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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Utopian Freesocialists45--None--
Laissez Faireholm44The Motors of Lincoln Sydney
The World After The Flash34--None--
New Socialist Bloc29The Community of Covington Diggity
Democratic Egalitarianism27--None--
The United Regions Of The World27The Democratic Republic of Gantasiam
The Expanded Domain of Brother Spaceman24The People's Republic of Charmaniaa
Conf of Traditional Socialist Nations23The People's Republic of Mixolidian
Alliance of CBHS22The Communist Anarchy of Coblentrekania
Fort Chernyi20The Confederal Commonwealth of Kincoboh
Shadow Proclamation22The Research Hub of ZeroLabs Experimental Community
Orbis20The United Realms of Coopanonva
Role Player Coalition20--None--
The Blood Pact of Lysithea20The Confederacy of Uplor
Pokemon World18The Queendom of Gardevoirland
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by Max Barry

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