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RegionNationsWA Delegate
GMS136The Democratic Republic of Nahtanoj rebarg
Mascoutah75The Empire of Jason Holtzmann
Mayo Sparta40The Empire of Doah
Richard40The Dictatorship of RetroCo
Howlerville38The United States of Lashondra
Frank Hurt Secondary31--None--
Edisonia28The Democratic Socialists of Edisonian
Shawshank25The Democratic Republic of Zoellerland
APPS20The United States of TCrowe
Triadelphia19The Community of Poo Bah
WGM201417The Kingdom of Da Great Booty
Sirius310817The Allied States of The Empire of Orion
Valley View16--None--
Equity and Social Justice16The Queendom of Alessandraland
FHSGOVT201414The Republic of Go-getters
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