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RegionNationsWA Delegate
World Alliance221The Grand Empire of Xolox
The Greater German Reich203The Nationalsozialistisch of Confederate state of Germany
Commonwealth of Liberty189The Ethiopian Diplomatic Unit of Ventraidi Sombran Delegation
Union of Confederate Regions140The Holy Elective Empire of Kazahn
The Royal Alliance124The Federal Republic of The Confederation of Northern Germany
Commonwealth of Free Nations117The Fenced-In Area of Vladovaskia
Esamir96The Federal Aristocratic Kingdom of New Tarajan
Libertatem94The Libertatem President VII of Miencraft
Ceseris89The Republic of Steakrim
Right to Life81The Christian Federal Republic of Xinxian
Coalition of Catholic States76The Holy Catholic Czardom of Wagafraga
The Allied Republics74The Federal Drakan Republic of Obito
The Grand Old Duke of Pork74--None--
North Africa64The White Sands of Yoh-en-Boeit
NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries64--None--
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by Max Barry

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