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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Esamir83The Kingdom of Duresia
The Confederation55The People's Free State of Vichtander
Black Mesa Islands53The Fibonacci Sequence of Johto and Kanto
The Realm of Chaos51The Intergalactic Meritocracy of Creepwood
The Utopian Freesocialists41--None--
The Dirt Alliance35The Procrastinating People of Sakiokuri
Ankh Mauta31The Rightful King of Ankh Mauta of Nude East Ireland
Kotturheim31The Champagne glass of Auremena
Archmont18The Holy Empire of Avendonia
The Embassy18The Empire of The party for money
NSG Senate17--None--
Yerushalem VI16The Queendom of Wicconian
Empire of 4M Cakes11The Federation of Stickoria
Gatehouse by the P2TM11The Armed Republic of Cylarn
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by Max Barry

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