The Illuminati Regional Administration

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The Illuminati is administered by:

The Founder has not granted the WA Delegate (The Shadow Commune) administrative power.

The ability to modify regional settings, as well as eject and ban nations, is automatically granted to Founders. The same powers also belong to the WA Delegate, unless the Founder has disabled WA Delegate access and is present within the region.

Border Control

  • The WA Delegate does not have administrative powers.

  • Nations do not require a password to enter.

  • No nations are banned.


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

1. United States of America73 days
2. CIA72 days
3. MI672 days
4. The Americas31 days
5. Fortress America144 days
6. Romania73 days
7. Somalia73 days
8. Principality di Monaco72 days
9. Repubblica Italiana72 days
10. Most Serene Republic of San Marino72 days
11. Israel72 days
12. Latin America72 days
13. Principality of Andorra72 days
14. Delaware72 days
15. Republic of Seychelles72 days
16. Republic of Turkmenistan72 days
17. Union of Nationalists72 days
18. Commonwealth of Liberty71 days
19. League of Independent States71 days
20. The Mafia Commission71 days
21. Black Mesa Islands71 days
22. Florence71 days
23. The Alliance of Royal Monarchs71 days
24. Florida71 days
25. Eastern Roman Empire71 days
26. Rome71 days
27. Chireiden70 days
28. Nazi Germany 1930s70 days
29. Syria70 days
30. Glorious Nations of Iwaku70 days
31. United Earth70 days
32. Callington70 days
33. Royal States70 days
34. Indonesia69 days
35. The Royal Empire of China69 days
36. The Alliance of Dictators69 days
37. Land of Israel68 days
38. Smiley Faces68 days
39. Campione di Italia68 days
40. Communist Cuba68 days
41. Regione Sardegna68 days
42. Rhode Island68 days
43. Uniao das Republicas Panheiristas68 days
44. Crematorium68 days
45. Earth Prime67 days
46. The Revolutionary Council67 days
47. The Republic of Rose Island67 days
48. Barbaria67 days
49. Lower Canada67 days
50. Region of Corsica67 days
51. Republic of Korea67 days
52. The Statue of Liberty67 days
53. Leninist Russia67 days
54. The Realm of the Royal Knights66 days
55. United Federation of Planets66 days
56. Occupied France66 days
57. Dune66 days
58. The Prometheus Isles66 days
59. Central Eastern Europe66 days
60. Catlandatopia65 days
61. Trainsylvinea65 days
62. Nakhitchevan Autonomous Republic65 days
63. Isla Perfectum65 days
64. Beeker Island65 days
65. House of Five Leaves65 days
66. League of Northern European Nations65 days
67. Tychrome65 days
68. Illinois65 days
69. The Green Star Socialist Union64 days
70. Fascist Japan64 days
71. Ivory Tower64 days
72. The SOP64 days
73. West Germany64 days
74. The Royal Union64 days
75. The Graveyard64 days
76. Turkei64 days
77. Pacific Union63 days
78. The Darwin Allied Republics63 days
79. The United Empire of Corruption63 days
80. Greater Dienstad63 days
81. Slavya63 days
82. Equatoria63 days
83. The Sea Of Love63 days
84. Groland63 days
85. Ancient Lands62 days
86. The Northern Hemisphere62 days
87. Autonomous city of Melilla62 days
88. Regione Siciliana62 days
89. The Kingdom of Great Britain62 days
90. EP United62 days
91. Autonomous city of Ceuta62 days
92. City of Sevastopol62 days
93. Carnival of Souls62 days
94. Right to Life62 days
95. Alliance of Bearded Men62 days
96. Armagedox62 days
97. Cat Empire62 days
98. The Jeck Empire62 days
99. Strategos Prime62 days
100. League of Independent Nations61 days
101. The Nightmare Realms61 days
102. The Empire Of Oppression61 days
103. Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane61 days
104. Council of The Federated Nations61 days
105. Noordija60 days
106. Asiana60 days
107. The United World60 days
108. The Land of Power60 days
109. ASEAN59 days

Closing in 1 day 22 hours
110. Farkistan59 days
111. Meridon59 days
112. The Forest59 days
113. The United Federative of the UCE PUPPETS59 days
114. New Republica59 days
115. Association of Eco Friendly Nations59 days
116. Michigan58 days
117. Algorenian Continent58 days
118. Chicago56 days
119. The Immortals56 days
120. Minecraftia55 days
121. The United Alliance of Nations55 days
122. Dreamworld55 days
123. Atheist Empire54 days
124. International Republican Union54 days
125. Laissez Faireholm54 days
126. The Roma Confederacy Graveyard54 days
127. The Greater German Reich54 days
128. Syndicate of United Nations54 days
129. The Roma Confederacy54 days
130. New Industria54 days
131. The Kinshasa Tigers53 days
132. The Persian Empire and its Allies53 days
133. The federal republic of germany53 days
134. Star Trek52 days
135. Galaxy Far Far Away51 days
136. The Region of Happiness51 days
137. The state of Revolution51 days
138. Torchwood Hub51 days
139. The Apartment Block51 days
141. The Rebelation50 days
142. The Bermuda Archipelago49 days
143. United Dictatorships49 days
144. Great Federal Alliace49 days
145. Repubblika ta Malta48 days
146. Alliance of Floyd47 days
147. United Alliance Of Nations46 days

Closing in 2 days 22 hours
149. New Blake46 days
150. The Royal Federation45 days
151. Region of Military Nations45 days
152. The Republic Nations45 days
153. The Second Empire of Arrakine45 days
154. The Lush Continent of Nowhere IX44 days
155. Substance 32D44 days
156. The Chaos Theatre44 days
157. Asia Pacific Economic Group44 days
158. Interstellar Union44 days
159. Krandovia44 days
160. United Nations of Earth43 days
161. United Territories of the North43 days
162. Globus Union43 days
163. The Satanic Alliance43 days
164. The Great Plains of the Twelve Tribes43 days
165. Islam43 days
166. Christianity43 days
167. Old World Union43 days
168. The Asylum of Loopy Mad Nutballs43 days
169. Trade Federation43 days
170. The Galactic Command43 days
171. Republic of Angola43 days
172. Hinduism43 days
173. Christendom43 days
174. Moscow pact43 days
175. One Legion of Christian Theocracies43 days
176. The Federation of the AMERICAS43 days
177. Federation of States43 days
178. Funen43 days
179. The United League of Empires43 days
180. Megalomania Paradise42 days
181. The British Commonwealth42 days
182. The Magisterium42 days
183. Armenia42 days
184. The Federation of Dethklok 100042 days
185. State of Palestine42 days
186. Neo Otaku Utopia42 days
187. Sultanate Of Oman42 days
188. Spectrasonic42 days
189. Green Mountain Confederation42 days
190. Holy Rome42 days
191. Kingdom Of Bahrain42 days
192. The Alliance of Grittonia42 days
193. The Dawnguard42 days
194. Judean League42 days
195. The Red String of Fate42 days
196. Orbital Friendship Cannon HQ42 days
197. Freedom and Justice Alliance42 days
198. The INTernational Waters42 days
199. Region of Intersellar Politics42 days
200. Baronetcy of Sanctuary Islands42 days
201. Democratic Order of Superpowers42 days
202. Khora42 days
203. Tune Region42 days
204. The Germanei Sivanian Alliance42 days
205. Americaneurope42 days
206. Yerushalem VI42 days
207. Antista42 days
208. The Democratic Kingdom of the Illawarra41 days
209. The alliance of homework41 days
210. The Furry Federation41 days
211. The United Coalition of Butlers41 days
212. Swedish Alps41 days
213. Gay Equality41 days
214. The Federal Islands 2nd Gen41 days
215. The Region of Industrious Nations41 days
216. Chris puppet storage40 days
217. Sagittarius Arm40 days
218. Bettie Page vs Jayne Mansfield Catfight40 days
219. Hollow Point40 days
220. The international space consortium40 days
221. Onett40 days
222. Kytaria40 days
223. Nations of the Death Metal Military40 days
224. The Awesomeness of Conquistadors40 days
225. New World Communists States40 days
226. Alliance Of Armed Nations40 days
227. Wright Street40 days
228. The United Nations of Secoritan40 days
229. Clambaaaaaaake40 days
230. Alliance of Capitalist Republics40 days
231. Apple Island40 days
232. Alamiralia40 days
233. No region40 days
234. Knights of the Red Realms40 days
235. Greysteel40 days
236. The Holy Pacific Lorraine40 days
237. Warzone Asia39 days
238. The Luxan Empire39 days
239. Continent of Xenonia39 days
240. Madeira Archipelago Liberation Front39 days
241. United Empire of Islam39 days
242. The Hobbits of the Shire39 days
243. Death and Destruction Inc39 days
244. Republic of Azerbaijan39 days
245. The Crusade Nationalist States39 days
246. World Alliance39 days
247. Ministreyl Union39 days
248. Slavska38 days
249. The Jade Wheel Society38 days
250. Separatist Alliance38 days
251. The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples38 days
252. HYDRA38 days
253. Land of Seriously Crazy People38 days
254. Fort Zoutman38 days
255. Osakaland38 days
256. The Kingdom of Burgundy38 days
257. Kaslanes Safe Verdane37 days
258. Nintendo37 days
259. DKI Duplicate Region37 days
260. Cymru37 days
261. United Federation of Edwards37 days
262. LRI37 days
263. Grand Alliance Of Independant Nations37 days
264. The Lone Rangers37 days

