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RegionNationsWA Delegate
NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries65--None--
Atlantis64The Republic of Madrocea
Holy Rome57The United Republics of Great Jergania and Jonland
New Zealandia55The State of Shahak
Commonwealth of Allies54The Allegedly Edgy of Nordenwald
Onett47The Ascended Samurai of The Loric Republic
The Post Apocalyptic Divide44The Rogue Nation of Blutengel
Die Nord Reichweite43The Allied Federal Republic of Velburg
U R N41--None--
United Empire of Islam42The Great Absolute Monarchy of Ice cold
Saddleland Archipelago Nations41--None--
Nasicournia39The Horde of Tuesday Heights
United Nations in Solidarity33The Convist Socialist Monarchy of ZATAK
The conservative christians36The Confederacy of Ukrainian Cossacks
Shadow Proclamation36The Rogue Nation of Bokura
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by Max Barry

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