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RegionNationsWA Delegate
Occitania30The Imperial Nation of Haldasia
The Great Roman Empire30--None--
F R S S N28The Soviet States of Peoples Liberation Republic
Fort Triumph27The Republic of Cubanstain
Isles of Holy Order of The Holy Potato26The Social Democracy of Pyrosky
New World Union26The Soon to Be Retired President of The Democratic Nation of Unovia
Greater Mercateria25The Constitutional Monarchy of Far Iplutian Provinces
Persian Empire24The Sultanate of Sargon Ahmadi
POLATION24The Horrifying Imperial Empire of Sith era
United Poland Union23The Parliamentary Monarchy of Rzeczpospolita Krakowska
Reunited Study Group22The United Colonial Provinces of Northern European Senates remnants
The Knights of Democracy22The Socialist Republic of Isaciaria
Arconian Empire22--None--
The Rebel Forces of Havenbrooke21The Fabulous land of Fabulously Fabulous
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by Max Barry

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