The Regions

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Tropical Isles64--None--
Realm of Unrestricted Science59The Scientific Collectives of Frenequesta
Alternate History World56The Confederacy of Dennizona
The Empty Quarter56--None--
Aura Hyperia54--None--
Stargate48The United States of General Hammond
Confederacy of Allied States48The Delegate of The Democratic Nation of Unovia
SPACE46The Federated Democratic States of Xanthal
Juche Union42The Union of Socialist Republics of Russia
New Lunar Republic40The Principality of Fralinia
Touhou Union40--None--
Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions40The Imperium Sacrum Humanitatum of Gigaverse
The United League of Empires38The United States of America Libertaria
The Infinite Alliance36The Defalt Nation of Chaunceys
Eladen35The Principality of Liberidad
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by Max Barry

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