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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Communist Region101The Armed Republic of USSRs
The Confederation89The Democratic Republic of Atacomia
The Red Fleet Conning Tower77The Nomadic Peoples of The Monkey Brigades
Ifunny political region68The Free Land of Dank Meme Island
Esamir63The Democratic Republic of Blukon
United Left Front59The Soviet Socialist Republic of Jnania
New Socialist Bloc56The People's Republic of Narishanka
The Insane Region52The Advanced German Territories of United German Regions
Federal Socialist Republics of Kelomar50--None--
Union of Socialist Soviet Republics49--None--
International Socialism48--None--
Saddleland Archipelago Nations47--None--
Das Kommune47The Trotskyist Revolutionaries of Soviet East Japan
Deritan Meillur47The Imperial Republic of Kingdom of Derita
The Great Nation of Petrokovia40The Military Industrial Center of Nickel Empire
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by Max Barry

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