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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Union of Confederate Regions40The Beastkin Conglomerate of Langor Empire
Die Nord Reichweite40The Allied Federal Republic of Velburg
Nasicournia40The Imperial Republic of Saint Danielsburg
League of Christian Nations36The Protestant Christian Society of Chemung
Federation of Free States36The Confederacy of Western Mars
Occitania35The Kaiserliche Reich of Alte Koniggratz
The Military Commonwealth33The Federal Socialist Republic of Theoniatium
The conservative christians33The Conservative Federation of Armed union
Steel Blue Castle33--None--
Holy Rome33The United Republics of Great Jergania and Jonland
The Axis of Resistance30--None--
Onett29The Beautiful Autocrat of Starvation Is Fun
The Cooperative Union29The People's Republic of Hai Jin Lao
Crusaders of the Matriarch29The Jingoistic States of Schmutz
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by Max Barry

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