Closing in 1 day 22 hours
265. Religious Union of Dradogoonism37 days
266. The Autocratic Imperium of Nations37 days
267. The Emirate of Sweg37 days
268. Kingdom of Britain and Scotland37 days
269. Tamhriel37 days
270. The Creation of Modern Catholics37 days
271. Pseudus37 days
272. The Legions of Heaven And Hell36 days
273. Nebraska36 days
274. Greater Franciale36 days
275. MultiThreat Nations36 days
276. Slavic Europe36 days
277. Oranje Armistice36 days
278. Shivering Isles36 days
279. Tofuline36 days
280. Global Socialist Union36 days
281. Western Coalition36 days
282. The Global Chitown Confederacy36 days
283. United Amepias36 days
284. The Holy Land of D Spence36 days
285. Holy Lands36 days
286. Urkalgurk35 days
287. Benevolent Capitalism35 days
288. The Militarized Zone of Xedilian35 days
289. Celtic warrior35 days
290. Global Region Alpha35 days
291. The Democratic Union35 days
292. The Soviet Russian Alliance34 days
293. Eldor34 days
294. Great Southern Ocean34 days
295. Pennsylvania33 days
296. Iowa33 days
297. Colorado33 days
298. Free Industrial Economic Zone33 days
299. Arizona33 days
300. Kentucky33 days
301. The Isles of Collected Shenanigans33 days
302. Prettydragoon32 days
303. Emirates of Futurnia32 days
304. Gramal32 days
305. Imperium of the Wolf32 days
306. The Red Wolf Rifle Korps32 days
307. The Global Federation32 days
308. The Land of the Most Compitent32 days
309. Unequaled32 days
310. Bonvanasmith32 days
311. The Republic of India32 days
312. The Western Colonies32 days
313. Massachusetts31 days
314. Weed31 days
315. Cool World31 days
316. Virginia31 days
317. New Hampshire31 days
318. New Mexico31 days
319. Ozzy31 days
320. United Federation of Galactic Empires31 days
321. Montreal31 days
322. The Western Marshals30 days
323. Failed Region30 days
324. United Region of Turin30 days
325. Sunalaya30 days
326. Kerala30 days
327. Poqilet30 days
328. Greece30 days
329. United British Empire30 days
330. Persian Tricycle Riders30 days
331. Solar System30 days
332. Constantinople30 days
333. Brochis30 days
334. Terratorra30 days
335. Empire of Kangasaki30 days
336. Athens30 days
337. United Hyflingian States29 days
338. The Chin Chin Alliance of Mingebags29 days
339. Hellenic Civilization29 days
340. Revolutionary Nation of Freedom29 days
341. Eladen29 days
342. International Southern Union29 days
343. Astyria28 days
344. The Hodori Archipelago28 days
345. Global Powers28 days
346. North Vietnam28 days
347. The Irish Conglomerate27 days
348. The Region of the Free27 days
349. The Rayward Isles27 days
350. Chinese Taipei27 days
351. Alava27 days
352. The Coral reich27 days
353. Cars27 days
354. Anticapitalist Alliance27 days
355. Geheime Staatspolizei27 days
356. Pisces Centauri27 days
357. New Sheoth27 days
358. The Hive27 days
359. ISSU27 days
360. The Derpy Dominion26 days
361. United States of Canadia26 days
362. The Soviet State Republics26 days
363. Molith Psi Area26 days
364. The United Nations Elite26 days
365. Northern Emirates26 days
366. We Welcome You26 days
367. The Seventh Bay26 days
368. Alliance of Free and Independent Nations26 days
369. Blood Clan26 days
370. Ixnay26 days
371. United Federation of Canada Embassy26 days
372. Shar Region26 days
373. Neue Osterreich26 days
374. The Species Alliance26 days
375. The Axis Nations Alliance26 days
376. Chalker25 days
377. The Worst Region Known in NS25 days
378. Allied Forces of the Pacific Empire25 days
379. Union of Socialist Confederate Republics25 days
380. The Cyrillic Empire of New Slavica25 days
381. The Free Nations of The Conexus Alliance25 days
382. The Coalition of Diverse Governments25 days
383. Erabor Union25 days
384. Missouri25 days
385. Moneylania25 days
386. Great Britain and Northern Ireland25 days
387. Idaho25 days
388. Tropical Isles25 days
389. Holyoke25 days
390. Rhen Var25 days
391. Bellum Malleum25 days
392. Uganda25 days
393. North Dakota25 days
394. The Discord Dominion25 days
395. The Beallian Empire25 days
396. Utah25 days
397. South Carolina25 days
398. North Carolina25 days
399. Washington DC25 days
400. Minnesota25 days
401. Polandia25 days
402. Georgia25 days
403. The Democratic Peace Coalition24 days
404. Ecnavian Federation24 days
405. Sirius24 days
406. Einherjar24 days
407. The High County24 days
408. Jasmilonia24 days
409. Team Rocket24 days
410. Zlalandia24 days
411. Apple Farmlands24 days
412. The Konglomerat24 days
413. Rishian World Order24 days
414. Zombie Processing Center24 days
415. The Awesomeness of Robby24 days
416. The United Study Group24 days
417. Kingtonian Commonwealth24 days
418. Saint Kitts and Nevis24 days
419. South Dakota24 days
420. Ireland24 days
421. Anarchist Alliance24 days
422. The Kingdom of The United Kingdom24 days
423. New Barsaria24 days
424. International East Union24 days
425. Valeria24 days
426. The South24 days
427. The Hyatt Islands24 days
428. Kingdom of Tazarvut24 days
429. Cascadia24 days
430. My Pants24 days
431. Wyoming23 days
432. Scientific Union23 days
433. ABIN23 days
434. Corporate Conservative23 days
435. Alaran peri quan preciad23 days
436. Maryland23 days
437. Pact of the Emperors23 days
438. The Allied States Of The Campbell Nation23 days
439. In Memorial of September 11th23 days
440. Homage to Catalonia23 days
441. The Federal Islands23 days
442. The Magical Unicorns23 days
443. Dictatoracracy23 days
444. Johorne23 days
445. Bevania23 days
446. The United Socialist Impure Lands23 days
447. The European Senates23 days
448. Zetegen23 days
449. Conglomerated Communist Revolutionaries23 days
450. Imperial Legion of Ludington23 days
451. Scandinavia22 days
452. Ponychan22 days
453. The Confederation Of Independent Nations22 days
454. The Communist Internationale22 days
455. Transnational Western Unity22 days
456. Mozambique22 days
457. The dark alliance 222 days
458. The New Federation of Europe22 days
459. Empire of Andrew22 days
460. The Behavioral Analysis Unit22 days
461. United Nations of Virtus22 days
462. The Free Pacific22 days
463. Australia22 days
464. International Third Position22 days
465. Washington22 days
466. United Socialist Nations of Zandalari22 days
467. Commonwealth of Nations21 days
468. The Free United Pacific21 days
469. World Nation Confederacy21 days
470. Knights of the Round Table21 days
471. Mississippian Nation Reserve21 days
472. The Burning Utopia21 days
473. Sonnel21 days
474. The Alliance of United Kingdoms21 days
475. Cookies Factory21 days
476. The CAIotP Guerrilla Force20 days
477. Confederate assembly20 days
478. AmeriCanada Carragio Alliance or ACCA20 days
479. Infinite Empire20 days
480. Mystria20 days
481. Serenity20 days
482. Imperial Germanic Confederation20 days
483. Zero20 days
484. The United Nations Of Rowania20 days
485. SteamPunk20 days
486. The Kingdom of Drangleic20 days
487. The First Coalition20 days
488. The Military Commonwealth20 days
489. New Olympus20 days
490. Gatehouse by the P2TM20 days
491. Awesome Region of Awesomeness20 days
492. League of Cobalt Nations19 days
493. Music Adventure19 days
494. Tronors19 days
495. The Vrai Alliance19 days
496. The Black Riders19 days
497. The Grand Imperium19 days
498. The Northern Woods19 days
499. Western Ontario19 days
500. WeedNation19 days
501. The inukastani desert territories19 days
502. The Union of Free Peoples19 days
503. Order of the Silver19 days
504. The Jedi Order19 days
505. Anarchic Society of Libertatia19 days
506. The Frozen Pacific19 days
507. Patria19 days
508. Mavery19 days
509. Kinnick19 days
510. Vita19 days
511. The Alliance Pocket Universe19 days
512. The Unseen Imperators Puppet Farm19 days
513. The Vintagion Empire of Alien States19 days
514. New Europpe19 days
515. Dimensional Federated Anime Provinces19 days
516. The Triphorian Empire19 days
517. The Universe Adjacent19 days
518. Sarandi19 days
519. Siufaga Empire19 days
520. Brizzac19 days
521. Currahee18 days
522. Roman Imperial Empire18 days
523. Pokemon World18 days
524. Union of Communist states18 days
525. Techartica18 days
526. Warhammer 4000018 days
527. The United Pacific Nations18 days
528. Assassins Order18 days
529. Maranmor18 days
530. Crovathan18 days
531. Emeraldise18 days
532. Omega Assassins18 days
533. New Vegas18 days
534. Bezdomny House18 days
535. Fascist Free Territories18 days
536. UAA18 days
537. Mob Region18 days
538. United Sovereign Nations18 days
539. Martinezist Confederacy of Nations18 days
540. Goliath SpecOps inc18 days
541. The Zuropean Union18 days
542. The United Nations of Here18 days
543. Greece for Greeks18 days
544. The Great Oblivion18 days
545. Amoderia18 days
546. United World Alliance18 days
547. Wyndia18 days
548. Yerfilag17 days
549. Terminus17 days
550. The New Old South17 days
551. Anarchic States17 days
552. The Lost tribe of the Israelites17 days
553. Federation of Independent Realms FIR17 days
554. Srbija17 days
555. Unified Europe17 days
556. New Soviet17 days
557. Viridian Area17 days
558. The Anonymous17 days
559. Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions17 days
560. The Steelsworn Brotherhood17 days
561. Tea Party Patriots17 days
562. Wash Out17 days
563. Global Federation of Nations17 days
564. Greater Galactic CoProsperity Sphere17 days
565. The alliance of Jacques17 days
566. Epicville17 days
567. The Planet of the Green Marble17 days
568. United Commonwealth Of Islam17 days
569. The Supreme Union17 days
570. The Third Dominion17 days
571. Paradise of Totoro17 days
572. Delhi17 days
573. Royaume17 days
574. Jerusalem17 days
575. Ravencroft17 days

Closing in 1 day 22 hours
576. California16 days
577. Discretetopia16 days
578. Al Roker Death Cult Wind Ensemble16 days
579. The Union of Freemanist States16 days
580. Alliance of Absolute Monarchs16 days
581. Sacrum Romanum Imperium16 days
582. Tuatha De Danann16 days
583. Global Royalist League16 days
584. The Confederacy of Allied States16 days
585. Intergalactic Federacy16 days
586. Collins region16 days
587. Equinox16 days
588. Association of Southeast Asian Nations16 days
589. The Commonwealth of Independent States16 days
590. Outer Boundaries16 days
591. United Bolshevik Republics16 days
592. Horses and Bayonets16 days
593. Inner heavens grace16 days
594. International fascist military alliance16 days
595. Beyond the Wub16 days
596. Libertatem Pub16 days
597. Federation of Herbshire16 days
598. Northern Oceania16 days
599. Kings16 days
600. The Coalition of Conservative States16 days
601. Toronto15 days
602. Kingdom of Hawaii15 days
603. The Higher Royal Empire of the Flood15 days
604. Arlem Federation15 days
605. Muynelles Pact15 days
606. Mississippi15 days
607. The United Slavic States15 days
608. Nunavut15 days
609. The Franco Spanish Empire15 days
610. Argo15 days
611. United Nations of War15 days
612. Alt World15 days
613. Nevada15 days
614. New York State15 days
615. Kansas15 days
616. Pony Lands15 days
617. The Roman Empire SPQR15 days
618. Atlantic15 days
619. Unknown15 days
620. Royal Alliance III15 days
621. The Confederacy of Allied Nations15 days
622. Abbyssinia15 days
623. The Western Empire15 days
624. Anarcho Pragmatism14 days
625. Greater Reich of New Germania14 days
626. Hellenizein14 days
627. The Land of Springs14 days
628. Planet Maxorus Prime14 days
629. Willeon14 days
630. New Suffolk14 days
631. Red Eyes Army14 days
632. The Freed Lands14 days
633. Antartic14 days
634. The Islands Of Malot14 days
635. Blackcraft14 days
636. Sentinel Isle14 days
637. The Atlantic Federation14 days
638. Bakkorner14 days
639. Finisterra14 days
640. CoIN Community of Independent Nations14 days
641. Rock Solid Zimbabwe Korea14 days
642. Beastkin Imperial Conglomerate of Langor14 days
643. The Venus Project14 days
644. The Empire of Common Territories14 days
645. Westphalia14 days
646. United Nations in Solidarity14 days
647. Insert really creative region name here14 days
648. The Kiwi Alliance14 days
649. Technologica14 days
650. ABC14 days
651. Aceria14 days
652. The Vevec System14 days
653. The Kingdom of Bavaria13 days
654. Crusaders of the Matriarch13 days
655. The Commonwealth of Aloian States13 days
656. Saxony13 days
657. The National Conglomerate13 days
658. Union of Socialist System Regimes13 days
659. Aurelius13 days
660. Futaba Aoi13 days
661. Pirates Who Dont Do Anything13 days
662. The great alliance of JSUV13 days
663. Denizenship of Dedicated Dictators13 days
664. TexasLand13 days
665. Elysium Central Command13 days
666. UnIT13 days
667. Pery13 days
668. Altera13 days
669. The Store13 days
670. The Death Knights13 days
671. Zakaz13 days
672. The Confederate Commonwealth13 days
673. AnimeManga Land13 days
674. New Egypt13 days
675. People Democratic States13 days
676. Didneyworld13 days
677. Libertatem13 days
678. Puppet Park13 days
679. The council of free nations13 days
680. Le Kraut Union13 days
681. Transgendora13 days
682. The Church Of Helix13 days
683. The Accepted Realms13 days
684. The Bungle Brigade13 days
685. Hail the One Trinity13 days
686. The United Empires of Lions13 days
687. Radioactive Wastelands13 days
688. Aaronian Space13 days
689. Itevia13 days
690. Telvaraa12 days
691. The Greater Democratic Union12 days
692. The Union of Aligned Soviet States12 days
693. Plotzov12 days
694. Alliance of Allied Alliances12 days
695. New Worcester Kingdom12 days
696. Antik12 days
697. The World Simulator12 days
698. Contraband Garbage12 days
699. Buddhism12 days
700. Tereterna12 days
701. The Coalition of Psychlo States12 days
702. Sol System12 days
703. Glandur Tawarthion12 days
704. The Atlantic Union12 days
705. Xerlona12 days
706. Association of the few12 days
707. New Bluegreen Organization12 days
708. United Imperial Territories12 days
709. Allied Independent Nations12 days
710. Empire of Antares12 days
711. Holy Britannian Empire12 days
712. Steel Blue Castle12 days
713. The Isles of Democracy12 days
714. Newer Earth12 days
715. United Catholic Nations12 days
716. The WASC12 days
717. AU Earth12 days
718. Eskea12 days
719. Italian Regions12 days
720. Skaro12 days
721. Velvet Room12 days
722. New World Order II12 days
723. Create a nation of n o oo nmad12 days
724. True North12 days
725. Duxalcedo12 days
726. Nations of New Earth12 days
727. Bill Cosby12 days
728. Amor Fati Anagenesis12 days
729. Dtheriodia12 days
730. Oriental Constanta12 days
731. The Crimson Dawn11 days
732. Dark Space11 days
733. Anea11 days
734. Sacred Brotherhood of the Black Legion11 days
735. Starbucks11 days
736. The Nation of Nations and Friends11 days
737. Earth 112311 days

