian Fedration
Esamir114The Social Democracy of New-Zealand
Sunalaya112The Second Democratic Empire of Rodrania
Austritaria110The Republic of Grand Britaria
The Greater German Reich106The Holy Empire of REVOLUTION X
Geopolity100The United States of Imperial Eagle
Taijitu79The Hippie Freedomfest of Jutensa
Commonwealth of Allies69The Industrial Suburb of Nordenwald
NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries66--None--
Tropical Isles64--None--
American Union56The Republic of Iaidoren
Holy Rome56The United Republics of Great Jergania and Jonland
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by Max Barry

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