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Iti s compassionate

Compassion, or Corruption? The choice should be obvious.

ITI S Compassionate

Democratic Socialists
Historical: Democratic Socialists
Tax rate: 100%
Economy: Imploded
Private sector: Lemonade stands
Compassionate Enlightened Benevolent
Well-being: -3 (impoverished)
Extremism: Dangerous (left-wing)
Ideological priority: Equality
Spending priority: Welfare
Negatives: Crushing taxes, no private enterprise, etc.
Bans: Advertising, fur, tobacco, etc.
Evils: None

ITI B Corrupt

Capitalist Paradise
Historical: Capitalist Paradise
Tax rate: 0%
Economy: Frightening
Private sector: Powerhouse
Commercial Plutocratic Advanced
Well-being: -3 (unpleasant,unjust)
Extremism: Fanatics (mercantile)
Ideological priority: Enterprise
Spending priority: Commerce
Negatives: Toxic wastelands, massive corruption, etc.
Bans: Marijuana, prostitution
Evils: Human sacrifice, slavery, child labor, etc.


by Max Barry

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