Region: The Anarchist Federation

History of The Anarchist Federation before refounding by The Red Fleet after the original Founder, Comrade Chomskyania, sadly ceased to exist:


WA Delegate: None.

Founder: Chomskyania

World Factbook Entry
The Anarchist Federation is a free and voluntary association of anarchists, dedicated to opposing coercive institutions such as the State and the capitalist system.

Embassies: Democratic Socialist Alliance and Angkor Wat.
Tags: Founderless and Minuscule.

Regional Happenings:

2 days 23 hours ago: The Free Land of AnarchoCommieFeminists ceased to exist.
20 days ago: The Anarchist Cooperative of Chomskyania ceased to exist.
23 days ago: The Empire of Free Creators ceased to exist.

Major Events

75 days ago: Embassy established between Angkor Wat and The Anarchist Federation.
166 days ago: Embassy established between Democratic Socialist Alliance and The Anarchist Federation.
169 days ago: Chomskyania removed as WA Delegate (reign: 155 days).
325 days ago: Chomskyania elected WA Delegate.
329 days ago: Region founded by Chomskyania.

Longest Serving WA Delegate

Chomskyania: 155 days.


by Max Barry

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