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Today's World Census ranking is for Most Primitive.

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RegionNationsWA Delegate
The Adjective Australian Animal5--None--
Kotturheim54The Stressed secretary of Auremena
The Realm of Chaos39The Intergalactic Meritocracy of Creepwood
Minecraftia8The Socialist Minecraftian State of Alexatian
Dystopian Future with Minecraft16--None--
Esamir86The Kingdom of Duresia
Black Mesa Islands86The Fibonacci Sequence of Johto and Kanto
Yerushalem VI13The Queendom of Wicconian
The Frozen Pacific7The Frost Spirit's Reign of Frostiar
The Sea1--None--
Gatehouse by the P2TM10The Armed Republic of Cylarn
Ankh Mauta42The Holy Marmalade Republic of Esternial
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by Max Barry

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