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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Taijitu407The All-House Union of Myroria
Audax217The Altic Province of Hawkwick
Commonwealth of Liberty207The West African Empire of Nonador
Winterfell200The Exiled States of The Flame Dawn
Kingdom of Alexandria121The Delegate-Regent of Alexandrian Grand Pacific
The Confederation101The RAAD Commissioner of Vichtander
The Allied Republics93The Confederation of Britarvia
Black Mesa Islands85The Infinitesimal Decimals of Johto and Kanto
Military Intelligence Section Six78The Republic of The Israel Jews
Esamir70The Democratic Republic of Blukon
Kvatch65The Kvatchian Hofkinaar of Iscaren
Anime65The Diaspora Church of The Eternal Kawaii
The Empire of Tamriel65The Colovian Kingdom of Western Cyrodiil
League of Salem50The Most Serene Republic of Exploding Turtle
The Great Chili48The Borderlands of Wabacha
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by Max Barry

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