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Today's World Census ranking is for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Dictatorship of the Velociraptor14The Kingdom of Kablooie
Kanada12The Queendom of Thneeeeeeedville
No region37The Hylian Nation of Grey Earth
Werewolves of the Flame34The Chess Federation of Siburria
Inter Arctica20The Holy Memories of Vanderhaevan
The Confederation51The Republic of Belmer
Sonnel9The Hegemony of The Confederacy of Nationalism
The Galactic Empire Est 20 ABY35The Galactic Empire of Fo-20
Nations of Anime Life13The Animated Catgirl Nation of Roleplaying Female Anime Characters
Utopis3The Oppressed Peoples of East Ceiland
Eladen39The Principality of Liberidad
The Local Cluster73The Kiith Federation Expeditions of Feazanthia
The Cosmos3The Republic of Dankyrian
Ubon20The Commonwealth of Nivok Baves
Clockwork9The Borderlands of Drakmah
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by Max Barry

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