The Illuminati Regional Administration

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The Illuminati is administered by:

The Founder has not granted the WA Delegate (Greenland Valley) administrative power.

The ability to modify regional settings, as well as eject and ban nations, is automatically granted to Founders. The same powers also belong to the WA Delegate, unless the Founder has disabled WA Delegate access and is present within the region.

Border Control

  • The WA Delegate does not have administrative powers.

  • Nations do not require a password to enter.

  • No nations are banned.


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

1. Discordia194 days
2. The Church of Eris191 days
3. Holy Rome231 days
4. The Secret Syndicate147 days
5. Christianity232 days
6. Islam232 days
7. Global Royalist League205 days
8. The Royal Union253 days
9. The Realm of the Royal Knights255 days
10. Royal States258 days
11. Washington DC213 days
12. Greater London188 days
13. Vatican Secret Archives189 days
14. Unknown203 days
15. The Order of DeMolay149 days
16. United States of America261 days
17. CIA261 days
18. MI6261 days
19. The Americas220 days
20. Romania261 days
21. Somalia261 days
22. Principality di Monaco261 days
23. Repubblica Italiana261 days
24. Most Serene Republic of San Marino261 days
25. Israel261 days
26. Principality of Andorra261 days
27. Delaware261 days
28. Republic of Seychelles261 days
29. Republic of Turkmenistan261 days
30. Union of Nationalists261 days
31. Commonwealth of Liberty260 days
32. Black Mesa Islands260 days
33. Florida260 days
34. Eastern Roman Empire259 days
35. Rome259 days
36. Chireiden259 days
37. Syria259 days
38. Callington259 days
39. Indonesia258 days
40. The Alliance of Dictators257 days
41. Land of Israel257 days
42. Smiley Faces257 days
43. Campione di Italia257 days
44. Regione Sardegna257 days
45. Rhode Island256 days
46. Crematorium256 days
47. Earth Prime256 days
48. The Revolutionary Council256 days
49. The Republic of Rose Island256 days
50. Barbaria256 days
51. Lower Canada256 days
52. Region of Corsica256 days
53. Republic of Korea256 days
54. The Statue of Liberty256 days
55. Leninist Russia255 days
56. United Federation of Planets254 days
57. Occupied France254 days
58. Dune254 days
59. The Prometheus Isles254 days
60. Central Eastern Europe254 days
61. Catlandatopia254 days
62. Trainsylvinea254 days
63. Nakhitchevan Autonomous Republic254 days
64. Isla Perfectum254 days
65. Beeker Island254 days
66. House of Five Leaves254 days
67. League of Northern European Nations254 days

Closing in 1 day 21 hours
68. Tychrome253 days
69. Illinois253 days
70. The Green Star Socialist Union253 days
71. Ivory Tower253 days
72. The SOP253 days
73. West Germany253 days
74. The Graveyard252 days
75. The Darwin Allied Republics252 days
76. The United Empire of Corruption252 days
77. Greater Dienstad252 days
78. Equatoria251 days
79. The Sea Of Love251 days
80. Groland251 days
81. Ancient Lands251 days
82. Autonomous city of Melilla251 days
83. Regione Siciliana251 days
84. The Kingdom of Great Britain251 days
85. Autonomous city of Ceuta251 days
86. City of Sevastopol251 days
87. Carnival of Souls251 days
88. Right to Life250 days
89. Armagedox250 days
90. Cat Empire250 days
91. Strategos Prime250 days
92. League of Independent Nations250 days
93. The Nightmare Realms250 days
94. The Empire Of Oppression250 days
95. Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane249 days
96. Noordija249 days
97. Asiana249 days
98. The Land of Power249 days
99. Farkistan248 days
100. Meridon248 days
101. The Forest248 days
102. The United Federative of the UCE PUPPETS248 days
103. New Republica248 days
104. Michigan247 days
105. Chicago245 days
106. The Immortals245 days
107. Minecraftia244 days
108. Dreamworld243 days
109. Atheist Empire243 days
110. International Republican Union243 days
111. Laissez Faireholm243 days
112. The Greater German Reich243 days
113. New Industria242 days
114. Torchwood Hub240 days
115. The Apartment Block240 days
116. United Dictatorships238 days
117. Repubblika ta Malta237 days
118. The Republic Nations234 days
119. The Second Empire of Arrakine234 days
120. The Lush Continent of Nowhere IX233 days
121. Asia Pacific Economic Group232 days
122. Interstellar Union232 days
123. United Nations of Earth232 days
124. The Satanic Alliance232 days
125. Old World Union232 days
126. The Asylum of Loopy Mad Nutballs231 days
127. Trade Federation231 days
128. Republic of Angola231 days
129. Hinduism231 days
130. Christendom231 days
131. One Legion of Christian Theocracies231 days
132. Funen231 days
133. The United League of Empires231 days
134. Megalomania Paradise231 days
135. The British Commonwealth231 days
136. Armenia231 days
137. The Federation of Dethklok 1000231 days
138. State of Palestine231 days
139. Neo Otaku Utopia231 days
140. Spectrasonic231 days
141. The Alliance of Grittonia231 days
142. Orbital Friendship Cannon HQ231 days
143. The INTernational Waters231 days
144. Baronetcy of Sanctuary Islands231 days
