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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Renegade Islands Alliance165The Calming Cat of Saint Kitten
The Coalition of Democratic Nations162The Grand Federation of Brechalht
International Northwestern Union159The United States of Topsail Empire
Sunalaya157The Utopian Society of Senkaria
Right to Life153The Republic of Phydios
Canada152The Pubs of Parkplace
The Coalition of Governments148The Crimson Dawn Vahric Dominion of Vanhania
The Supreme Union145The Union of GTCJ
Social Liberal Union141The Democratic Republic of Northern Inertia
The Universal Allegiance135The Reppubliccastasse of Great Scourge
NeoConfederate States of America127The Republic of The Confederate State of Missouri
Union of Free Nations124The Arabian United States of Egyptos
European Union124The Democratic Republic of Occoron
USSR123The Public Domain of Khanatah
Libertatem123The President of Libertatem of Humpheria
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by Max Barry

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