Region: Ideology Testing Inc

Iti w harmonious

Ya know, this RMB has gotten a little stale. So what we're gonna do is, we're gonna post some summaries of the current status of the nations in this diverse region. So that the reports will all fit, we're going to post in pairs of roughly opposite nations, except for me, who, being a composite, has no opposite at all. Here's my report. I'm really not such a bad nation at all...

Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Historical: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Taxes: 69%
Economy: Fair
Private sector: Powerhouse
Militaristic Commercial Advanced
Well-being: +3 (comfortable)
Extremism: A little odd (centrist)
Ideological priority: Toughness
Spending priority: Defense
Negatives: None
Bans: Marijuana, guns, prostitution, etc.
Evils: Torture, brutal punishments


by Max Barry

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