Closing in 10 hours
738. The Conglomerate of Sovereign Nations11 days
739. Galts Gulch11 days
740. The Fluttershy Legion11 days
741. Axis of Absurdity11 days
742. Isles of Socialism11 days
743. Imperialis11 days
744. Minoa11 days
745. The Atlantic11 days
746. Chilean Empire11 days
747. Spinward11 days
748. Imperium11 days
749. Royal consul States11 days
750. The Nation of Domination11 days
751. The Union of Holy Trade States11 days
752. Public Kiwis11 days
753. Confederation of Imperial States11 days
754. A Federal Commonwealth Society11 days
755. Jadatarn11 days
756. Royal Plenipotentiary11 days
757. Acarnania11 days
758. The Army of Daemonassassain10 days
759. Bedfordshire10 days
760. The Skyheld Alliance10 days
761. Secret of the Outcasts10 days
762. Alteran Empire10 days
763. Deep Space II10 days
764. Trixie Supremacy10 days
765. Quatramata10 days
766. The United Oakdellian Confederation10 days
767. Luna Nova10 days
768. Sparthens10 days
769. Fort Whitehorse10 days
770. The Conglomerate of Fun10 days
771. The Holy Land of Steam10 days
772. TNWW10 days
773. Puppet Storage and Apocalypse Bunker10 days
774. Union of Kurdistan10 days
775. Oligarth10 days
776. The Arid Badlands9 days
777. The Commonwealth of the Marshlands9 days
778. United Independent Nations9 days
779. United Kifflom9 days
780. The Epic Pony Region9 days
781. Communist Eurasia9 days
782. The Coalition of Western Republics9 days
783. Union of Anti WA Nations9 days
784. Fort Scoty9 days
785. Golden Triangle9 days
786. Crestline9 days
787. The United Pacific States9 days
788. Greek Islands9 days
789. Region of Trees9 days
790. Aslan9 days
791. Hells Tavern9 days
792. Peoples republic of floydtopeu9 days
793. Empire of Earth9 days
794. King Juliens Paradise9 days
795. Dead Kittens and Tastefull Cookies9 days
796. Jewish Defense League9 days
797. Divided Nations of the Aerospace Class9 days
798. Monty Pythons Flying Circus9 days
799. Leftist Agrarian Revolutionary Union9 days
800. Kostroma Union9 days
801. Diatrix9 days
802. UACE9 days
803. ISU9 days
804. Ancient Realm9 days
805. North Q Region9 days

Closing in 10 hours
806. Skypia8 days
807. The Brainish Empire8 days
808. A region thats name completely eludes me8 days
809. Suomi8 days
810. Angels of Derp8 days
811. The Union of God8 days
812. Steel Pact8 days
813. The Region Of Potatos8 days
814. Threedom8 days
815. Viking8 days
816. Land of Aaron8 days
817. The Federated Klatchian Coast8 days
818. TheIronLegion8 days
819. The intellectual clan8 days
820. Multiverse Gamma8 days
821. Despotic Military States of Hammeria8 days
822. Italy8 days
823. Closing the Gap8 days
824. Jewish Loving Nations8 days
825. UCUSF8 days
826. South Eastern North West8 days
827. The Glorious Transhumanist Alliance8 days
828. SFSR7 days
829. ACA7 days
830. United Federation of Nations7 days
831. Alleanza7 days
832. Citadel of New Richmond7 days

Closing in 2 days 10 hours
833. New Fort Courage7 days
834. Poop7 days
835. The Commonwealth of Democratic Nations7 days
836. United Nations of Arakbar7 days
837. GSIC HQ7 days
838. Erep enclave7 days
839. League Of Imperial Nations7 days
840. Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region7 days
841. The great dominion of NHGS7 days
842. Unmilitary7 days
843. Dragon Nation7 days
844. Yampiland7 days
845. Global Trade and Co operation Alliance7 days
846. The Fire Dragons7 days
847. Adronian Islands6 days
848. The Galactic Commonwealth6 days
849. Stormerica and Territories6 days
850. The United Arab Confederacy6 days
851. Confederate American Union6 days
852. The Market6 days

Closing in 1 day 22 hours
853. Artheinia6 days
854. The Shadow Mountains6 days
855. United Confederacy of Sutoan6 days
856. The Coalition of Democratic Republicans6 days
857. Tauoca6 days
858. The United League of Nations6 days
859. Green Fields6 days
860. The Virtus Alliance6 days
861. FreeKarl Springs6 days
862. Halcyon6 days
863. Ozymandium5 days
864. Moscow5 days
865. Phloibia5 days
866. Havana5 days
867. The Peoples Republic of China5 days
868. Central Atlantic Islands of the Pacific5 days
869. Imperius5 days
870. Discordia5 days
871. Shabubba5 days
872. The Wheel of Time4 days
873. World Region4 days
874. Stalins Glorius Red Army4 days
875. Frankopia4 days
876. Region of Eternal Libertarianism4 days
877. The isles of running4 days
878. Coffee House4 days
879. The Lexicon4 days
880. Uciniple4 days
881. Macalester4 days
882. United front for global domination4 days
883. Pacifia4 days
884. Dark Edge4 days
885. Roman Republic3 days 13 hours
886. The Federation of Robot Republics3 days 12 hours
887. Kylden3 days 1 hour
888. Federation of Emersonia3 days 1 hour
889. The Humanisphere3 days 1 hour
890. The Contradictory of Gleeful Agony3 days 1 hour
891. Nations of Libertas3 days
892. Kingdom Of Acuder3 days
893. The Northern Regions of Tamriel3 days
894. The Union of Super Secret Republics3 days
895. Regoin of Chernarus2 days 13 hours
896. Blasphemous Beach Bungalow2 days 13 hours
897. The Church of Eris2 days 13 hours
898. Lyssa2 days 13 hours
899. Teachings of Islam2 days 13 hours
900. South Seas2 days 12 hours
901. The Sovereign2 days 12 hours
902. Rokhana2 days 12 hours
903. The Empire of Trebizond1 day 23 hours
904. Achillean League1 day 22 hours
905. The Covenant of Shrek1 day 22 hours
906. Notopa1 day 22 hours
907. Mother Earth1 day 22 hours
908. Union of Republics1 day 22 hours
909. New Earth Authority1 day 22 hours
910. The Utopian Coalition1 day 22 hours
911. Palani1 day 13 hours
912. The United Holistic Society1 day 12 hours
913. The Islamic Caliphate1 day 12 hours
914. Communist Red guard1 day 12 hours
915. Mexico City1 day 1 hour
916. Brohalla1 day 1 hour
917. British Columbia1 day 1 hour
918. The Karian Union1 day
919. POW Camp1 day
920. The Jungle The Desert or The Moon1 day
921. Ivy League1 day
922. Bogota1 day
923. Saskatchewan1 day
924. Nova Scotia1 day
925. Blue13 hours
926. Asphodel Meadows13 hours
927. Academy city13 hours
928. White13 hours
929. Hufflepuff13 hours
930. Move Point13 hours
931. Irish Republican Army13 hours
932. Arleans13 hours
933. The New British Empire13 hours
934. Kalimdor13 hours
935. Angel13 hours
936. The DreamScape13 hours
937. War Museum13 hours
938. Pink13 hours
939. Unova13 hours
940. Monobear13 hours
941. Pallet Town13 hours
942. Jump Point13 hours
943. Oslo13 hours
944. Keukenhof13 hours
945. SETI13 hours
946. Easter13 hours
947. Dublin13 hours
948. Manga13 hours
949. Othalla13 hours
950. Winter13 hours
951. Bern13 hours
952. The Legion of Titans13 hours
953. Vimy Ridge13 hours
954. Battle Frontier13 hours
955. Sateda13 hours
956. Helsinki13 hours
957. Praxis13 hours
958. Terra Nullius13 hours
959. Levamme13 hours
960. State City13 hours
961. Gryffindor13 hours
962. IRA13 hours
963. International space station13 hours
964. Scorpius13 hours
965. Little Garden13 hours
966. Death Weapon Meister Academy13 hours
967. Gemini13 hours
968. Anime HQ13 hours
969. APSC13 hours
970. Kalos13 hours
971. Royal Canadian Navy13 hours
972. The Confederacy of Emirates13 hours
973. Vatican Secret Archives13 hours
974. True West13 hours
975. Green13 hours
976. Eeveetopian empire13 hours
977. Orange13 hours
978. National Hockey League13 hours
979. Extremis13 hours
980. Summer13 hours
981. Ente Isla13 hours
982. Arc Aile13 hours
983. Love13 hours
984. Chulak13 hours
985. Pandora13 hours
986. Defiance13 hours
987. Halkeginia13 hours
988. LOTR13 hours
989. Cassiopeia13 hours
990. El Dorado13 hours
991. Miscellaneous13 hours
992. Noblesse oblige13 hours
993. Stockholm13 hours
994. Recycle13 hours
995. Ravenclaw12 hours
996. Aurea aquilarum12 hours
997. Prairie12 hours
998. South caribbean12 hours
999. Ragnarok12 hours
1000. Stargate Command12 hours
1001. Yellow12 hours
1002. Cerulean City12 hours
1003. Continental Navy12 hours
1004. Pewter City12 hours
1005. Purple12 hours
1006. Pokemon12 hours
1007. Antananarivo12 hours
1008. Minsk12 hours
1009. Midway Station12 hours
1010. Dexter12 hours
1011. Balsteros12 hours
1012. Sagittarius12 hours
1013. Supernatural12 hours
1014. North American Aerospace Defense Command12 hours
1015. True East12 hours
1016. Okinawa12 hours
1017. Sons of Anarchy12 hours
1018. Klondike12 hours
1019. Hinamizawa12 hours
1020. Otaku12 hours
1021. Brynhildr12 hours
1022. The Grand Boompacy of Luxembourg12 hours
1023. McMurdo Station12 hours
1024. Orange Islands12 hours
1025. Alfheim12 hours
1026. Nature12 hours
1027. Red12 hours
1028. SAO12 hours
1029. Upper canada12 hours
1030. Spring12 hours
1031. Slytherin12 hours
1032. Hollow Earth12 hours
1033. Chernobyl12 hours
1034. City State12 hours
1035. Glastonbury12 hours
1036. Starfleet12 hours
1037. Sorami12 hours
1038. Kanto12 hours
1039. Anomaly12 hours
1040. Perseus12 hours
1041. Johto12 hours
1042. Autumn12 hours
1043. Music12 hours
1044. Akihabara12 hours
1045. Log Horizon12 hours
1046. The Glorious Union of Empires96 minutes
1047. GREAT Britain90 minutes
1048. Glorious Praetorian Empire66 minutes
1049. The Time Lost53 minutes
1050. The Commonwealth of Kings53 minutes
The Burning AislesPending (10 hours)
The Elithian AlliancePending (10 hours)
DiebotendestodesPending (10 hours)
Land of Absolute FreedomPending (10 hours)
Union of world empiresPending (10 hours)
Dalimark territorysPending (10 hours)
TheatfaxPending (10 hours)
The Crown Zone UnionPending (10 hours)
The Region of VirginiaPending (10 hours)
New BrunswickPending (10 hours)
Prince Edward IslandPending (10 hours)
Northwest TerritoriesPending (10 hours)
Greater LondonPending (10 hours)
Newfoundland and LabradorPending (10 hours)
YukonPending (10 hours)
0000Pending (10 hours)
ISTAPending (22 hours)
The Holy States of HumePending (22 hours)
United Nations of the MoonPending (22 hours)
PastafariaPending (22 hours)
UrbanitesPending (22 hours)
Region of the Collins of the KleinPending (1 day 10 hours)
AmsterdamPending (1 day 10 hours)
AlagaesiaPending (1 day 10 hours)
Greater Fort CouragePending (1 day 10 hours)
Eowyth UnionPending (1 day 10 hours)
The Chernobyl UnionPending (1 day 10 hours)
The Republic of KoreaPending (1 day 22 hours)
The UN of NationStatesPending (1 day 22 hours)
The OrientPending (1 day 22 hours)
The Greatest Cowards RepublicPending (1 day 22 hours)
Confederacy of United NationsPending (1 day 22 hours)
Conservative MainePending (1 day 22 hours)
The Democratic Alliance of Free NationsPending (1 day 22 hours)
Warzone AustraliaPending (1 day 22 hours)
The Single UniversePending (1 day 22 hours)
The United AlliancePending (1 day 22 hours)
ShrekistanPending (1 day 22 hours)
The Order of the Supreme FalconsPending (2 days 10 hours)
The United Communist MovementPending (2 days 10 hours)
Project D50Pending (2 days 10 hours)
FusionismPending (2 days 10 hours)
Union of Progressive DemocraciesPending (2 days 10 hours)
Regime Of AscendancyPending (2 days 10 hours)
SauvaniaPending (2 days 10 hours)
Femocratic Lands of LesbiaPending (2 days 10 hours)
The Order of Tower and SwordPending (2 days 10 hours)
The ZoniansPending (2 days 10 hours)
Confederation of IslandsPending (2 days 10 hours)
Maersk AlabamaPending (2 days 10 hours)
KarjalaPending (2 days 10 hours)
United States of CatholicsPending (2 days 22 hours)
Terran imperiumPending (2 days 22 hours)
Schimata LeaguePending (2 days 22 hours)
The Circle of the United Cosmic NationsPending (2 days 22 hours)
ArgantiaPending (2 days 22 hours)
MuscovyPending (2 days 22 hours)
Global ChatPending (3 days 10 hours)

