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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Nazi Europa281The Theocracy of Boothe Reich
The Fascist Union267--None--
Commonwealth of Liberty217The PLEASE TELEGRAM YAROSLUV of Yarowarep
World Alliance203The Federation of Serenarea
Commonwealth of Free Nations166The Most Serene Federation of Sulania
The Greater German Reich114--None--
The Coalition of Governments112The Crimson Dawn Vahric Dominion of Vanhania
The Confederation78The Kingdom of Morisco
Esamir81The Kingdom of Duresia
League of Sovereign Nations49The Empire of Muzztopia
Alternate Modern World43The Colony of Allgemeine Ostasien Gesellschaft
Arapuca42The Oceanic Empire of Akrurrua Brahu
Fifth Empire42The Imperium of The Vekta-Helghast Empire
The Union of Fascists36The Holy Militaristic Empire of The United Kingdoms of Austinarya
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by Max Barry

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