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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The East Pacific4,481The East Pacific Delegate of Bachtendekuppen
Spectrasonic1,536The Federation of Peace and Omnipotence
World Alliance235The Kingdom of Marquette of Pacific
The Coalition of Governments186The Imperial Crimson Dawn Horde of Vanhania
Tychrome164The Aligned Systems Authority of Kelvaros Prime
Strategos Prime145The WA Delegate of Topsail Empire
The Darwin Allied Republics133The Imperial Federation of Hespero-Belkia
Aura Hyperia120The Dictatorship of Drugs runners
The Milky Way Galaxy100The Confederacy of Steel Union
Imperium of the Wolf92The Wibbly Wobbly Dictatorship of Euthantasia
The Ascendancy86--None--
The Nightmare Realms82The Rogue Nation of Akshar
Commonwealth of Liberty82The Republic of The United Tribes
The alliance of homework70The Warzone Heroes of ContinentX
NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries67--None--
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by Max Barry

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