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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Ainur298The Holy Empire of Augustus Telcontar
Albion448The Imperialum Emperorum WADum of The Royal Hapsburgs
Anarchy111The Giggling Anatrepocracy of Sierra Lyricalia
Ancient Lands204--None--
Asia122The Grand Duchy of The Derrak Quadrant
Audax208The Province of Sad-States
Auralia291The Environment of Aramythia
Belgium126The North of East of South of West-Flanders
British Isles195The British Isles Delegate of Sollis
Canada152The Pubs of Parkplace
Capitalist Paradise426The Grand Duchy of Acario
Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitude102--None--
Commonwealth of Diverse Nations103The Federal Republic of Amsterwald
Commonwealth of Free Nations178The Most Serene Kingdom of Markotovia
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by Max Barry

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