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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Eastern Roman Empire298The Empire of Superans
Coalition Of Freedom279The Commonwealth of Republic of South Carolina
The New Inquisition274The Laissez-Faire Utopia of The Emerald World
Equilism266The Victorious Fighting Buddhas of The Monkye
Glorious Nations of Iwaku266The Hakurei Fargonianism of Albrook
Democratic Socialist Assembly265The Democratic States of Terlibe
Ancient Lands251--None--
New Warsaw Pact247The Federation of Riflemoor
Renegade Islands Alliance248The Intelligent Lifeforms of Lichto
The Graveyard237--None--
British Isles227The Wonderland of Keronika
The Versutian Federation221The Republic of The Black Hat Guy
The Kingdom of Great Britain219The Constitutional Monarchy of William Bettingham II
Spiritus215The Peace and Love of The Salaxalans
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by Max Barry

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