145. The Germanei Sivanian Alliance230 days
146. Yerushalem VI230 days
147. Antista230 days
148. The alliance of homework230 days
149. The Furry Federation230 days
150. The Federal Islands 2nd Gen230 days
151. The Region of Industrious Nations229 days
152. Chris puppet storage229 days
153. Sagittarius Arm229 days
154. Bettie Page vs Jayne Mansfield Catfight229 days
155. Hollow Point229 days
156. The international space consortium229 days
157. Onett229 days
158. Nations of the Death Metal Military229 days
159. The Awesomeness of Conquistadors229 days
160. New World Communists States229 days
161. Alliance Of Armed Nations229 days
162. Wright Street229 days
163. The United Nations of Secoritan229 days
164. No region229 days
165. Greysteel228 days
166. The Holy Pacific Lorraine228 days
167. The Luxan Empire228 days
168. Continent of Xenonia228 days
169. Madeira Archipelago Liberation Front228 days
170. United Empire of Islam228 days
171. Republic of Azerbaijan228 days
172. World Alliance227 days
173. Ministreyl Union227 days
174. The Jade Wheel Society227 days
175. The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples227 days
176. HYDRA227 days
177. Land of Seriously Crazy People226 days
178. Fort Zoutman226 days
179. Osakaland226 days
180. The Kingdom of Burgundy226 days
181. Nintendo226 days
182. Cymru226 days
183. United Federation of Edwards226 days
184. LRI226 days
185. Grand Alliance Of Independant Nations226 days
186. Religious Union of Dradogoonism226 days
187. The Autocratic Imperium of Nations226 days
188. Tamhriel226 days
189. The Legions of Heaven And Hell225 days
190. Nebraska225 days
191. Oranje Armistice225 days
192. Shivering Isles225 days
193. The Global Chitown Confederacy224 days
194. The Holy Land of D Spence224 days
195. Holy Lands224 days
196. Urkalgurk224 days
197. Benevolent Capitalism224 days
198. Celtic warrior223 days
199. The Soviet Russian Alliance223 days
200. Great Southern Ocean222 days
201. Pennsylvania222 days
202. Iowa222 days
203. Colorado222 days
204. Arizona222 days
205. Kentucky222 days
206. Prettydragoon221 days
207. Emirates of Futurnia221 days
208. Imperium of the Wolf220 days
209. The Red Wolf Rifle Korps220 days
210. The Land of the Most Compitent220 days
211. Bonvanasmith220 days
212. The Republic of India220 days
213. The Western Colonies220 days
214. Massachusetts220 days
215. Weed220 days
216. Virginia220 days
217. New Hampshire220 days
218. New Mexico220 days
219. Ozzy220 days
220. Montreal219 days
221. Sunalaya219 days
222. Kerala219 days
223. Poqilet218 days
224. Greece218 days
225. Persian Tricycle Riders218 days
226. Solar System218 days
227. Constantinople218 days
228. Brochis218 days
229. Athens218 days
230. The Chin Chin Alliance of Mingebags218 days
231. Hellenic Civilization218 days
232. Eladen217 days
233. Astyria217 days
234. The Hodori Archipelago216 days
235. Global Powers216 days
236. North Vietnam216 days
237. The Irish Conglomerate216 days
238. Chinese Taipei215 days
239. Cars215 days
240. Anticapitalist Alliance215 days
241. Pisces Centauri215 days
242. ISSU215 days
243. The Derpy Dominion215 days
244. United States of Canadia215 days
245. The United Nations Elite215 days
246. Northern Emirates215 days
247. We Welcome You215 days
248. The Seventh Bay215 days
249. Alliance of Free and Independent Nations215 days
250. United Federation of Canada Embassy214 days
251. Neue Osterreich214 days
252. The Species Alliance214 days
253. Chalker214 days
254. The Worst Region Known in NS214 days
255. Union of Socialist Confederate Republics214 days
256. The Cyrillic Empire of New Slavica214 days
257. Erabor Union213 days
258. Missouri213 days
259. Moneylania213 days
260. Great Britain and Northern Ireland213 days
261. Idaho213 days
262. Tropical Isles213 days
263. Holyoke213 days
264. Rhen Var213 days
265. Bellum Malleum213 days
266. Uganda213 days
267. North Dakota213 days
268. The Discord Dominion213 days
269. Utah213 days
270. South Carolina213 days
271. North Carolina213 days
272. Minnesota213 days
273. Polandia213 days
274. Georgia213 days
275. Sirius213 days
276. Zombie Processing Center213 days
277. Saint Kitts and Nevis213 days
278. South Dakota213 days
279. Anarchist Alliance213 days
280. New Barsaria213 days
281. International East Union213 days
282. Valeria212 days
283. The Hyatt Islands212 days
284. My Pants212 days
285. Wyoming212 days
286. Scientific Union212 days
287. ABIN212 days
288. Corporate Conservative212 days
289. Alaran peri quan preciad212 days
290. Maryland212 days
291. Pact of the Emperors212 days
292. The Allied States Of The Campbell Nation212 days
293. The Federal Islands212 days
294. Johorne211 days
295. Bevania211 days
296. Zetegen211 days
297. Scandinavia211 days
298. Mozambique211 days
299. Empire of Andrew211 days
300. United Nations of Virtus210 days
301. The Free Pacific210 days
302. Australia210 days
303. Washington210 days
304. United Socialist Nations of Zandalari210 days
305. Commonwealth of Nations210 days
306. Knights of the Round Table210 days
307. Sonnel210 days
