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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Sirius3108153The Allied States of The Empire of Orion
Virgam Nubila98The Kingdom of Zoeller Nation
Republics of Raiderdom86The Commonwealth of Vitalica
The Region of Knoxville Blue Bullets80The United States of Stalicbaniac
SCCTCRichard58The Republic of Richardsburg
PierceLand 201449The Republic of Isocool
Ridgewood48The United States of CherokeeNatives
Graftonia44The Armed Republic of Vagevuur
Team 443The Republic of Waffles McShivCakes
HVMUN41The Peaceful Bankers of Zach-Way
Scioto County CTC40The Republic of Sluville
Batchelors Utopia40The United States of Nickapotamia
Edisonia38The Community of Professor Schmidts Fan Club
Altoria29The Kingdom of Airn
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