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So quiet since PC and her girls are on hiatus. Here's one of my not-so-new (and yes, copyrighted) poems:

Wall Street's love letter to America

The arc of history 
bends toward full-spectrum dominance

but we share 
so you will sacrifice

we share
 so you will be sacrificed

we share
 and to prove it

we will share our wars

we will share our national security state

we will share with you

the Patriot Act

extra-judicial assassination

secret and not-so-secret prisons

you will share amongst yourselves

the consequences of our actions

the burden 
of shielding the privileged

from those consequences

you will share the vanishing jobs

the inability to pay for medical care

the contamination of your food

the poisoning of your water

and we will share your life

amongst ourselves

so we can keep the profits


by Max Barry

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