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RegionNationsWA Delegate
United Kingdom291The Constitutional Monarchy of United Kingdom WA Delegate
The New Galactic Empire271The New Galactic Emperor of Darth Radix II
The New Inquisition249The Libertarian Utopia State of The Emerald World
The Black Hawks240--None--
Democratic Socialist Assembly220The Federated City States of Defwa
The Alliance of Dictators214The Greater Intergalactic Empire of Servoth
Gay213The Cranky Old Grizzly of BearNation
Social Liberal Union195The Federal Republic of Anaaxes
The New Commonwealth Society189The Isla Paradiso of Tabcorp Park
United Group185The Imperial Hierarchy of Jydara
Commonwealth of Liberty184The Imperialist Japanese Empire of The Enclave Regions
Pony Lands176The Pony Principality of Princess Luna
South Pacific175The Republic of Pina Coladas
Texas170The Unincorporated NationStates of NewTexas
Canada164The Pubs of Parkplace
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