Requests Sent

Request Sent ToSent
The United League6 days ago
Beautiful Valley2 days 15 hours ago
CRNA RUKA3 days 11 hours ago
Libertarian Party libertarians1 day 14 hours ago
Communist China11 hours ago
Alliance of Anti Bohicans6 days ago
Herrebrugh6 days ago
The international peacekeeping Alliance10 hours ago
The Turian Hierarchy1 day 8 hours ago
Green Anarchy6 days ago
Budapest3 days 19 hours ago
The Dutch Super Kommandos1 day 8 hours ago
The Jozevian League of Nations6 days ago
Rivendell2 days 15 hours ago
Caesars Legion of Madmen3 days 20 hours ago
Fredengeorgener1 day 8 hours ago
Anzia5 days ago
Secret Society of Corporations6 days ago
Brasilia6 days ago

Rejected 1 day 15 hours ago
Asgardia5 days ago
Ancient International Order1 day 6 hours ago
The Peaceful States of Equality10 hours ago
Anime Fans2 days 15 hours ago
League of NationStates1 day 9 hours ago
United Nations11 hours ago
The Void2 days 15 hours ago
THE LAND OF ZAMRI1138 REGION12 hours ago
Parallel Dimension3 days 14 hours ago
Tareldanore1 day 14 hours ago
Pictish Border Area1 day 6 hours ago
San Francisco Bay Area14 hours ago
Tardis6 days ago
Onroegohmiraura14 hours ago
Twilight Sepulcher1 day 10 hours ago
South Antarctica3 days 20 hours ago

Rejected 2 days 19 hours ago
Planeet Aarde6 days ago
Rhendok2 days 15 hours ago
Ceseris5 days ago
Robotic Realm2 days 15 hours ago
Philippines2 days 17 hours ago
Panau1 day 11 hours ago
The South Pacific1 day 8 hours ago

Rejected 15 hours ago
Realm of Dragons1 day 8 hours ago
Maxico6 days ago
Federal Roman Commonwealth of Nations1 day 8 hours ago
Dalek6 days ago
Zavaland6 days ago
Something Witty6 days ago
The Fortress1 day 8 hours ago
Flanders6 days ago
Teh West Pacific14 hours ago
Macau Special Administrative Region2 days 17 hours ago
United Space Corporations1 day 8 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 1 hour ago
Ninja juggernog borderland spartan elite1 day 6 hours ago
Orion Stellar Alliance5 days ago
Lavinium2 days 13 hours ago
Persekutuan1 day 9 hours ago
The Damned5 days ago
Discworld2 days 13 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 16 hours ago
Bodh Gaya6 days ago
The Epic Alliance Of Power Through Peace10 hours ago
Lazy Tigers6 days ago
Europeia5 days ago
Lyon6 days ago
Dahlberg2 days 12 hours ago
International Bostonian Union2 days 16 hours ago

Rejected 2 days 8 hours ago
The Red Workers Union6 days ago
The Second Republic Alliance1 day 9 hours ago
Scotland6 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
Southern Tranquility2 days 15 hours ago
Osiris1 day 10 hours ago
The New Eternal Order1 day 6 hours ago
Maidens Of The Kaleidoscope1 day 8 hours ago
The Great Asian Coprosperity Sphere1 day 8 hours ago
The Doctor Who Universe12 hours ago
NeoConfederate States of America1 day 13 hours ago
Asuncion6 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Flavian Amphitheatre1 day ago
Revolutionary North Korea6 days ago
Mythical HQ 8514 hours ago
Backyard Footbase2 days 15 hours ago
City of Peace10 hours ago
The Genesis Federation16 hours ago
Noze6 days ago
The Griffin empire 1236 days ago
Peaceian10 hours ago
The Worlds Stronghold10 hours ago
Libertatia6 days ago
Feudal Japan14 hours ago
Fata Morgana14 hours ago
Confederacy of Egalitarian Democracies2 days 14 hours ago

Rejected 1 day ago
The United Order of The Phoenix1 day 8 hours ago
The Home6 days ago
Peace10 hours ago
The Peoples Military District5 days ago
Somnium6 days ago
Alliance Against Nazis6 days ago
Sierra6 days ago
Holy Technological Empire12 hours ago
The Commonwealth of Britannia3 days 11 hours ago
Colchester and Perth1 day 14 hours ago
The Penal Colony of Wenderkhan5 days ago
Caprecia1 day 8 hours ago
The Alternative Left11 hours ago
Jaarsalie2 days 15 hours ago
Near East4 days ago
Republic of Conservadom2 days 13 hours ago
The British Army6 days ago
Nova Prime2 days 16 hours ago
Het Verenigde Herrebrughische Gemenebest6 days ago
Warzone Sandbox1 day 8 hours ago
The Warring Factions Of The Warp2 days 15 hours ago
Excalibur6 days ago
Defense Forces of Peace10 hours ago
Nexus I5 days ago
Nieskruid2 days 15 hours ago
Orlais1 day 6 hours ago
Autonomous Peoples6 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
Peoples Liberation army11 hours ago
Swiss Family2 days 15 hours ago
Vault 1015 days ago
Amapa1 day 11 hours ago
The Byzantine Imperium1 day 8 hours ago
Heaven12 hours ago
Remarian2 days 15 hours ago
Holy Germatic Order of German People1 day 6 hours ago
Asylum of Solitude12 hours ago
Underground Economy2 days 15 hours ago
Quiet Cottage on the Edge of the Cosmos6 days ago
The Korean Peninsula6 days ago
The Communist Party of NationStates6 days ago
Swiseut2 days 15 hours ago
The Christian Peacekeepers10 hours ago
The United States Of War And Peace10 hours ago
Fralol2 days 15 hours ago
Industry and Corporations1 day 14 hours ago
The Southern Islands of JaaJei5 days ago
The United Nations of Fairhope3 days 20 hours ago
United Nations of Fail Earth1 day 14 hours ago
Simtropolis14 hours ago
NCC 1701 E3 days 14 hours ago
Trixie2 days 15 hours ago
Nini5 days ago
Sumeria4 days ago
Commonwealth of Crowns1 day 8 hours ago
Cloozeq2 days 15 hours ago
Peace and War10 hours ago
Valley Oak2 days 12 hours ago
The Confederacy of Imperialist Nations5 days ago
The Zombie Apocalypse Wasteland3 days 11 hours ago
The Marxist Land for Peace10 hours ago
The Bonapartist Union3 days 20 hours ago
Persephone10 hours ago
Falkland Islands6 days ago
Swords of the Old Order1 day 6 hours ago
Sneadgard14 hours ago
The Knights Order of Camelot1 day 6 hours ago

Rejected 11 hours ago
The Anarchist Federation6 days ago
Atlantis1 day 13 hours ago
Albion5 days ago
Dinirus10 hours ago
Demolibs6 days ago
Jewish Justice League11 hours ago
Emporia2 days 15 hours ago
Saxon Plains6 days ago
Kaplan Destroyers6 days ago
Bestest Korea6 days ago
Brasil10 hours ago
International Democracy Union2 days 17 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 16 hours ago
Capital Wasteland3 days 11 hours ago
Unknown Region16 hours ago
Top Secret HQ6 days ago
Mojave Wasteland12 hours ago
Family Guy Land6 days ago
Lazarus1 day 8 hours ago
The North Korean Politburo6 days ago
The Fascist Union6 days ago
United Hungary2 days 17 hours ago
The order of the phoenix1 day 6 hours ago
York5 days ago
Commonwealth of Free Nations1 day 14 hours ago
Shemazzaland2 days 15 hours ago
Free14 hours ago
Aizengard1 day 14 hours ago
Great Panda5 days ago
World of Luna1 day 8 hours ago
Welirus10 hours ago
Daikonar5 days ago
The Organization of Democracies6 days ago
United Nations Of Peace10 hours ago
SideWalk Zone3 days 14 hours ago
Topid1 day 14 hours ago
The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros5 days ago
Jedi Order1 day 6 hours ago
United Nations of Peace and Freedom10 hours ago
Pacific Rim3 days 14 hours ago
Pardes6 days ago
World Union of former Soviet states6 days ago
Islamic Illuminati5 days ago
Oceargynn1 day 6 hours ago
TransMcElligot Pool6 days ago
Same Foolish Baby Antics14 hours ago
Science Realm14 hours ago
Banaanvraag6 days ago
Peace House10 hours ago
The Amerinadian Republic10 hours ago
Rutoivian Alliance5 days ago
The Great American Union5 days ago

Rejected 1 day 13 hours ago
U I N5 days ago

Rejected 3 days 19 hours ago
Free Society6 days ago
The Secret Union of Prassa6 days ago
Clendagon12 hours ago
Doranel2 days 15 hours ago
Lost Lands of Laerm1 day 8 hours ago
Rio de Janeiro4 days ago

