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Region: Aztlan

El amor, como la montaña, es algo más que una inmensa estepa verde. (Esa frase no es mía. Se la robé a Omar Cabezas, militante del FSLN).

The Heart is a cruel Hunter. I speak to you with love: I also have been deeply hurt in my journey, and conversely I have been the source of another's pain. I smiled when I read what you wrote in TAI, and I read it more than once. You love with courage, and your words were for me a mirror. In that mirror I did not only see my pain; I also saw the volcanic desire and the ecstasy that both haunts us and is our reward.

"Es tan corto el amor y tan largo el olvido". Neruda me hace llorar, pero nunca con tristeza. Abrazos.


by Max Barry

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