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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Black Hawks280--None--
Texas226The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas
The New Inquisition223The Libertarian Utopia of The Emerald World
Commonwealth of Liberty208The PLEASE TELEGRAM YAROSLUV of Yarowarep
Democratic Socialist Assembly207The Althing of Ratateague
Kingdom of Alexandria200The Chancellery of Alexandrian Grand Pacific
The Alliance of Dictators197The Greater Intergalactic Empire of Servoth
Ile de France195The Democratic Republic of Ignibus
The United Kingdom of the Netherlands181The New Holy Roman Empire of Eden Sky Castle
United Kingdom181The Constitutional Monarchy of United Kingdom WA Delegate
Equilism174The Unelected Chief of Small Huts
International Northwestern Union167The Ploof Ploof of Albiorix
The Coalition of Democratic Nations166The Second Empire of Ascoobis
Right to Life164The Republic of Phydios
Canada154The Pubs of Parkplace
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by Max Barry

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