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Iti f libertarian

No taxes, nothing, and I mean nothing, banned, and more freedom than you can handle. What could be better than that? Certainly not holy war and mortification of the flesh!

ITI F Libertarian

Historical: Civil Rights Lovefest
Tax rate: 0%
Economy: All-Consuming
Private sector: Powerhouse
Bourgeois Bohemian Pluralistic
Well-being: -0 (borderline)
Extremism: Fanatics (libertarian)
Ideological priority: Property
Spending priority: Commerce
Negatives: No social security
Bans: None
Evils: Cannibalism

ITI O Oppressive

Psychotic Dictatorship
Historical: Psychotic Dictatorship
Tax rate: 98%
Economy: Weak
Private sector: Powerhouse
Devout Autocratic Brutal
Well-being: -6 (unpleasant,unjust)
Extremism: Dangerous (right-wing)
Ideological priority: Toughness
Spending priority: Law & Order
Negatives: Crushing taxes, no free elections, etc.
Bans: Pharmaceuticals, meat, fur, etc.
Evils: Unprovoked war, torture, secret police


by Max Barry

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