Rejected 1 day 15 hours ago
Brotherhood of Nod6 days ago
New Order1 day 6 hours ago
Lothlorien1 day 14 hours ago
Borderlandic Resistance1 day 6 hours ago
The Cross10 hours ago
Devious Tyrant1 day 7 hours ago
Unified Skaian Syndicate of Rulers1 day 14 hours ago
Captive Bears6 days ago
The Freedom That Has Been Forgotten6 days ago
Imperial Era6 days ago
Kittyland6 days ago
The Westlands1 day 7 hours ago
DEN Central Command6 days ago
Shadow Proclamation12 hours ago
Holy Grail1 day 7 hours ago
Do Not Give Two2 days 15 hours ago
Borealia Guardian2 days 15 hours ago
Coalition of the Oppressive Regimes11 hours ago
Bully Pulpit3 days 14 hours ago
Europe at War1 day 9 hours ago
Alliance of Nations1 day 14 hours ago
Balder1 day 8 hours ago
Wildcats6 days ago
Sumer4 days ago
The KGB6 days ago
United We Are Strong5 days ago
The Ascendancy3 days 11 hours ago
The Golden Confederacy6 days ago
The Republic of the Pacific1 day 8 hours ago
United Oceanic States5 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
The United Federation of Planets3 days 14 hours ago
Good Friday Island6 days ago
Nicoziana6 days ago
The Gush Utopia2 days 12 hours ago
Chaos Order1 day 6 hours ago
Gay2 days 13 hours ago

Rejected 11 hours ago
The Capitalist Merchant Alliance2 days 15 hours ago
The International Socialist Bloc4 days ago
Kuberinaca4 days ago
Region with Blackjack and Hookers5 days ago
The New Republican Order1 day 6 hours ago
The Herrebrugher Workers Army6 days ago
Eggplant City14 hours ago
The Great Kingdom of Prussia12 hours ago
Kingdom of Atlantis1 day 6 hours ago
Dalrawduel5 days ago
West Herken1 day 8 hours ago
Warzone Airspace1 day 8 hours ago
Da Badass Lands of Awesomeness3 days 14 hours ago
Thruhiad2 days 15 hours ago
SS9 Region12 hours ago
Uranzar6 days ago
Premier 1942 days 15 hours ago
Islamic Caliphate6 days ago
The Geth Collective2 days 15 hours ago
Republic Alliance5 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
United military order1 day 6 hours ago
Macedonia6 days ago
Ashantican Colonies3 days 14 hours ago
A Van Down by the River6 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
Kamino5 days ago
Filipinas14 hours ago
Congress of Armed Proletarian States10 hours ago
Imperial Denmark10 hours ago
The Islands of Leaders1 day 8 hours ago
The Heart5 days ago
The Clandestine Agency5 days ago
Space Valhalla2 days 12 hours ago
Taijitu1 day 8 hours ago
Secret Bear Place6 days ago
UCR2 days 14 hours ago

Rejected 2 days 14 hours ago
Professor Hells Bot World3 days 20 hours ago
United Empire of Mercury5 days ago
Wehrwolves2 days 17 hours ago
Actiunedon6 days ago
Altrania5 days ago
The Solitary Lands of Haroutito14 hours ago
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics CCCP5 days ago

Rejected 23 hours ago
The Independent Order6 days ago
Francia3 days 20 hours ago
Aurora5 days ago
Zarathustra5 days ago
The Border Realm1 day 6 hours ago
Retired Syls14 hours ago
Imladris1 day 14 hours ago
The Commonwealth of Regions1 day 8 hours ago
Garian Trash Can1 day 18 hours ago
The Empire of Red Devils6 days ago
Orana Vltava Union1 day 8 hours ago
Noctur1 day 14 hours ago
Wisconsin892 days 15 hours ago
Dimensional Portal5 days ago
Katasia14 hours ago
Shirayuki3 days 19 hours ago
United Mercenary Syndicate10 hours ago
England6 days ago
The Axis of Evil6 days ago

Rejected 3 days 20 hours ago
Fratoen2 days 15 hours ago
Milky way12 hours ago
Ubania6 days ago
Castavar6 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region2 days 17 hours ago
The YuGiOh Academy2 days 15 hours ago
Pull5 days ago
Airstrip One6 days ago
Amyrantha2 days 17 hours ago
Yadakistan2 days 15 hours ago
Okatama1 day 10 hours ago
Jack In The Pulpit2 days 12 hours ago
Peace Place10 hours ago
Best Korea6 days ago
New Mandatia1 day 8 hours ago
The Federation of Harmon10 hours ago
Mediterranean Union5 days ago
Universal Echon Order1 day 6 hours ago
Terra Firma12 hours ago
Beyond the Sea1 day 13 hours ago
Jethnea14 hours ago
The Tiger Empire1 day 8 hours ago
National Liberation Front of Corsica1 day 9 hours ago
New England3 days 11 hours ago
Planet Pearth6 days ago
New Polar Order1 day 6 hours ago
Porto2 days 17 hours ago
Diobridge5 days ago
The Waldenburg Empire6 days ago
Pretalia16 hours ago
Die Nord Reichweite6 days ago
Peninsula Iberica5 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Millard north5 days ago
Doxulet6 days ago
Equilism6 days ago
The Anglosphere5 days ago
Ravania14 hours ago
Czechistan1 day 8 hours ago
The Communist International League1 day 8 hours ago
Atlantian Oceania1 day 13 hours ago
New Lunar Republic1 day 14 hours ago
Bebin6 days ago
Zartoo2 days 15 hours ago
The House at Pooh Corner5 days ago
Brasil Potencia2 days 15 hours ago
Iamalie8 hours ago

Rejected 7 hours ago
Somniate Libertas6 days ago
Rituton6 days ago
Pennsylvania Avenue1 day 6 hours ago
Dash Clan1 day 14 hours ago
The French Cameroons1 day 7 hours ago
Kimeyk2 days 12 hours ago
Secret HQ6 days ago
International Crusade for the HOLY GRAIL1 day 7 hours ago
The Soviet Bloc2 days 14 hours ago
BORG COLLECTIVE3 days 19 hours ago
Tyrrhenia6 days ago
The ACSN6 days ago
Greatest Nation Experience6 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
The Forgotten Lands5 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
Workers International League6 days ago
Ellorea6 days ago
The Peace Bringers10 hours ago
The American Indian Confederacy6 days ago
Empire of Zitos3 days 20 hours ago
Association of the Countries of the Free6 days ago
Minas Tirith1 day 14 hours ago
East Kazakhstan6 days ago
Adolf Stalins Foundtaion4 days ago
Neo Italia11 hours ago
Cat Burglars6 days ago
West Korea6 days ago
Central Union of Democratic Capitalists4 days ago
Sanctuary of Syl14 hours ago
Leandria1 day 6 hours ago
Litiec2 days 15 hours ago
West Pacific12 hours ago
1000 Ways to Die6 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
The Moratin Empire12 hours ago
Inner Peace10 hours ago
Haifa6 days ago
The United Powers of Sanity6 days ago
Equestria1 day 14 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 8 hours ago
United Governments of South East Asia5 days ago
Good question6 days ago
The Empire of Mythical Egypt1 day 8 hours ago
The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea6 days ago
Fremont5 days ago
Morraerd6 days ago
Novus Universitas Specto1 day 8 hours ago
The Refined Tacketti2 days 15 hours ago
Termina6 days ago
USSR10 hours ago
The URAP6 days ago
The Darken Theocracy6 days ago
The Guildless Isles6 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
International Socialists12 hours ago
Canaan4 days ago
Republic of Neros4 days ago
The Satellite of Love6 days ago
The Syndicate10 hours ago
Feline Resistance Alliance6 days ago
Kokomo1 day 14 hours ago
The True Marxism11 hours ago
Territory of Serbia3 days 14 hours ago
Ouveumae2 days 15 hours ago
Fishmongolia1 day 8 hours ago
Republic of Malawi1 day 9 hours ago
Rotterdam6 days ago
Krasnodar Kray1 day 9 hours ago
The New World Order1 day 6 hours ago
Greater Dienstad21 day 9 hours ago
Portugal Virtual2 days 17 hours ago
Islands of peace10 hours ago
The United Nations of Freedom3 days 20 hours ago

Rejected 3 days 16 hours ago
The GGR New Recruitment HQ1 day 6 hours ago
District of Columbia1 day 14 hours ago
The Creative Mind5 days ago
Oost Vlaanderen6 days ago
The United Triumvirate of Wild Space5 days ago
Val Royeaux1 day 6 hours ago
Caliphate6 days ago
BCR Protected Border Area1 day 6 hours ago
The Exodus11 hours ago
Antarctic Oasis2 days 13 hours ago
Test2 days 15 hours ago
United Embassy of Europe8 hours ago
Brimhaven5 days ago
The Rubex Cube2 days 12 hours ago
Quebec6 days ago
Arcadia4 days ago
Bear Liberation Force6 days ago
Japan6 days ago
The Bird Nest6 days ago

Rejected 22 hours ago
The Pinkman Hub1 day 8 hours ago
The United Kingdom of the Netherlands1 day 8 hours ago
The Union of Survivors1 day 8 hours ago
Next Generation Alliance1 day 8 hours ago
Satanland1 day 7 hours ago
Serpents Hold10 hours ago
Burkina Faso1 day 14 hours ago
Nazis12 hours ago
Europe and Asia6 days ago
Sticks11 hours ago
United Empire of Islam Defense Front6 days ago
The French Revolution10 hours ago
Punk16 hours ago
Order BACCASTANI Conglomerate1 day 6 hours ago
Storalian Trading Union6 days ago
Fishmongers10 hours ago
Pirate Encampment6 days ago
The We Welcome You Olympic Teams3 days 11 hours ago
THE ENTERPRISE D3 days 19 hours ago
New Pacific Order1 day 6 hours ago
LAZOR2 days 15 hours ago
The Time vortex12 hours ago
The Coalition Against Ebsim2 days 12 hours ago
Secret Alliance of Madness6 days ago
IDUN11 hours ago
The Commonwealth of Gaytions5 days ago
South Pacific5 days ago
International Arctic Union2 days 16 hours ago
Dahoon2 days 15 hours ago
Anastasia2 days 15 hours ago
The Democratic Order1 day 6 hours ago
The Royal Order of Lords and Ladies1 day 6 hours ago
Tortuga6 days ago
GIF Base6 days ago
The SPR of Herrebrugh6 days ago
Holy Platypirus10 hours ago
Alakor1 day 8 hours ago
British Isles10 hours ago
South America10 hours ago
Knights For Justice16 hours ago
The Democratic Republic of Dragon Nation10 hours ago
Starfleet Academy3 days 14 hours ago
O L Y M P U S6 days ago
The Sovereign Socialist States6 days ago
Ruta6 days ago
Formula 13 days 11 hours ago
Paradise Lost2 days 15 hours ago
North Atlantic Ocean Terrortories12 hours ago
Monkey Island2 days 13 hours ago
Leftkorea6 days ago
Flegavia2 days 17 hours ago
Derman Iles3 days 14 hours ago
Fashoda2 days 15 hours ago
Vaikuntha12 hours ago
Kolonien der Macht5 days ago
Sing Se5 days ago
Shorecrestia16 hours ago
The Recon Commonwealth2 days 16 hours ago
That Place Over There2 days 13 hours ago
North Atlantic Treaty Organization2 days 17 hours ago
Renegade Islands Alliance1 day 8 hours ago
Obeja kmbuti interzone6 days ago
Eagle Clan2 days 17 hours ago
Union of Craftmanian Republics5 days ago
South Korea6 days ago
Bakserboltia6 days ago
Federation of Roman Allegiances2 days 15 hours ago
Awesomeness of Josh1 day 6 hours ago
The Commonwealth Grill1 day 8 hours ago
Mossad6 days ago
Union of American Nationalists1 day 13 hours ago
Eabeepae2 days 15 hours ago
Epirus10 hours ago
Marxists Internet Archive6 days ago
Marxist Proletariat Union6 days ago
Warzone Africa1 day 8 hours ago
Helio Ocean Two6 days ago

