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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Capitalist Paradise439The Grand Duchy of Acario
NationStates377The MikesHope Essence of Mikeswill
United Kingdom374The Constitutional Monarchy of United Kingdom WA Delegate
Direwolves of the North360--None--
Europe354The Democratic Republic of Jenesia
The Independent Order344The Independent Stake of Asmodeus of Lust
Taijitu341The Hippie Lovefest of Jutensa
Albion342The Somewhat Emotional Delegate of The Royal Hapsburgs
The Land of Kings and Emperors329The Kingdom of Aelbarrow
Illuminati330The Illuminati Directorate of Dominionaire
Hellenic Civilization300The Holy Byzantine Empire of Melanocytes
Eastern Roman Empire296The 23 billion plus super nation of Morombe
Yggdrasil289The Shining Cartel of South Titania
The Coalition of Democratic Nations287The Grand Federation of Brechalht
Equilism279The Apostolic Res Publica of Patrimonium Petri
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by Max Barry

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