308. Mystria209 days
309. Serenity209 days
310. SteamPunk208 days
311. The First Coalition208 days
312. The Military Commonwealth208 days
313. Gatehouse by the P2TM208 days
314. League of Cobalt Nations208 days
315. The Vrai Alliance208 days
316. Western Ontario208 days
317. WeedNation208 days
318. The inukastani desert territories208 days
319. The Jedi Order208 days
320. The Frozen Pacific208 days
321. The Alliance Pocket Universe207 days
322. The Triphorian Empire207 days
323. Sarandi207 days
324. Currahee207 days
325. Pokemon World207 days
326. Union of Communist states207 days
327. Assassins Order207 days
328. Maranmor207 days
329. Crovathan207 days
330. Emeraldise207 days
331. New Vegas207 days
332. Bezdomny House207 days
333. UAA207 days
334. United Sovereign Nations207 days
335. Goliath SpecOps inc206 days
336. The Zuropean Union206 days
337. The United Nations of Here206 days
338. Greece for Greeks206 days
339. The Great Oblivion206 days
340. United World Alliance206 days
341. Wyndia206 days
342. The New Old South206 days
343. Srbija206 days
344. Unified Europe206 days
345. Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions206 days
346. Wash Out205 days
347. The Planet of the Green Marble205 days
348. The Supreme Union205 days
349. The Third Dominion205 days
350. Jerusalem205 days
351. Ravencroft205 days
352. California205 days
353. Sacrum Romanum Imperium205 days
354. Intergalactic Federacy205 days
355. Equinox205 days
356. Association of Southeast Asian Nations205 days
357. The Commonwealth of Independent States205 days
358. United Bolshevik Republics205 days
359. Horses and Bayonets205 days
360. Inner heavens grace205 days
361. International fascist military alliance204 days
362. Beyond the Wub204 days
363. Libertatem Pub204 days
364. The Coalition of Conservative States204 days
365. Toronto204 days
366. Kingdom of Hawaii204 days
367. The Higher Royal Empire of the Flood204 days
368. Muynelles Pact204 days
369. Mississippi204 days
370. Nunavut204 days
371. The Franco Spanish Empire204 days
372. Argo204 days
373. Nevada204 days
374. New York State204 days
375. Kansas204 days
376. Pony Lands203 days
377. Royal Alliance III203 days
378. The Confederacy of Allied Nations203 days
379. The Western Empire203 days
380. Anarcho Pragmatism203 days
381. The Land of Springs203 days
382. Planet Maxorus Prime203 days
383. Willeon203 days
384. New Suffolk203 days
385. The Freed Lands203 days
386. The Atlantic Federation203 days
387. Finisterra203 days
388. Rock Solid Zimbabwe Korea203 days
389. The Venus Project202 days
390. The Empire of Common Territories202 days
391. Westphalia202 days
392. United Nations in Solidarity202 days
393. Technologica202 days
394. The Kingdom of Bavaria202 days
395. Crusaders of the Matriarch202 days
396. Saxony202 days
397. Futaba Aoi202 days
398. The great alliance of JSUV202 days
399. UnIT201 days
400. The Confederate Commonwealth201 days
401. AnimeManga Land201 days
402. New Egypt201 days
403. Libertatem201 days
404. Puppet Park201 days
405. The council of free nations201 days
406. Le Kraut Union201 days
407. The Accepted Realms201 days
408. The Bungle Brigade201 days
409. Hail the One Trinity201 days
410. Aaronian Space201 days
411. Itevia201 days
412. The Union of Aligned Soviet States201 days
413. Plotzov201 days
414. Alliance of Allied Alliances201 days
415. Buddhism201 days
416. The Coalition of Psychlo States201 days
417. The Atlantic Union201 days
418. Allied Independent Nations201 days
419. Steel Blue Castle201 days
420. The WASC200 days
421. Eskea200 days
422. Italian Regions200 days
423. Create a nation of n o oo nmad200 days
424. Amor Fati Anagenesis200 days
425. Dtheriodia200 days
426. Oriental Constanta200 days
427. The Nation of Nations and Friends200 days
428. Galts Gulch200 days
429. Axis of Absurdity200 days
430. Isles of Socialism199 days
431. Imperialis199 days
432. Minoa199 days
433. The Atlantic199 days
434. Spinward199 days
435. Imperium199 days
436. Confederation of Imperial States199 days
437. A Federal Commonwealth Society199 days
438. Jadatarn199 days
439. Secret of the Outcasts199 days
440. Union of Kurdistan198 days
441. The Arid Badlands198 days
442. United Independent Nations198 days
443. The Epic Pony Region198 days
444. Golden Triangle198 days
445. Greek Islands198 days
446. Hells Tavern198 days
447. Dead Kittens and Tastefull Cookies198 days
448. Monty Pythons Flying Circus198 days
449. Leftist Agrarian Revolutionary Union198 days
450. Kostroma Union198 days
451. Skypia197 days
452. Suomi197 days
453. Angels of Derp197 days
454. Land of Aaron197 days
455. The Federated Klatchian Coast197 days
456. TheIronLegion197 days
457. Italy196 days
458. South Eastern North West196 days
459. United Federation of Nations196 days
460. Alleanza196 days
461. Erep enclave196 days
462. Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region196 days
463. The great dominion of NHGS195 days
464. Confederate American Union195 days
465. United Confederacy of Sutoan195 days
466. The Coalition of Democratic Republicans195 days
