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Today's World Census ranking is for Largest Public Sector.

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The North Pacific6,059The Wizzard of SillyString
Lazarus4,073The Slack Guru of Funkadelia
Osiris3,731The Pharaoh of Tim Stark
The South Pacific5,229The Swiftly Tilting Land of Tsunamy
The West Pacific5,320The Holy Blue Smoke of Mediobogdum
10000 Islands1,730The Poetic Tendencies of Aersoldorf
Europeia1,040The Cheesy Bacon Potato Ranch Dressing Cauliflower Banana Monstropolis with Game Moderators Powahs on the side of Mousebumples
The Internationale414The People's Republic of Auhl
Europe486The Democratic Empire of Imperium Anglorum
The Alliance of Dictators204The Greater Intergalactic Empire of Servoth
Yggdrasil300The Hegelian Dialectic State of Chevaux de Frise
Nugut947The Iran of The Shah
Democratic Socialist Assembly215The Federated City States of Defwa
Capitalist Paradise454The Grand Duchy of Acario
Social Liberal Union170The Federal Republic of Anaaxes
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by Max Barry

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