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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Nazi Europa629The Armed Reich of Svarttjern
The Western Isles557The Free Lands of Vancouvia
Commonwealth of Liberty217The PLEASE TELEGRAM YAROSLUV of Yarowarep
The Fascist Union213--None--
Commonwealth of Free Nations208The Crowned Republic of Markotovia
The Coalition of Governments198The Crimson Dawn Vahric Dominion of Vanhania
World Alliance193The Federation of Serenarea
Ioraqus133The People's Republic of Wadden-Amrum
Coalition of Sovereign Nations106The Republic of Magonia
Esamir83The Kingdom of Duresia
KAISERREICH67The Empire of Cresenthia
Aetherius56The Empire of Sangaria
The Confederation54The People's Free State of Vichtander
Dhoom53The Commonwealth of Ribbit Town
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by Max Barry

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