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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Local Cluster119The Kiith Federation Expeditions of Feazanthia
Esamir71The Democratic Republic of Blukon
GDI Alliance59--None--
The Erviadus Galaxy47The Athrugadhian Phoenix Empire of Ariilyth
Realm of Unrestricted Science39The Scientific Collectives of Frenequesta
The Forgotten Lands31The Empire of Ghant
The World After The Flash27--None--
The Council of The Multiverse29The Many Comfortable Futons of TriStates
Oceanside18The Technological Terror of Evil Grantica
Dystopian Future with Minecraft17--None--
Artificial Solar System16The Republic of Nueva Utopia
Union of Atlantis14--None--
The Derpy Dominion14The Grand Duchy of Akasmia
Uranium fields of morador13The Constitutional Monarchy of The great nation of greatness
New World 207813--None--
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by Max Barry

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