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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The West Pacific4,095The Chocolate Loving Paradise of Darkesia
Balder3,168The Ancient Nordics Lands of Solorni
Spectrasonic2,779The Federation of Peace and Omnipotence
Democratic Socialist Assembly269The Socialist Commonwealth of Suceavija
The Internationale202The People's Republic of Auhl
The Communist Region194The UCSS of Socathei
Commonwealth of Liberty177The Republic of Ventraidi Sombran Delegation
World Alliance172The Grand Empire of Xolox
United Sovereign Socialist Republics162The People's Slavic federation of Socialist Federative Republic of Sornia
The Communist Bloc162The True Communist State of Skydiveria
Eurasian Socialist Union149The Garden of Samholm
The United Northern Countries127The Freeborn People's Republic of Russian Fedration
Gay120The Cranky Old Grizzly of BearNation
North Korea116The United Socialist States of Chaego
Sunalaya116The Second Democratic Empire of Rodrania
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by Max Barry

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