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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The United Federative of the UCE PUPPETS29The United Cosmic Dukedom of Gulf of Nungfienrt
Libertarian28The Free Land of Caskadea
Ormene28The Land of The Stolen
The Alliance of Protestant Nations30The Confederated Republic of The Union of the West
Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region28The Federal Republic of Trans-American Empire
Yerfilag26The Empire of Roma Biz
Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions27--None--
Role Player Coalition28The United Socalist Rebuplics of Newcommuinstturkey
North American Free Trade Agreement26--None--
Syndicate of Unity26--None--
Role Player Coaltition24The Republic of Jeuss
Fatermania25The Community of Yh sector crana
SideWalk Zone24--None--
The Confederation25The Empire of The World conquestors
Continent of Xenonia24The United Empire of Centenniality
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by Max Barry

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