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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Stargate55The United States of General Hammond
South Pacific51The Dictatoral Federation of Lingang
Libertarian49The Constitutional Republic of Alternate Universe 912
The Genesis Corporation48The 'Tröller Tanz' Ghost Dance of The Star of Jorj
Eternal Scholars45The Apologetic Reforming Senate of The Moon Base
Philippines46The Holy Republic of Ariusgrad
A Liberal Haven45The Commonwealth and Outer Isles of Garchyland
The United Reddit Nations43The People's Empire of Voga
Atheist Empire41The Atheistic Republic of Felandos
New World41The United Imperial Commonwealth of Aeuria
Mercenary Lands41The Grand Duchy of Tarlag
The United League of Nations40The United Federation of Aligned Planets
Yorkshire37The Determined democracy of The Mejobsworth
St Abbaddon36The Clan of Hawkswind
GREAT Britain26The Traveling Adventures of WA Klopstock
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by Max Barry

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