467. Halcyon194 days
468. Ozymandium194 days
469. Moscow194 days
470. Havana194 days
471. The Peoples Republic of China194 days
472. Central Atlantic Islands of the Pacific194 days
473. The Wheel of Time193 days
474. World Region193 days
475. Coffee House193 days
476. The Lexicon192 days
477. Roman Republic192 days
478. Kylden191 days
479. Federation of Emersonia191 days
480. Blasphemous Beach Bungalow191 days
481. The Empire of Trebizond190 days
482. Achillean League190 days
483. The Covenant of Shrek190 days
484. Union of Republics190 days
485. The United Holistic Society190 days
486. The Islamic Caliphate190 days
487. Mexico City189 days
488. British Columbia189 days
489. The Karian Union189 days
490. POW Camp189 days
491. Bogota189 days
492. Saskatchewan189 days
493. Nova Scotia189 days
494. Blue189 days
495. Asphodel Meadows189 days
496. Academy city189 days
497. White189 days
498. Hufflepuff189 days
499. Move Point189 days
500. Irish Republican Army189 days
501. Arleans189 days
502. Angel189 days
503. The DreamScape189 days
504. War Museum189 days
505. Pink189 days
506. Unova189 days
507. Monobear189 days
508. Pallet Town189 days
509. Jump Point189 days
510. Oslo189 days
511. Keukenhof189 days
512. SETI189 days
513. Easter189 days
514. Dublin189 days
515. Manga189 days
516. Othalla189 days
517. Winter189 days
518. Bern189 days
519. Vimy Ridge189 days
520. Battle Frontier189 days
521. Sateda189 days
522. Helsinki189 days
523. Praxis189 days
524. Terra Nullius189 days
525. Levamme189 days
526. State City189 days
527. Gryffindor189 days
528. IRA189 days
529. International space station189 days
530. Scorpius189 days
531. Little Garden189 days
532. Death Weapon Meister Academy189 days
533. Anime HQ189 days
534. Kalos189 days
535. Royal Canadian Navy189 days
536. True West189 days
537. Green189 days
538. Eeveetopian empire189 days
539. Orange189 days
540. National Hockey League189 days
541. Summer189 days
542. Ente Isla189 days
543. Arc Aile189 days
544. Love189 days
545. Pandora189 days
546. Defiance189 days
547. Halkeginia189 days
548. LOTR189 days
549. El Dorado189 days
550. Miscellaneous189 days
551. Noblesse oblige189 days
552. Stockholm189 days
553. Recycle189 days
554. Ravenclaw189 days
555. Aurea aquilarum189 days
556. South caribbean189 days
557. Ragnarok189 days
558. Stargate Command189 days
559. Yellow189 days
560. Cerulean City189 days
561. Continental Navy189 days
562. Pewter City189 days
563. Purple189 days
564. Pokemon189 days
565. Antananarivo189 days
566. Minsk189 days
567. Dexter189 days
568. Balsteros189 days
569. Sagittarius189 days
570. Supernatural189 days
571. North American Aerospace Defense Command189 days
572. True East189 days
573. Okinawa189 days
574. Sons of Anarchy189 days
575. Klondike189 days
576. Hinamizawa189 days
577. Otaku189 days
578. Brynhildr189 days
579. McMurdo Station189 days
580. Orange Islands189 days
581. Alfheim189 days
582. Nature189 days
583. Red189 days
584. SAO189 days
585. Upper canada189 days
586. Spring189 days
587. Slytherin189 days
588. Hollow Earth189 days
589. Chernobyl189 days
590. City State189 days
591. Glastonbury189 days
592. Starfleet189 days
593. Sorami189 days
594. Kanto189 days
595. Anomaly189 days
596. Perseus189 days
597. Johto189 days
598. Autumn189 days
599. Music189 days
600. Akihabara189 days
601. Log Horizon189 days
602. GREAT Britain188 days
603. Glorious Praetorian Empire188 days
604. The Commonwealth of Kings188 days
605. Land of Absolute Freedom188 days
606. Prince Edward Island188 days
607. Union of world empires188 days
608. New Brunswick188 days
609. The Burning Aisles188 days
610. 0000188 days
611. Newfoundland and Labrador188 days
612. Northwest Territories188 days
613. Yukon188 days
614. The Elithian Alliance188 days
615. United Nations of the Moon187 days
616. Urbanites187 days
617. Amsterdam187 days
618. Greater Fort Courage187 days
619. The United Alliance186 days
620. The Republic of Korea186 days
621. Conservative Maine186 days
622. Shrekistan186 days
623. Fusionism186 days
624. The Zonians186 days
625. Argantia185 days
626. Schimata League185 days
627. Terran imperium185 days
628. One big Island185 days
629. INGSOC185 days
630. The Empty Quarter185 days
631. League of Free Nations184 days
632. United Utopian Federation183 days
634. The Syndicate of Planets183 days
635. The World Of Gomlis183 days
636. The Southeast Asian Collective183 days
637. Confederation of Terra183 days
638. The Brotherhood of Evil183 days
639. Britantion183 days
640. Delta Trianguli182 days
641. The Valley of The Wind182 days
642. Marlboria182 days
643. Catian Gulf182 days
644. Jupiters Core182 days
645. The Infinite Alliance182 days
646. IMRE Veers Approved182 days
647. The Second Coming of Vex182 days
648. Collective Enlightenment181 days
649. Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem181 days
650. Alliance of Nations181 days
651. Nu Eta Omicron181 days
652. Warhammer 40000181 days
653. Rejected Communists Vol2180 days
654. The True Marxism180 days
655. Arctic179 days