Rejected 12 hours ago
The Korean Liberation Front6 days ago
The IWW6 days ago
Repubblica Sociale Italiana1 day 6 hours ago
International Waters6 days ago
Bazinga2 days 15 hours ago
Nasicournian borderlands1 day 6 hours ago
Hemithea6 days ago
Epigamia5 days ago
Linto3 days 15 hours ago
Syndicate of Planets10 hours ago
Genderqueer Union11 hours ago
Festung Europa2 days 16 hours ago
Unified Korea6 days ago
Nazi Deutschland Axis2 days 12 hours ago
New Northfield5 days ago
Koldfront2 days 15 hours ago
Union of Socialists6 days ago
Kingdom of Essex6 days ago
International Commonwealth Of Nations3 days 14 hours ago
Korean Union6 days ago
Space Cake Federation6 days ago

Rejected 3 days 12 hours ago
The Order of Ages1 day 6 hours ago
Oceanside6 days ago
The Star Wars Fan Club10 hours ago
Aillona2 days 12 hours ago
The Black Brigades1 day 6 hours ago
Scarlet Borderlands1 day 6 hours ago
Italiaempire1 day 6 hours ago
Maoism third worldism6 days ago
Hawaii1 day 9 hours ago
10KI International Airport6 days ago
Region of Unified Nations6 days ago
Nesal Suarubia2 days 13 hours ago
Bowerstone1 day 8 hours ago
The Universal Federation1 day 13 hours ago
Winterfell2 days 16 hours ago
The New Pacific Order1 day 6 hours ago
New York3 days 11 hours ago
Minyang6 days ago
New Sorvun16 hours ago
KGB6 days ago
The Borderlands United1 day 6 hours ago
Le FoPo Division6 days ago
Madrigal1 day 13 hours ago
The Syndicate of Nations10 hours ago
NATO Alliance4 days ago
Wintreath1 day 8 hours ago
Black Devils2 days 12 hours ago
The Black Bloc14 hours ago
Misftits Archipelago6 days ago
Firestorm6 days ago
The Unity of Free States1 day 10 hours ago

Rejected 19 hours ago
Mazeria5 days ago
Federation of Defunct Socialist States4 days ago
Korean Empire6 days ago
Mordor1 day 14 hours ago
The Valley of The Wind1 day 8 hours ago
Celtica6 days ago
The Coalition of Governments10 hours ago
Loopy Lions6 days ago
Nowhere6 days ago
Asgard5 days ago
The Senate and People of Rome16 hours ago
War Torn Lands of Calradia5 days ago
The Respected Realms16 hours ago
La Republica de Cuba5 days ago
City of Sanctuary3 days 11 hours ago
The Demonuist Halidom5 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
The MT Army6 days ago
The Alliance of Peace of the North10 hours ago
Strangereal5 days ago
Syndicate of Common Protection10 hours ago
Maruhage Empire5 days ago
The International Communist Union11 hours ago
Romulus II1 day 13 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 3 hours ago
The Keystone Dimension1 day 14 hours ago
Mirare5 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Cypriot Protected Border Area1 day 6 hours ago
Mychaull2 days 12 hours ago
Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea6 days ago
The Order of Sparta1 day 6 hours ago
The Royal Imperial Directorate5 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen10 hours ago
New persia1 day 6 hours ago
New World Order1 day 6 hours ago
The New Republican States of Order1 day 6 hours ago
Thedas1 day 14 hours ago
German People6 days ago
South Ossetia1 day 14 hours ago
Borderlands1 day 6 hours ago
The Brotherhood of Malice5 days ago
Sasktelatown5 days ago
The Democratic League of Peace10 hours ago
United Left Front6 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
Iecoosed6 days ago
The Imperial Guard1 day 10 hours ago
Unfallious warehouse of unusual items1 day 8 hours ago
Maredoratica6 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
The Empire of Friendship3 days 20 hours ago
The Bouged Lands2 days 15 hours ago
The Crusades10 hours ago
The Gulf Empire3 days 14 hours ago
The United Urban Explorers6 days ago
Monastery of Peace10 hours ago
The Old Guard6 days ago
Santa Catalina14 hours ago
The Don Cheadle Express6 days ago
Argentina6 days ago
The Skeleton Army6 days ago
Kantrias5 days ago
True North Territory6 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Platform Nine and Three Quarters1 day 8 hours ago
The Commonwealth of Crowns1 day 8 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 8 hours ago
United League1 day 8 hours ago
The Land of Termina1 day 14 hours ago
Ranukabija2 days 15 hours ago
The Exiled Order1 day 6 hours ago
Misuta14 hours ago
Ashroxem6 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
Jurbana11 hours ago
Jozevia6 days ago
Carpathia6 days ago
Imperial Armed Forces Training Grounds1 day 8 hours ago
Secret Marvels6 days ago
Munster Deutschland6 days ago
The Iceberg5 days ago
Isengard1 day 7 hours ago
Baldr6 days ago
Computer Simularia3 days 14 hours ago
Riemst14 hours ago
Anarcho Syndicalism10 hours ago
Rhun6 days ago
Commonwealth of Independent States2 days 15 hours ago
Atheon14 hours ago
The New Meritocracy5 days ago
National Territories of Peace10 hours ago
Lifehouse1 day 8 hours ago
The Continent of Europe13 hours ago
Belarus6 days ago
The Proletariat Coalition1 day 14 hours ago
Testdom6 days ago
Liberal Free Trade Alliance6 days ago
Ciudad de Mexico6 days ago
Blakaez2 days 15 hours ago
SPQR1 day 7 hours ago
South East Hura Islands3 days 14 hours ago

Rejected 22 hours ago
The Terran Empire5 days ago
NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries3 days 20 hours ago
National Socialist African Workers Party2 days 12 hours ago

Rejected 2 days 11 hours ago
VCG5 days ago
The Kingdom of Elesia5 days ago
United Unaudited States of Camden6 days ago
The Local Supermarket6 days ago
The Bear River6 days ago
Marginal Haven6 days ago
Incorporatia2 days 15 hours ago
The Dutch East Indies5 days ago
Oasis6 days ago
Dadeville1 day 7 hours ago
Templar Order1 day 6 hours ago
Scoochi26 days ago
The Assembly6 days ago
The Sable Order1 day 6 hours ago
Revolutionary Vietnam6 days ago
The Atomic Council3 days 14 hours ago
Kyzikos14 hours ago
CoK Defense Field2 days 23 hours ago
Ixilis6 days ago
New Sea Land2 days 15 hours ago
Coastal Confederation5 days ago
The United Kingdom Alliance10 hours ago
21st SFBA Peoples Army14 hours ago
Satan Worshipers1 day 7 hours ago
Drangiana2 days 12 hours ago
Planet Vegeta2 days 15 hours ago
The Red and Black Hills12 hours ago
Palm Islands6 days ago
Bethel Park6 days ago
Roman Empire of Independent States1 day 10 hours ago
Left Central Africa3 days 14 hours ago
Antifa6 days ago
League of Christian Nations10 hours ago
Helghan Empire6 days ago
Maldoiss6 days ago
The Darkesian Syndicate10 hours ago
The Union of German Nations5 days ago
Reighort6 days ago
Leaping Llamas2 days 12 hours ago
The Mob6 days ago
North Koreans Peoples Commissars6 days ago
Pax Parliamentaria6 days ago
Dark Woodlands2 days 12 hours ago
Cisplatina6 days ago
The Colony of Curacao and Dependencies6 days ago
Imperial Order of Lendir1 day 6 hours ago

Rejected 22 hours ago
The Versutian Federation1 day 8 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 1 hour ago
Sekrit Bear Place6 days ago
Eco Sense6 days ago
South east Arabia and the horn of Africa5 days ago
The Fascist Dictators League1 day 8 hours ago
Daleysland2 days 15 hours ago
The New Land of Fallen Northern America1 day 8 hours ago
The Imperial Alliance6 days ago
The United Nations of Reapers10 hours ago
United Africa5 days ago
Beyond Redemption1 day 7 hours ago
The Kingdom of Devincher1 day 7 hours ago
Righty Tighty Left Loosey Ville6 days ago
The Great Library12 hours ago
Cedar Hall3 days 14 hours ago
The Realms of Cyrodiil12 hours ago
Western Atlantic6 days ago
Desert Islands14 hours ago
The Table2 days 16 hours ago
A Brand New World4 days ago
The Shipyard5 days ago
The Denebian Corridor2 days 14 hours ago
The Allied Republics1 day 10 hours ago
Red Army Headquarters14 hours ago
Rhetorican Region Alliance1 day 6 hours ago
The Peanut Gallery2 days 16 hours ago
The Allied League of Free Nations14 hours ago
Atlantido2 days 13 hours ago
The Jozevian Fleet Wharf6 days ago
Chelsea20116 days ago
Planet X5 days ago
Catena2 days 13 hours ago
Les Riders Blanc6 days ago
Chesapeake2 days 15 hours ago
Konokavi10 hours ago
Caballete Equus1 day 14 hours ago
Punxatawny6 days ago
Thehammerkids5 days ago
Velocity2 days 15 hours ago
Western Dalrawduel5 days ago
Territory of Croatia2 days 17 hours ago
Al Arabiya union5 days ago
Sovengarde2 days 15 hours ago
Central Pacific Empire6 days ago
World Setting2 days 12 hours ago
The Universal Echon Order1 day 6 hours ago
Dutch Guiana6 days ago
Omero1 day 7 hours ago
France6 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Union of Allied Free Market Republics6 days ago

Rejected 14 hours ago
Land of Kings and Emperors6 days ago
Devils Sons1 day 7 hours ago
United Nations Of Freedom6 days ago
The Final Region2 days 15 hours ago
The United Commonwealth of Nations6 days ago
Socialism in One Country6 days ago
The Joshuahood Empire2 days 15 hours ago
HiberNationStates6 days ago
United Regions Federation1 day 10 hours ago
Weird Nations2 days 15 hours ago
The Mikunation Empire1 day 14 hours ago
Kingdom of Ukraine5 days ago
India1 day 8 hours ago
The Islands of Satania1 day 7 hours ago
The Peaceful Warriors Of The Galaxy10 hours ago
United Aurora5 days ago

Rejected 1 day 22 hours ago
Malibu Islands2 days 13 hours ago
Egyptian Colonies3 days 14 hours ago
The Mossad6 days ago
2p2 Politics11 hours ago
Embassy Row10 hours ago

Rejected 10 hours ago
Genuan Rebirth6 days ago

Rejected 14 hours ago
Northern Rhodesia5 days ago
The League of Just Nations3 days 20 hours ago
The New Entente1 day 8 hours ago
Steven6 days ago
AD 216510 hours ago
The Elite Few3 days 14 hours ago
Reformed USA6 days ago
Region of Barringtonia6 days ago
Justice Society of Nationstates14 hours ago
Starways Congress5 days ago
The Union of Red Nations6 days ago
The Shire1 day 7 hours ago
Ramen Noodle and Bread Land5 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
International Order of DeMolay1 day 6 hours ago
The Confederacy of Carolina1 day 12 hours ago
The Planitiem2 days 16 hours ago
DOFW6 days ago
Bubble Buddies12 hours ago
Kabayanihan1 day 8 hours ago
Apamea2 days 15 hours ago
Democratic peoples republic of n korea6 days ago
Zombieland3 days 11 hours ago
Opportunis2 days 12 hours ago
San Francisco Chinatown14 hours ago
The Union of South African Republics6 days ago
Treland6 days ago
The USCD6 days ago
Behind The Mountains2 days 17 hours ago
Australasian Democratic Union1 day 14 hours ago
The United Defenders League1 day 8 hours ago
Confederation of Nations5 days ago
Democratic Order Of Nations1 day 6 hours ago
The Plagued Earth5 days ago
Global Right Alliance1 day ago
Anti Pants Alliance5 days ago
Collection of Unappreciated Nations tv1 day 10 hours ago
Coalition of Ordered Governments1 day 6 hours ago
Ellis Island4 days ago
Het Ryk6 days ago
NyanTopia6 days ago
31e Republic Order1 day 6 hours ago
Lords of Araylia6 days ago
Atrigeas14 hours ago
Militaristic and Economic Alliance12 hours ago
Troperia5 days ago
Myth Busters2 days 12 hours ago
Fermanaugh1 day 8 hours ago
United Alliances6 days ago
Latveria3 days 11 hours ago
Imperial Clindean Order1 day 6 hours ago
Another New World Order1 day 6 hours ago
Selymbria6 days ago
Gargantuan8 hours ago
Texas2 days 13 hours ago
A Land Of Peace10 hours ago
Vader Knows Best6 days ago
Sao Paulo6 days ago

