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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Sirius3108125The Allied States of The Empire of Orion
Republics of Raiderdom86The Dictatorship of Vitalica
HVMUN65The Constitutional Monarchy of Zach-Way
Manchesterton60The Democratic Republic of TheFightingDragons
Wagneropolis34The Kingdom of The Kingdom of swag swag
Edisonia32The Community of Professor Schmidts Fan Club
Grishaws Jedi Nation32The Most Serene Republic of TrenchTown
Kingdom of Rosary30--None--
SS 30 Turberfield29--None--
Scioto County CTC26The Democratic Republic of Welders nation
The Reach26The Democratic States of Dillons oppressive state
RALC18The Grand Duchy of Something Inappropriate
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by Max Barry

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