Region: Ideology Testing Inc

Don't listen to him! I'm prosperous, family-friendly and inoffensive. Very unlike that Evil empire over there.

ITI C Conservative

Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Historical: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Tax rate: 10%
Economy: Frightening
Private sector: Powerhouse
Paternal Conservative Stable
Well-being: -2 (unjust)
Extremism: Perfectly normal (right-wing)
Ideological priority: Family
Spending priority: Commerce
Negatives: None
Bans: Marijuana, pornography, abortion, etc.
Evils: Torture

ITI E Evil

Iron Fist Consumerists
Historical: Iron-Fist Consumerists
Tax rate: 100%
Economy: Frightening
Private sector: Black market
Militaristic Secular Advanced
Well-being: -4 (unpleasant,unjust)
Extremism: Fanatics (militarist)
Ideological priority: Equality
Spending priority: Defense
Negatives: Crushing taxes, toxic wastelands, etc.
Bans: Internet, marijuana, pornography, etc.
Evils: Unprovoked war, torture, secret police, etc.


by Max Barry

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