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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Atlas Union53The Mighty Empire of Mythradore
Global Right Alliance49The Not So Holy Red Blue Utopias of Bodegraven
U R N50The Armed Republic of URN Military Commander
Atlantis48The Republic of Madrocea
The United States47The Most Serene Republic of Vestral
International Republican Union46The Republic of Burleson 2
Elemental Chaos39The Grand Humanist Republic of Tridekia
Civogi39The Independent and Inflexible of Falenstine
United Empire of Islam38The Sultanate of Al Meajilia
Shadow Proclamation37The Widely-Expanding Empire of Bokura
The United World of Battlefronts37The Republic of Crownston
Commonwealth of Allies37The People's Confederacy of Afrikaanza
Die Nord Reichweite37The Allied Federal Republic of Velburg
Alliance Of Armed Nations37The Armed Republic of Australian Antarctica
The conservative christians36The Confederacy of Ukrainian Cossacks
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by Max Barry

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