Rejected 1 day 15 hours ago
Hafen6 days ago
Tyrion1 day 8 hours ago
Unified Realm4 days ago
The Kingdom of the Herrebrugh Islands6 days ago
HELP Humanity Equals Liable People2 days 16 hours ago
Marxist6 days ago
Topsail Islands2 days 16 hours ago
Boston6 days ago
The Forever Lasting Cold1 day 6 hours ago
Community of Independent Nations5 days ago
Akkadian empire5 days ago
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance2 days 17 hours ago
Guardianship of Mainframe2 days 15 hours ago
Allied States of EuroIslanders14 hours ago
Order of the Mongolian Death Worm1 day 6 hours ago
White America10 hours ago
Zeta Centauri3 days 14 hours ago
Secret Bikini Beach6 days ago
Empire of Oceania1 day 8 hours ago
Nationstates Fascist Union Reborn6 days ago

Rejected 1 day 12 hours ago
Smoochi6 days ago
Eurasian Union6 days ago
Utopian States of Peace and Love10 hours ago
Das Reich der Liebe6 days ago
The Darklands16 hours ago
Chiapas6 days ago
0000000000000000000006 days ago
Christians United10 hours ago
Communist International League2 days 14 hours ago
Sabirus10 hours ago
Dedication and Victory4 days ago
European Continent11 hours ago
Found2 days 12 hours ago
Puppetown2 days 15 hours ago
Hollywoodland2 days 12 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 21 hours ago
The New Tao Order1 day 6 hours ago
The Peace House10 hours ago
The commonwealth of places1 day 12 hours ago
The commonwealth of Ozzus5 days ago
Ancient Pearth14 hours ago
Peace Valley10 hours ago
Conservatopia3 days 14 hours ago
Kavaiev6 days ago
Orias5 days ago
Karrhai6 days ago
Brave New Antarctica1 day 8 hours ago
New American Territories6 days ago
Orderouros1 day 6 hours ago
The Orlesian Empire1 day 6 hours ago
Secret Bear Plaice6 days ago
Death Star5 days ago
Ljubljana6 days ago
Lawndale Commonwealth Realm12 hours ago
Countries Bound by Common Quests2 days 17 hours ago
Xooberon Almighty14 hours ago
The Tardigrade Coalition1 day 10 hours ago
The Federation of Bradbury5 days ago
Socceralia6 days ago
Free Drug Trading3 days 11 hours ago
A Nice Warm Cave2 days 13 hours ago
Babylon the Great4 days ago
Imperial League of Nations3 days 20 hours ago
Monkey6 days ago
United socialist states of indi6 days ago
Chacovia2 days 15 hours ago
YY4 Active X Delta12 hours ago
Dage6 days ago
Los Angeles1 day 12 hours ago
The Syndicate of Planets10 hours ago
Federated Peace Pact10 hours ago
Korean Workers Party6 days ago
Inner Mongolia14 hours ago
Teutonic Order1 day 6 hours ago
Fryslan6 days ago
The teutonic order1 day 6 hours ago
The United Lands of Atlantanea13 hours ago
United Group5 days ago
United Republic of Liberty1 day 12 hours ago
The Land of Victor6 days ago
Endor2 days 15 hours ago
Continent of Shmarm11 hours ago
The Mysterious Island14 hours ago
West Rock Solid Zimbabwe Korea6 days ago
Namow6 days ago
The axis alliance10 hours ago
Rostil6 days ago
World Assembly Peacekeepers10 hours ago
Blood Isles6 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
Sunny happy land3 days 11 hours ago
Juche Union2 days 14 hours ago
Eranshahr2 days 12 hours ago
House of Congress1 day 6 hours ago
Lemurian Colonies6 days ago
Rindomolo6 days ago
The Layered Realms5 days ago

Rejected 1 day 14 hours ago
Canirus10 hours ago
The West Pacific5 days ago
Esquarium11 hours ago

Rejected 11 hours ago
Sacred Camel1 day 6 hours ago
The Commonwealth of Little Falls5 days ago
International peace organization10 hours ago
Udder Domination1 day 8 hours ago
Good Guy Alliance11 hours ago
The Halls of Amenti6 days ago
Oracia1 day 8 hours ago
Bohemian Grove11 hours ago
The Legion of Power and Order1 day 6 hours ago
Ethaysia Two5 days ago
Mirkwood1 day 14 hours ago
The Great Tree of the Tribes of Spirits5 days ago
New Sorvun Republic16 hours ago
The Promised Land Of Israel14 hours ago
Dansk14 hours ago
Peking11 hours ago
Glenwyth5 days ago
Workers Party of Korea6 days ago
Freemason alliance5 days ago
Peoples Socialist Republic of Albania2 days 17 hours ago
Trojans1 day 14 hours ago
Anchorage2 days 17 hours ago
Gondor1 day 7 hours ago
Korean Peoples Army6 days ago
The Remnants of Omega12 hours ago
The New Pact1 day 8 hours ago
The World of Fallout A RP Paradise2 days 14 hours ago
White Nationalist Alliance10 hours ago
Fennoscandia10 hours ago
Digiphysical Interface6 days ago
Divoth2 days 15 hours ago
United Sharia States6 days ago
Vlaanderen6 days ago
Donningnen2 days 15 hours ago
The Dirty South6 days ago
Borderlands of the Death Seekers1 day 6 hours ago
The New Inquisition6 days ago
New Dinosaurtopia1 day 7 hours ago
The Floating Islands of Xerxes6 days ago
The Order Of Brophy1 day 6 hours ago
Psychotic Dictatorships6 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
Tanos3 days 14 hours ago
The Floating Islands1 day 8 hours ago
Belgium6 days ago
The Central Seas of TravidoviaKazeick12 hours ago
The Order1 day 6 hours ago
Baradoz6 days ago
The Peaceful Warfronts of Blaze10 hours ago
New Keglen6 days ago
Christus10 hours ago

Rejected 5 hours ago
Pan Aryan Republics10 hours ago
Lusitania Galega2 days 17 hours ago
Ainur5 days ago
Corporate Profit Alliance6 days ago
Halo6 days ago
One big Island1 day 13 hours ago
The Unified Western A Cappella5 days ago
Blue Berry Moon12 hours ago
Cats Land6 days ago
Vatican II1 day 8 hours ago
The Pi Union5 days ago
Grand Confederation of Allied States6 days ago
The Coalition5 days ago
Pact of Steel2 days 12 hours ago
The Humanist Region5 days ago
New Gensokyo1 day 8 hours ago
The Pride and Greed Collective Empire2 days 15 hours ago
Nysa1 day 12 hours ago
North Africa6 days ago
South exclusive pasturine3 days 14 hours ago
Gracemeria6 days ago
Waterloo Station6 days ago
Volcanic Cyclones10 hours ago

Rejected 76 minutes ago
Verony1 day 8 hours ago
The Bordurian Empire5 days ago
Libertopia2 days 16 hours ago
The Rejected Realms5 days ago
The Righteous and Harmonious Fists1 day 8 hours ago
Deep Space12 hours ago
Orbis Terrae6 days ago
Rus1 day 14 hours ago
Merry Old England12 hours ago
The Republic of Belarus2 days 17 hours ago
Colours6 days ago
Makai1 day 8 hours ago
The Township of 8D2 days 13 hours ago
Daffodil2 days 15 hours ago
Xoria6 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
New Finland6 days ago
The Smoking Section6 days ago
Anti Inland2 days 15 hours ago
Democratic Socialist Assembly1 day 9 hours ago
Russian Federation5 days ago
BlueBerets5 days ago
China12 hours ago
New Templar Order1 day 6 hours ago
The Heartland1 day 9 hours ago
Portugal2 days 17 hours ago
The Feline Confederation11 hours ago
Curacao and Dependencies6 days ago
Gatesville Inc2 days 13 hours ago
The New Uiska Order6 days ago
The Realm of Transcendancy10 hours ago
Jakkalsbessie2 days 15 hours ago
Spiritus1 day 8 hours ago
6826 days ago
The Realm of Westeros1 day 7 hours ago
Palocris11 hours ago
Peacopotamia6 days ago
Nations United16 hours ago
Borealia2 days 15 hours ago
The Great Desert Region1 day 8 hours ago
London Nuclear Pact6 days ago
Hyrule1 day 14 hours ago
Reunited Republic of Border Patrol1 day 6 hours ago
Democratic Social Union14 hours ago
Horst Wessel2 days 17 hours ago
Libertarian Socialist Alliance2 days 14 hours ago
Sonoria2 days 15 hours ago
The Republic South Korea6 days ago
The Hammer1 day 8 hours ago
The Winter Knights6 days ago
The Socialist Confederacy of West Korea6 days ago
Unity Of Peace10 hours ago
St Christopher and Nevis1 day 6 hours ago
National Socialist2 days 12 hours ago
Azawad1 day 12 hours ago
The Shadow of Mordor3 days 20 hours ago
Freedonia1 day 9 hours ago
LGBT Paradise11 hours ago
The Coalition Of Sovereign Nations3 days 14 hours ago
The Council of the Primordial Tradition10 hours ago
NS Astronomical Society3 days 15 hours ago
USSCR6 days ago
Africa1 day 8 hours ago
City Ankh Morpork3 days 14 hours ago

Rejected 2 days 14 hours ago
Soviet Union Of Lawndale12 hours ago
The Coalition Of Shokpo1 day 8 hours ago
June6 days ago
The Elder Commonwealth6 days ago
Versailles1 day 6 hours ago
Sauron1 day 7 hours ago
Sondria6 days ago
Dumbledores Army3 days 14 hours ago
The Land of the 6 Devils1 day 7 hours ago
Renaissance3 days 20 hours ago
Kennan13 hours ago
The FRA11 hours ago
North Land6 days ago
Greenback Haven11 hours ago
Zartarium Prime14 hours ago
Auxilium6 days ago
Libertarians10 hours ago
The PREK Union4 days ago
United Ex Arstotzkan States12 hours ago
Suchasmallthing1 day 8 hours ago
10000 Islands5 days ago
RHMB6 days ago
Wandering Wildebeest2 days 15 hours ago
Baramule5 days ago
British India6 days ago
TSP Official Regional Games10 hours ago
Terroir2 days 13 hours ago

