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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Albion462The Free Land of Moolaha
Spiritus461The Crashed Spaceship of The Salaxalans
The Internationale453The Socialist State of Irish Peoples Republic
Taijitu430The Unbearable Deliciousness of Jutensa
The Western Isles429The Free Lands of Vancouvia
Union of Confederate Regions413The Empire of The Manticoran Empire
Nazi Europa396The Armed Reich of Svarttjern
Capitalist Paradise392The Grand Duchy of Acario
The Land of Kings and Emperors377The Zack Saxton of Aelbarrow
Direwolves of the North366--None--
Equinox368The Pure Rock Fury of KevinWasserman
Auralia349The United States of Dakling
Yggdrasil337The Little Cute Planet of South Titania
The Independent Order327The Independent Stake of Asmodeus of Lust
Glorious Nations of Iwaku325The Ms Paint of Vernafer
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by Max Barry

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