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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Confederation71The Territory of Eastern Washingtonia
International Socialism52--None--
League of Sovereign Nations47The Empire of Muzztopia
Union of Socialist Soviet Republics46The United Socialist States of Red International
Deritan Meillur43The Imperial Republic of Kingdom of Derita
The Utopian Freesocialists43--None--
The Communist Party of NationStates36The Robust Little Boxes of Napantis
New Socialist Bloc30The Community of Covington Diggity
The World After The Flash29--None--
Coalition of Sovereign Nations29The Republic of Magonia
Democratic Egalitarianism27--None--
The United Regions Of The World27The Democratic Republic of Gantasiam
Hulon24The Empire of Australia Minor
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by Max Barry

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