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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Hippy Haven88The Mostly Harmless Nation of Hicdarr
World Communist States76--None--
NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries65--None--
The International Communist Union50The Armed Republic of The 25th Worker Soviet
Das Kommune53The Frozen Zone of Soviet East Japan
American Soviet Socialist Republics51--None--
New Zealandia46The State of Shahak
The Communist Party of NationStates46The Marxist-Leninists of United Marxist Nations
Saddleland Archipelago Nations37--None--
Congress of Armed Proletarian States30The Armed Republic of Gorilla Warfare
Anti Authoritarian Alliance32The Celestial Democracy of Ronacria
F R S S N36The Soviet Empire of Peoples Liberation Republic
Role Player Coaltition33The Armed Republic of The orthodox society of shagour
Coalition of Sovereign Nations30--None--
The League of Reformed Socialist States26The Ergatocracy of Soviet Socialist Republic of Sweden
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by Max Barry

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