The Regions

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Union of Confederate Regions497The Democratic Socialist Union of Central Monian States of America
Albion463The Imperialum Emperorum WADum of The Royal Hapsburgs
Yggdrasil467The Hegelian Dialectic State of Chevaux de Frise
The Internationale443The Former Confederated Communes of Proletaire
Capitalist Paradise433The Grand Duchy of Acario
The Western Isles422The Free Lands of Vancouvia
The Land of Kings and Emperors375The Zack Saxton of Aelbarrow
Equinox375The Pure Rock Fury of KevinWasserman
Nazi Europa373The Theocracy of Boothe Reich
Direwolves of the North366--None--
The Independent Order356The Independent Stake of Asmodeus of Lust
Imperium of the Wolf349The Wolf Chief of Themightymanuel
The International Kingdom333The Democratic Republic of Egalitia
Glorious Nations of Iwaku321The Ron Swanson of Vernafer
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by Max Barry

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