656. Mid Pacific Islands179 days
657. The Totally Free Region179 days
658. Not a Sketchy Region179 days
659. 00000000000000000000000179 days
660. Planet Maxorus Minor179 days
661. The Volcheknian Badlands179 days
662. Spokane178 days
663. Primeval Realm178 days
664. Dyst United178 days
665. Need for Speed178 days
666. Austinian League178 days
667. Somniate Libertas177 days
668. United Purple Nations177 days
669. Wishton Polynesia177 days
670. Frigid Wastelands177 days
671. United territories of North America177 days
672. Aruba176 days
673. The free lands of richness176 days
674. The New Confederate States of America174 days
675. Sicarius174 days
676. Abelardia174 days
677. Darkmount174 days
678. Etherlands173 days
679. The Mechanocracy172 days
680. Loamhedge172 days
681. The Savage Garden172 days
682. The United League172 days
683. Orbit171 days
684. Tyrceria171 days
685. Andaba169 days
686. Freedonia169 days
687. Chsemoian Government168 days
688. Independent legion168 days
689. Asia167 days
690. Transhuman Singularity Research Alliance167 days
691. The Private Nations of Private Parts167 days
692. The Realm of Ethopolis167 days
693. Fifth Empire166 days
694. Global Imperium Of Nations166 days
695. The Lands of Ancient Peoples166 days
696. Hapes Consortium166 days
697. Pink Bunnies With Wings166 days
698. The Great Kingdom of Prussia166 days
699. The Commune of Auchmar165 days
700. Ganja165 days
701. New Agder165 days
702. The Farm165 days
703. The League of all free Island Nations165 days
704. A Large Gathering of Loose Skin165 days
705. The Brotherhood of Blood165 days
706. Collectives of the Futurecraft Universe164 days
707. Multain Military Alliance164 days
708. Alternate History World163 days
709. Minas Tirith163 days
710. The Descending Darkness163 days
711. United States of Beer163 days
712. GHS Elysium163 days
713. Pacifican Domain163 days
714. The United Nations of Asia163 days
715. Mythical Lands163 days
716. OLNC163 days
717. North Africa163 days
718. Land of Hypothetical Strategy163 days
719. Renovan Cluster163 days
720. Axis of Galeris163 days
721. Northwest Peninsula163 days
722. Cannabis163 days
723. Tyronia163 days
724. Alliance of Imperials163 days
725. The Imperial Council163 days
726. Hastings163 days
727. Nerdtopia163 days
728. The Wastes of Mordor163 days
729. Dawn Slayers of the Galaxy162 days
730. South Pacific162 days
731. Chaos Legions of Hell162 days
732. The Maelstrom162 days
733. Federation of Jaubish States162 days
734. The Fresh Region of Bel Air162 days
735. The Periphery161 days
736. The Grand Alliance160 days
737. Hadrians Wall159 days
738. Star Frontiers159 days
739. Bionicle159 days
740. Parallel Dimension158 days
741. Green Sea158 days
742. New North America NNA157 days
743. Castavar157 days
744. The Universal Allegiance156 days
745. Coalition of free nations156 days
746. Arkhos156 days
747. Delta156 days
748. The Region of Alts156 days
749. Knights of the Realm156 days
750. The Hanseatic Union156 days
751. Arizon156 days
752. Muro156 days
753. Stavoren Collective156 days
754. The place for awesome nations156 days
755. Only the lonely156 days
756. Pot156 days
757. Union Argentina156 days
758. Brannack156 days
759. Threedom156 days
760. Basileia ton Rhomaion156 days
761. The 7 nations156 days
762. CCA156 days
763. The Alliance of Golden Nations155 days
764. The alliance of people with faces155 days
765. Orbis Regional Alliance155 days
766. The Crystal Empire154 days
767. Two Thirds Civilized154 days
768. The Taldrenite Haven154 days
769. Albanian Union154 days
770. State Empire Union153 days
771. Terra Intelligenta153 days
772. Vapour153 days
773. Poll Police153 days
774. Stoners152 days
775. Tyneria152 days
776. Kinjerian Federation152 days
777. Delicious Friends152 days
778. Wild Space152 days
779. The Genesis Federation151 days
780. Camerania151 days
781. TheLawlsOfTheUnderworld150 days
782. Gilbert Commonwealth150 days
783. Squidict States150 days
784. New Zealandia150 days
785. Communist Krussia150 days
786. The flower garden150 days
787. Republic of Newark149 days
788. Tamriel149 days
789. The United Invaders League149 days
790. Excelsius149 days
791. Isolationist149 days
792. Alliance Of Saints149 days
793. UIL149 days
794. Introversia148 days
795. Praelia Caicos148 days
796. The Azerothian Protectorates147 days
797. The URL147 days
798. URL147 days
799. The United Raiders League147 days
800. The UIL147 days
801. United Raiders League147 days
802. The Procrastinator Union147 days
803. United Invaders League147 days
804. The lost galaxy146 days
805. Andelic West Region146 days
806. Not the New Western Coalition146 days
807. The Westlands144 days
808. Pirate warriors144 days
809. Edhelenos143 days

Closing in 2 days 21 hours
810. Isles of Holy Order of The Holy Potato143 days
811. South Communist empire143 days
812. Red Winter Negotiation Council142 days
813. Archipelago Federation142 days
814. MyWikis142 days
815. The Silence142 days
816. Land of Iron Fists142 days
817. Epidavros Limira142 days
818. The Northern Nations142 days
