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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Imperium of the Wolf284The Wolf Chief of Themightymanuel
World Alliance240The Grand Empire of Xolox
The Coalition of Governments188The Crimson Dawn Vahric Dominion of Vanhania
The Universal Allegiance189The Alchemic Monarchy of Flamels Stone
Commonwealth of Liberty187The Imperialist Japanese Empire of The Enclave Regions
Sunalaya154The United Soviets of United Soviet Jason Republic
The United Federation of Planets115The Pony Republic of Fillash
The United Northern Countries98The Galactic Empire of Russian Fedration
The Confederation90The Democratic Republic of Atacomia
The Moon84--None--
Yerushalem VI81The Queendom of Wicconian
The Local Cluster79The Kiith Federation Expeditions of Feazanthia
Tropical Isles64--None--
The Forsaken Empire62The Holy Reapers of Lands of the shadows
The Galactic Empire Est 20 ABY61The Galactic Empire of Fo-20
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by Max Barry

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