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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Greater German Reich193--None--
The United States87The ✪ Free State ✪ of Topid
Ankh Mauta71The Lone and Level Sands of Nationstatelandsville
Laissez Faireholm66The Motors of Lincoln Sydney
NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries65--None--
Valhalla62The Realm of GRO II
Kotturheim49The Pink Dictator Duo of New Nassrau
Role Player Coaltition34The Armed Republic of The orthodox society of shagour
Oceanside28The Now Even Darker Timeline of Evil Grantica
Tofulinearity19The Seven Clans of Merizoc
The Darwin Allied Republics11--None--
Aeldorin10The Holy Militant Empire of DEC-LAND
Cahokian Empire8The Grand Borderlands of Land of redchrome
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by Max Barry

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