819. Irbatskor141 days
820. Freedom Polygons141 days
821. Saddleland Archipelago Nations141 days
822. The Land of Merry Ladz140 days
823. Empire of Rome139 days
824. The Illawarran Empire139 days
825. The Outcasts138 days
826. The Caddsqued Concordat138 days
827. We love Mises to Pieces137 days
828. Pacficia Alliance137 days
829. House of Cards137 days
830. The Hellenic Empire137 days
831. A Box of Puppets137 days
832. The Wirral Commonwealth137 days
833. Freedom Fries Inc137 days
834. Necropolis137 days
835. Communist Overlords137 days
836. International Federation of Monarchies137 days
837. Colored and Godzillas only plz137 days
838. Chorumeia137 days
839. The Empire of Albion136 days
840. The Autismal Alliance135 days
841. Nyxton135 days
842. Coalition of Free Hyperaggresive States135 days
843. Germano British Scandinavian Alliance134 days
844. Demolibs133 days
845. The Frozen North132 days
846. The United Nations of West Eurazia132 days
847. The Rebellion132 days
848. The Great Jurisdiction of Arkaenov132 days
849. The Glorious Alliance of Freedom131 days
850. United Samson Republic131 days
851. Vinita Pact131 days
852. Greater Barsovich131 days
853. The Union of Socialist Republics131 days
854. Eat Sea131 days
855. Neo Caledonia131 days
856. World communications hqz Basra Iraq130 days
857. The Little Guys United130 days
858. Greater Chernarus130 days
859. The Region of Lost Pizza130 days
860. Free Commonwealths Of The World130 days
861. BOSS TOWN130 days
862. Assembly of Former Telltale Union States130 days
863. Pacifist Union130 days
864. Hallowell Commonwealth129 days
865. Windswept Depths of Pandemonium128 days
866. The Amin Tata Haat Fandom126 days
867. Solar System Alpha Centari126 days
868. British Caribbean Sea126 days
869. Skivx126 days
870. Narragansettia125 days
871. U R N125 days
872. Myacko125 days
873. The Raiders of Milipower124 days
874. The Coalition of Ordered Governments124 days
875. The United Countries Over Antarctica124 days
876. The Kingdom of Spain124 days
877. Castile and Leon124 days
878. Dragonz124 days
879. Itim124 days
880. The Novan Empire124 days
881. Archipelago of Situational Humor123 days
882. Arkon123 days
883. Kingstona123 days
884. Coalition of States123 days
885. Parkerican Lands123 days
886. The Great Lands123 days
887. UDSD123 days
888. The Violet Isles123 days
889. The Sapphire Isles123 days
890. South Seas123 days
891. The Wasteland Of The Void123 days
892. Verbandsgemeinde Nieder Olm122 days
893. Confederation of National Nations122 days
894. Zombies122 days
895. The Empire of Alfred Lim122 days
896. The US121 days
897. New York121 days
898. The Greater Democratic Union II121 days
899. Suwanneelandia120 days
900. Imperium Germanium120 days
901. United World Powers119 days
902. The Collective of Young Blood118 days
903. New Osean Cooperation Organisation117 days
904. Democratic Confederation of the Sciences117 days
905. VCG116 days
906. The Tug Boat Raiders115 days
907. The United Mujahedeen115 days
908. Bloodbender Heaven115 days
909. The Unmotivated Place115 days
910. The Dominion115 days
911. The Underworld islands of Necropolis115 days
912. United Poland Union115 days
913. The Realm of RGP115 days
914. BenaDicta115 days
915. Republic of Channel Island115 days
916. The Commonwealth of the Fish115 days
917. Intergalactic Corporate Empire115 days
918. Trans Universal System Alliance115 days
919. The delicate delegacy115 days
920. Arlen115 days
921. United Coalition of Yeremkah115 days
922. The Spanish Republic115 days
923. The Other Powers115 days
924. Cult of Hope115 days
925. The Region Of Your Dreams115 days
926. Austonia114 days
927. United Sovereign Socialist Republics114 days
928. The Kurathan Imperium114 days
929. The Allied Defense Forces114 days
930. Aeiou114 days
931. Open Set114 days
932. ZCOM114 days
933. Scoria and Raspirus114 days
934. The Reagan Isles114 days
935. Idris113 days
936. The Alliance of Superpowers113 days
937. The Desert113 days
938. The United Nations of Ludington113 days
939. Union of Sapient Socialist Republics112 days
940. United Global Powers111 days
941. The Solar Reign111 days
942. Confederation of Conservative Empires111 days
943. Ingress111 days
944. The HeadWall Monastery109 days
945. The Hell109 days
946. Beast Coast107 days
947. Colonized Mars107 days
948. Ormene107 days
949. NCC 1701 E107 days
950. Pacific Rim107 days
951. Hermetic Temple to the New World Order107 days
952. SideWalk Zone107 days
953. The Great Chili106 days
954. Union of Confederate Regions92 days
955. Islamic Comintern92 days
956. Economic Freedom Fighters92 days
957. Commonwealth of Allies88 days
958. The Eorlingan Empire86 days
959. Punk84 days
960. Nova Terra84 days
961. Illuminati Police Center84 days
962. Union of Allied Nations84 days
963. Fishy Land83 days
964. Liberal States of Athesoir83 days
965. The Unitary Republic of Texas83 days
966. The Raptor God Raptor Hole For Raptors83 days
967. Malumia83 days
968. Unicornia83 days
969. The Ixnayan Kingdoms of Eurian83 days
970. Mare Nostrum Pater83 days
