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Today's World Census ranking is for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Commonwealth of Diverse Nations61The Federal Vielan Republic of Ortis
Australia60The Kingdom of King Rankmore
Mordor87The Dark Lord of Malkir
World Conference84The Federation of Novum Helvetica
KAISERREICH127The Empire of Bismark German empire
The Commonwealth of Crowns76The Elite Triumvirate of Vetega
Renegade Islands Alliance106The Community of Jute
The Confederation93The Corporation of Capitalizt Abidawe
Ioraqus70The People's Republic of Wadden-Amrum
Asylum97The Commonwealth of Eeshlandia
The Atlas Union60The Peaceful Peoples of Mosaix
The Empire of Tamriel64The Colovian Kingdom of Western Cyrodiil
Launching Point69--None--
The Grand Old Duke of Pork75--None--
New Antarctica58The Confederacy of Ailingalapalap
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