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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Belgium126The North of East of South of West-Flanders
European Union123The Democratic Republic of Occoron
Asia122The Grand Duchy of The Derrak Quadrant
Anarchy111The Giggling Anatrepocracy of Sierra Lyricalia
Portugal95The Federation of Aldonin
Equestria90The United Utopia of Untspah
Middle Earth83The Noldorin Kingdom of Dor Caranthir
Hogwarts79The Community of Ravenclaw House
Gatesville Inc80The Noble Warrior of Gatesville of Noctaurus
Japan72The Athenian Paradise of Otaku Stratus
ITALIA73The Socialist Federal Republic of Albarusija
Alternate History World66The Reich of Baltican Union
The Black Riders69The Awesome Friendly Delegate of Harenhime
Hell60The Mad King of Hell of The Stalker
South Pacific55The Former Former Delegate of The lepearchauns
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by Max Barry

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