971. Puella Magi Valhalla83 days
972. Sauvania Memorial83 days
973. The Sovereign Republic82 days
974. United States of Keviniyye82 days
975. GLOBAL ANARCHY82 days
976. Sandwichland82 days
977. United Sovereign Republics Of Acuder82 days
978. Titania82 days
979. Rubiaceae81 days
980. Leetmerica81 days
981. Royal States II81 days
982. Itaila81 days
983. Turkestan ASSR81 days
984. The Armed Dominion of the Desert80 days
985. Nether Region79 days
986. The Great Territories Of Baeku79 days
987. The Assembly79 days
988. The North Union78 days
989. Toilet arsonist appreciation society77 days
990. Windemere77 days
991. The commonwealth of capitalism75 days
992. Greater Seabrook67 days
993. Warrior Clanlands67 days
994. The Region of Master Control Programs67 days
995. Dorocena67 days
996. The Iron Islands67 days
997. Friendship67 days
998. The nutty hooligans from outer space67 days
999. The Free World Alliance67 days
1000. The Empire of Tamriel67 days
1001. The Enternal swords67 days
1002. Vertaramin67 days
1003. The Sons of Liberty67 days
1004. The Dalist Realms67 days
1005. The Socialist and Communist Lands67 days
1006. The Confederation Of Independent Nations67 days
1007. Eastern Andromeda67 days
1008. Polsimania67 days
1009. The Region of Darius Dacanus66 days
1010. United Nations of the North66 days
1011. Alkain Empire States66 days
1012. The Neo United English Soviet Union66 days
1013. Terra do Tabaco66 days
1014. Brightport66 days
1015. The Great Western Desert65 days
1016. The Carrot Commonwealth65 days
1017. The Armed Alliances of Democracy64 days
1018. Region of Eluai62 days
1019. Esamir62 days
1020. International Workers Union60 days
1022. Time To Build Stuff57 days
1023. The Caribbean Community57 days
1024. Gay Equality57 days
1026. The Peoples Federation of Qandaristan49 days
1027. Rahturi49 days
1028. The shivering isles49 days
1029. Stormwyte49 days
1030. Belgrade Triumvirate49 days
1031. Parthia49 days
1032. The Anticapitalist Alliance49 days
1033. Conservative Christian Naturists49 days
1034. The States Of New Eden49 days
1035. Zero Beta49 days
1036. Cashnatchee49 days
1037. The Ivory Warriors27 days
1038. Planet Neuriotronn27 days
1039. ILLUMINATI27 days
1040. New Tamedia27 days
1041. The Dragons Hospitaller27 days
1042. Confederacy Of United Nonsoviet States27 days
1043. The United States of Greater Austria12 days
1044. The Great Houses of Morrowind12 days
1045. The Followers Of Kthulhu12 days
1046. The West Tropicals12 days
1047. 8chan12 days
1048. Caelum12 days
1049. Realm of the Dead12 days
1050. The New Reality12 days
1051. Samurai islands12 days
1052. Armed Forces of All12 days
1053. Aloristani Sea12 days
1054. Military powers of Arcadia11 days
1055. Legion of Hate11 days
1056. TheAllegianceOfKoolGangs11 days
1057. The Protectorate of Versus Militia11 days
1058. Syldavia11 days
1059. The Galactic Empirical Republic11 days
1060. United Imperial States11 days
1061. New Rome11 days
1062. Neo Pacific Union10 days
1063. The Union of Global Defence10 days
1064. Union of Aristocratic Empires10 days
1065. Canadian Freemasons10 days
1066. The Union of Eternity10 days
1067. The Galaxy of Gelinova10 days
1068. The United Mandalorian Brotherhood9 days
1069. The Christian Nations9 days
1070. The Church of Satan8 days
1071. Otaku Nukkas8 days
1072. League of Democracy8 days
1073. Elite Region Of Global Command8 days
1074. IOU LowSettlement Colonies8 days
1075. The Darwinish Coalition7 days
1076. The One Army7 days
1077. United Coalition of Sovereign Republics7 days
1078. United Frontier Nations7 days
1079. The Grand Union7 days
1080. Catalyst7 days
1081. True Korea7 days
1082. The Eastern Empire7 days
1083. The War Torn Southern Pacifc7 days
1084. The Democratic Union of Allied Nations7 days
1085. German Front Lines7 days
1086. The Klingon Empire7 days
1087. Universe6 days
1088. Fermanaugh6 days
1089. Communist Republic6 days
1090. Anoir6 days
1091. The Banana Republic6 days
1092. The Ijun Faithful Clun6 days
1093. The Sentient Hub6 days
1094. Congress of Armed Proletarian States5 days
1095. Arabella5 days
1096. The Independent Nations of Myzrohburg5 days

Closing in 9 hours
1097. New World Union5 days
1098. Kingdom of Kush5 days
1099. The Democratic Republic Union5 days
1100. The house of the eclipse5 days
1101. Rockville4 days
1102. United Kush States4 days
1103. Ziggibofolopimiganigusootipitopia4 days
1104. The New Roman Kingdom4 days
1105. The Atlas Union4 days
1106. Judea4 days
1107. Modorra4 days
1108. F R S S N4 days
1109. Pow Bang Zing4 days
1110. Silent Isolation4 days
1111. The International Congress of Nations4 days
1112. Moonited Nations4 days
1113. Markarth3 days 14 hours
1114. The Council of the Multiverse3 days 13 hours
1115. The Coalition of Empires3 days 13 hours
1116. GLOBAL TREATY ALLIANCE3 days 2 hours
1117. Kingdom of Reunion3 days 2 hours
1118. Commonwealth of Free Nations3 days 2 hours
1119. Nazi Germany 20143 days 2 hours
1120. The Union of Red Nations3 days 2 hours
1121. The region of weed3 days 1 hour
1122. Profectus3 days 1 hour
1123. Oil Fields3 days 1 hour
