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RegionNationsWA Delegate
World Alliance228The Grand Empire of Xolox
The Coalition of Governments207The Crimson Dawn Vahric Empire of Vanhania
The Greater German Reich205The Nationalsozialistisch of Confederate state of Germany
Commonwealth of Liberty187The Bundesreich of Paramountica
League of Sovereign Nations125The Federation of Antares Scorpi
Commonwealth of Free Nations119The Fenced-In Area of Vladovaskia
The Fascist Union114--None--
Nazi Europa100The Confederacy of Chicken Cutlet
Esamir97The Federal Aristocratic Kingdom of New Tarajan
NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries64--None--
The Coalition of Fascist Nations47The New Fascist Empireium of Wolflandil
Role Player Coaltition48The Republic of Algelic
Fifth Empire46The Federal Republic of Brasir
Pax Australis41--None--
Union of Aristocratic Empires39The Holy Empire of Aurennian Aristocratic Empire
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by Max Barry

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