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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Sirius3108149The Allied States of The Empire of Orion
Wagneropolis117The Emirate of Tarsipess Rostratuss
Knights of Harding100The United Socialist States of Schwarzeland
HVMUN47The Federal Republic of United States of Iver
Bullseab38The Free Land of Fledgewo
British Mascoutah35The Empire of Jordan Raben
The Cole Dominion31--None--
SS20JTF31The Sultanate of Haradwraith
Edisonia30The Armed Republic of Allahu Akbaria
The Empire of SpringArcher29--None--
WHAP West26The Matriarchy of Byertopia
Treasure Coast25The Empire of Thyrianos
Century Government Spring 1524The Kingdom of Demacian Kingdom
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by Max Barry

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