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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Anarchy109The Anarchist Confederation of Anarchadom
Eurasian Socialist Union102The Progressive Meritocracy of PROE
Hippy Haven86The Republic of NovaTora
The Communist Region85The Rogue Nation of The Final Horseman
Black Mesa Islands85The Infinitesimal Decimals of Johto and Kanto
Mapperdonia83The National Socialist Empire of The Britannian Kingdom
The New Galactic Empire80The New Galactic Emperor of Darth Radix II
Esamir73The Kingdom of Duresia
New York64The Kingdom of Vanic Topia
Conservative League64The Republic of Sciurus Arizonensis
Laissez Faireholm56The Motors of Lincoln Sydney
The Atlas Union51The Federation of United Rapture
Federation of Free States34The Republic of Lesbia
International Socialism50--None--
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by Max Barry

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