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Today's World Census ranking is for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Republic of Channel Island16The Republic of Democratic Republic of Black Power
PixelTron United Industries2The Federation of Betican City
Federation of Free Countries3The Federation of New Commonwealth of Australia
Skivx2The Most Serene Unitary Republic of Char Aznable Neo Zeon
Gilded Nations3The Borderlands of Grekoromania
The Circle of the United Cosmic Nations5The Island Paradise of The Holy Pauland Commonwealth
The land of the DuckCrocs16The Republic of VolcanoClan
The Buluin Allies4The General Pisce's Empire of The Flying Fish
United Nations of Democracy3The Republic of Dragonic nation
Allied powers of NS6The United Socialist States of Quoya
Transatlantic Treaty Organisation4The Holy Empire of Pyrox
U R N50The Armed Republic of URN Military Commander
The Ministers Region of the Kiwi Empire8The 嬉皮猕猴桃殖民地 of Lesser tion
The Sapphire Seas3--None--
The Imperium Pentum2The Holy Empire of New Crusadaria
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