Rejected 2 days 11 hours ago
Yokai6 days ago
Combined International11 hours ago
The Free Nations of Peace10 hours ago
Hogarahoiprash1 day 6 hours ago
The Blood Cave10 hours ago
The United San Diego States3 days 11 hours ago
The Royal Alliance II5 days ago
Ctesiphon4 days ago
Commonwealth of Color2 days 15 hours ago
New Springs3 days 14 hours ago
Wolf Generation Alliance10 hours ago
Honolulu3 days 19 hours ago
Lady Gaga11 hours ago
A More Peaceful World10 hours ago
The Borderlands1 day 6 hours ago
Aysling1 day 8 hours ago
New Europe10 hours ago
Scapa Flow4 days ago
Caesars Army1 day 8 hours ago
Sinterventie6 days ago
Vissella1 day 14 hours ago
The Astreian Union1 day 8 hours ago
Guardian Network1 day 6 hours ago
Mercenary Lands6 days ago
The PBL Borderlands1 day 6 hours ago
Confederation of Sovereign States1 day 9 hours ago
Socialist Union6 days ago
NONI2 days 12 hours ago
Pacific Islands of Antarctica2 days 15 hours ago
The League of Factions5 days ago
New Carolina1 day 11 hours ago
United Commonwealth8 hours ago
Sindar1 day 14 hours ago
Etherlands1 day 8 hours ago
The Land Of Strange2 days 17 hours ago
Historic Commonwealth of Crowns10 hours ago
The Union of the Wikings6 days ago
Munster6 days ago
Republic of India2 days 17 hours ago
Gliese 5813 days 14 hours ago
G O R E6 days ago
The Order of The Antilles1 day 6 hours ago
The Island of Mythology14 hours ago
Beneforum6 days ago
The Tumblrian Archipelago6 days ago
The Glorious Maoist Utopia2 days 17 hours ago
Alienus4 days ago
PC World6 days ago
Caeli Regio12 hours ago
Danny DeVito Land1 day 7 hours ago
Paradoxia6 days ago
The Republic Of Iraq4 days ago
South East Asia2 days 15 hours ago
Yayirus10 hours ago
Den Haag6 days ago
The Near East4 days ago
POSC101 Spring 20145 days ago
Communist International14 hours ago
Dessayth2 days 15 hours ago
United Alliance Of Klingon Sympathisers1 day 8 hours ago
The Grand Repluic of Korea6 days ago
Neo Mediterranean2 days 15 hours ago
Wikia3 days 14 hours ago
Unity2 days 12 hours ago
Atlas5 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
Frazis2 days 15 hours ago
The Empire Of God6 days ago
FFS Libertatem IRU Cafe6 days ago
Martis Nations6 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
United Front of Stokestaylor2 days 15 hours ago
The Inherent Contradiction10 hours ago
Cat Ladies6 days ago
The Order of Order1 day 6 hours ago
UCR Military Base2 days 14 hours ago
Drippy Spaff5 days ago
Sovet union2 days 13 hours ago
Columeryn2 days 15 hours ago
The Elesian Grand Duchy of Luxembourg5 days ago
Kinwood Bridge2 days 15 hours ago
Ministry of Peace10 hours ago
CSSR1 day 9 hours ago
Nationalist syndicate10 hours ago
World Order1 day 6 hours ago
Coalition of Catholic States5 days ago
The Beach5 days ago
Azurochromia6 days ago
Peace Loving Christian Nations10 hours ago
Korean Peninsula6 days ago
Alliance of Strong Imperial Nations3 days 14 hours ago
Keglen6 days ago
Intalima3 days 11 hours ago
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics6 days ago
Federation of Free States3 days 14 hours ago
Workers Party Korea6 days ago
The Crimson Dawn Puppet Storage10 hours ago
Stargate12 hours ago
The International6 days ago
The Business club1 day 8 hours ago
Union of Free States5 days ago
The British Empire6 days ago
National Socialist Union2 days 12 hours ago
The Scarlet Empire1 day 13 hours ago
The Land of Kings and Emperors1 day 8 hours ago
Free Union of Socialist States10 hours ago
Reagan Rots In Hell6 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
Dache Trespe6 days ago
Arabia4 days ago
Region of the free2 days 17 hours ago
Imperial Order of Being So Good1 day 6 hours ago
North Korea6 days ago
The Axis of Resistance3 days 11 hours ago
The Royal Kingdom of Alkoul10 hours ago
Morskoj11 hours ago
Das Kommune2 days 14 hours ago

Rejected 2 days 14 hours ago
The Premier League6 days ago
Bizarre Penninsula of JoJo11 hours ago
The Anumist Alliance14 hours ago
The East Western Order of Nations1 day 6 hours ago
Na hEileanan Siar11 hours ago
Vindicator2 days 12 hours ago
Fascist and Imperialist Union5 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
The Cuckoos Egg14 hours ago
Ridiculum12 hours ago
BAMF2 days 15 hours ago
Imperial Order1 day 6 hours ago
Antarctic Alliance5 days ago
Colonized Mars3 days 14 hours ago
Arctic1 day 8 hours ago
The United Peace Front10 hours ago
Brotherhood of Blood6 days ago
Occupied Diaryland3 days 14 hours ago
Loch Ness1 day 8 hours ago
Warlight RolePlayers6 days ago
Programmers United2 days 12 hours ago
The free phoenixes1 day 6 hours ago
Rohir6 days ago
The Wolf Generation Alliance10 hours ago
Blyrent2 days 15 hours ago
Quilt2 days 15 hours ago
WaffenSS1 day 6 hours ago
Castle On The Hill14 hours ago
Brazilian Empire3 days 14 hours ago
The Great North Korea6 days ago
Taiwan China2 days 17 hours ago
Conservative Empire2 days 11 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 22 hours ago
Castle Black5 days ago
Outland6 days ago
Israel Zionist Jewish and Hebrew League14 hours ago
Geopolity6 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
The Little Guys United5 days ago

Rejected 2 days 12 hours ago
Middle Earth1 day 7 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 1 hour ago
Holy Empire of Eastern Borderlands1 day 6 hours ago
Unitarian Union16 hours ago
New Coalition of Nations1 day 8 hours ago
Alliance of Georgia6 days ago
Democrats6 days ago
Southeast Asia2 days 16 hours ago
Commonwealth of States2 days 16 hours ago
PEEL5 days ago
The Peace Realm10 hours ago
Dayirus10 hours ago
Final Fantasy2 days 13 hours ago
New Era Wasteland3 days 15 hours ago
The Whoredom of Babylon4 days ago
The Cooperative Union5 days ago
Warzone Europe1 day 8 hours ago
Polar Bear6 days ago
Forks14 hours ago
Amarr Empire6 days ago
New British Empire6 days ago
The East Pacific1 day 8 hours ago
Army of Darkness1 day 8 hours ago
Women Rights1 day 14 hours ago
Entity12 hours ago
The Principality of Hanover5 days ago
Limburg6 days ago
Dux Milan2 days 17 hours ago
Eurasia6 days ago
Esportiva5 days ago
Nughoth2 days 15 hours ago
Island of Peace10 hours ago
Order of the Red Eagle5 days ago
The Utopia6 days ago
Little TNI16 hours ago
Tafarian kingdom5 days ago
SuperFunTime Minecraft2 days 15 hours ago
Smrdoslavia1 day 14 hours ago
The Realm of Hibernia2 days 13 hours ago
Nazi dictatorships6 days ago
Superior Jump Point3 days 19 hours ago
United Abrahamic Nations14 hours ago
Coalition of Ordered Govts1 day 6 hours ago
Caracas2 days 14 hours ago
The Kingdom of Spain1 day 8 hours ago
Mandala Rarung10 hours ago
The UN Clan6 days ago
Guiana Caiena6 days ago
District 2195 days ago
The Hellfire Club10 hours ago
My Little Pony14 hours ago
The International Peacekeeping Force10 hours ago
The United Alliance of NationStates1 day 8 hours ago
New Odessa2 days 16 hours ago
The Moon14 hours ago
Windy Mountain6 days ago
REATO6 days ago
Ocearan Isles3 days 11 hours ago
The zionist order1 day 6 hours ago
The British Cameroons1 day 7 hours ago
Protera6 days ago
The Red UAA3 days 14 hours ago
Greater Iran5 days ago
United Ukraine5 days ago
Slowdive4 days ago
The Black International6 days ago
Preuben1 day 8 hours ago
The New Organization6 days ago
Winchshire2 days 17 hours ago
The Holy Alliance of Theocratic Nations6 days ago
Panessos6 days ago
Volksunion2 days 12 hours ago
The New World Order of The Illuminati1 day 6 hours ago
The Blue Sea Region6 days ago
The United Regions Headquarters6 days ago

Rejected 3 days 2 hours ago
The Scottish Borders1 day 6 hours ago
Slamdown6 days ago
Nazism12 hours ago
The Coalition of Sovereign States3 days 20 hours ago
The Misty Regiment14 hours ago
Maine1 day 12 hours ago
Bismarck Peace Institute10 hours ago
The United Feline Commonwealths11 hours ago

Rejected 36 minutes ago
Middle Korea6 days ago
International Northern Union2 days 17 hours ago

Rejected 2 days 16 hours ago
The Federation of Europe1 day 8 hours ago
United World Order1 day 6 hours ago
Crasoa1 day 8 hours ago
New Confederacy of Sovereign Nations6 days ago
League of Tides1 day 10 hours ago
Akhufu2 days 15 hours ago
Verdania8 hours ago
The Communist Region5 days ago
The Kingdom of Denmark5 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
The New Island Republic1 day 8 hours ago
The Cool Ones2 days 15 hours ago
The new templar order1 day 6 hours ago
Union of Soviet and Socialist Republics5 days ago
The Mictlan System1 day 14 hours ago
The fourth reich10 hours ago
Territory Of Guernsey3 days 11 hours ago
Victims of Fascism11 hours ago
Ankh Mauta1 day 14 hours ago
Pyongyang6 days ago
Testregionia5 days ago
Drentum2 days 15 hours ago
Launching Point14 hours ago
South Island School6 days ago
Throltec2 days 12 hours ago
Zhaucauozian Friendship5 days ago
Tokugawa Japan14 hours ago
The West Tropicals3 days 14 hours ago
Ideology Testing Inc6 days ago
Empire of Japan1 day 7 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 3 hours ago
The Heaven of peaceful fascists10 hours ago
Apartheid South Africa5 days ago
The Federation of South Arabia2 days 17 hours ago
Animal Network1 day 6 hours ago
Minerva Reefs1 day 6 hours ago
Waziristan2 days 15 hours ago
6662 days 12 hours ago
Capitalist Paradise5 days ago
Wolfmania3 days 11 hours ago
KOREA6 days ago
Lundeland4 days ago
Syndicate10 hours ago
The Room of Requirement3 days 14 hours ago
Kingdom Of Naples6 days ago
Atrosia Isles6 days ago
Northern America2 days 17 hours ago
United States of Africa2 days 17 hours ago

Rejected 2 days 8 hours ago
Eidynburh Border Area1 day 6 hours ago
Juche Union EVAC2 days 14 hours ago
Nation Roleplay6 days ago
The Pax2 days 15 hours ago
Verusia12 hours ago
Onyko6 days ago
Awesomeland of Epicness and Freedom16 hours ago
Southern Confederate States1 day 7 hours ago
Neo Oceania2 days 12 hours ago
The Order of the Nightmare1 day 6 hours ago
Verucana6 days ago
Ibsenian City States6 days ago
Athena Valley2 days 15 hours ago
Andromeda Consortium1 day 8 hours ago
UHODM6 days ago
Syndicated Red Black Tendencies10 hours ago
Dutopia3 days 20 hours ago
Guam1 day 14 hours ago
The conservative christians14 hours ago
Westeros5 days ago
Paraguay6 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
Nordic Lands10 hours ago
Makhnovia6 days ago
Princeton2 days 12 hours ago
The Land of the Peaceful People10 hours ago
New Los Campesinos1 day ago
Keepers of Life and Liberty1 day 10 hours ago
Aiding2 days 12 hours ago
Battlefields of Risha and New Barsaria1 day 6 hours ago
Galaxy NGC 52014 hours ago
Kattar14 hours ago
The Alliance of Democratic Free Nations5 days ago
The Republic of the Netherlands6 days ago
Borderlands of Terracia1 day 6 hours ago
The Gargantuan Empire8 hours ago
The Coalition of Alliances6 days ago

Rejected 2 days 11 hours ago
Territory of Latvia2 days 17 hours ago
The Insane States of Insanity2 days 16 hours ago
The Region of Nonsense1 day 8 hours ago
The New Galactic Empire1 day 8 hours ago
Multiversal Oasis4 days ago
Nevthronia5 days ago
The New Hetalia Order1 day 6 hours ago
The Crypt6 days ago
Order of The Fallen1 day 6 hours ago
The 9th Realm16 hours ago
The Coalition of Democratic Nations1 day 8 hours ago
Fourth Reich1 day 6 hours ago
Renatia1 day 8 hours ago
The Dominion of Satan1 day 7 hours ago
Dachwurz2 days 15 hours ago
Kalandia6 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago


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