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RegionNationsWA Delegate
AP Government69The Republic of Aomine Daiki
Kingdom of Rosary57--None--
WRHSAPGOV201549The Holy Empire of Le grand dieu du feu
Raffles American School16The Empire of Cartesian Empire
Altoria12The Republic of StrattonOakmont
The Cole Dominion9The Republic of Manticorium
Sirius31089The Incorporated States of Nguyen yhgfrd couldnt think of any names
Edisonia6The Free Nation of Yui no Kuni
PierceLand 20145--None--
Hilliards Midwest5The Conservative lands of The Dragon Reborns Followers
Wagneropolis4The Kingdom of Malicrad
JCID4The Commonwealth of Oreolania
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by Max Barry

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