1124. The Dark Alliance2 days 14 hours
1125. The Almerian Republic2 days 13 hours
1126. BoMB2 days 13 hours
1127. Empire of the North Vale and Riverlands2 days 13 hours
1128. Anti Authoritarian Alliance2 days 2 hours
1129. The Loomynarty2 days 2 hours
1130. Imperium Figarium2 days 1 hour
1131. Kelso2 days 1 hour
1132. The Sith Bros2 days 1 hour
1133. UFP United Federation of Planets1 day 14 hours
1134. The Tavern1 day 13 hours
1135. Coalition Against Tyranny1 day 13 hours
1136. The Red String of Fate1 day 1 hour
1137. The Venn Imperium1 day 1 hour
1138. Babylon 414 hours
1139. The Royal Alliance III14 hours
1140. The Post Apocalyptic Divide13 hours
1141. Safe Guard2 hours
1142. Aeldorin111 minutes
1143. The Kingdom of Jerusalem102 minutes
1144. New Catsville102 minutes
EnglandPending (9 hours)
The Art of the ScholarsPending (9 hours)
Jupiter SocietyPending (9 hours)
Nationalist TechnatePending (21 hours)
The United Northern CountriesPending (21 hours)
HansanPending (21 hours)
DnipropetrovskPending (21 hours)
The Byzonic IslesPending (21 hours)
Allied ArchipeligoPending (21 hours)
The Federation of States Against HYDRAPending (21 hours)
The Federal euroglobal UnionPending (21 hours)
The International GSAPending (21 hours)
End 500Pending (21 hours)
Caput MundiPending (1 day 9 hours)
Saint AugustinePending (1 day 9 hours)
Religious Fanatics DivisionPending (1 day 9 hours)
Semper In FidePending (1 day 9 hours)
The Anarcho Fascist CommunePending (1 day 9 hours)
The Remnants of The RemnantsPending (1 day 9 hours)
The Crystalgate RealmPending (1 day 9 hours)
The Sidehoes of PrioryPending (1 day 9 hours)
The Caldonian UnionPending (1 day 9 hours)
The Blood RaidersPending (1 day 9 hours)
Greater AltHistoriaPending (1 day 9 hours)
Gorlan Colonies FederationPending (1 day 9 hours)
Crime Infested Region of South DetroitPending (1 day 9 hours)
NorthvalePending (1 day 9 hours)
Superior Swamps of ShrekPending (1 day 21 hours)
The Oracle of the IlluminatiPending (1 day 21 hours)
The LandfillPending (1 day 21 hours)
IbiratreaPending (1 day 21 hours)
The Shrouded IslesPending (1 day 21 hours)
Communist EarthPending (1 day 21 hours)
The federation of the americasPending (1 day 21 hours)
The hagenPending (1 day 21 hours)
United Conservative RepublicsPending (1 day 21 hours)
The Gates of AeretusPending (1 day 21 hours)
New SheothPending (1 day 21 hours)
World Nations in UnisonPending (1 day 21 hours)
ThrynPending (1 day 21 hours)
Imperial Habsburg AustriaPending (1 day 21 hours)
The New Gargantuan EmpirePending (1 day 21 hours)
ValenhavenPending (1 day 21 hours)
The Slavic Base 16Pending (1 day 21 hours)
The alliance of democratic nationsPending (1 day 21 hours)
The Domination of the DrakaPending (1 day 21 hours)
NightshadePending (1 day 21 hours)
Republic of democratic nationsPending (1 day 21 hours)
Oberius PrimePending (1 day 21 hours)
GoldPending (1 day 21 hours)
The Blood ArmadaPending (1 day 21 hours)
Great Southern ContinentPending (1 day 21 hours)
NusantaraPending (1 day 21 hours)
0000000000 Greater FreedomPending (1 day 21 hours)
UtopisPending (1 day 21 hours)
The Totally Nice CountriesPending (1 day 21 hours)
Lost Islands Of SagePending (1 day 21 hours)
Black ReachPending (1 day 21 hours)
The Knights of MayhemPending (1 day 21 hours)
United MicronationsPending (1 day 21 hours)
IlowinaPending (1 day 21 hours)
The Sith United NationsPending (1 day 21 hours)
Space Sector 2773Pending (1 day 21 hours)
The closetPending (1 day 21 hours)
United Marvel and DC States of AmericaPending (1 day 21 hours)
SwagtopiaPending (1 day 21 hours)
MatterraePending (1 day 21 hours)
Appalachian Trail RegionPending (1 day 21 hours)
Unfactual Region of Democratic ControlPending (1 day 21 hours)
The Actual Alliance RegionPending (1 day 21 hours)
AshenvalePending (1 day 21 hours)
WillieWoodPending (2 days 9 hours)
Aar The Temple of VioletPending (2 days 9 hours)
Liberal UnionPending (2 days 9 hours)
The Great RegionPending (2 days 9 hours)
Mlp for evaz yallPending (2 days 9 hours)
Kalaalit NunaatPending (2 days 9 hours)
United GovernmentPending (2 days 9 hours)
YogsilvaniaPending (2 days 9 hours)
Region of cheektowagaPending (2 days 9 hours)
Southern National CongressPending (2 days 9 hours)
XixoxidaxidoximmcosxaPending (2 days 9 hours)
BRIGHTON UNLIMITEDPending (2 days 9 hours)
The Wondrous Region of TieflandPending (2 days 9 hours)
SumygaiaPending (2 days 9 hours)
THE MASTERS OF EBOLAPending (2 days 21 hours)
Union of Militaristic NationsPending (2 days 21 hours)
SchwartzlerPending (2 days 21 hours)
The Nether RegionPending (2 days 21 hours)
Madrigal ConquestsPending (2 days 21 hours)
Vistonian PuppetsPending (2 days 21 hours)
Imperial DesdeneaPending (2 days 21 hours)
New Persiahn EmpirePending (2 days 21 hours)
Greater Communist BlocPending (2 days 21 hours)
PalermoPending (2 days 21 hours)
PortlandPending (2 days 21 hours)
K9 Assault ForcePending (2 days 21 hours)
Cavalry of WolvesPending (2 days 21 hours)
Hybrids Realm Of OblivionPending (2 days 21 hours)
Pillar UnionPending (2 days 21 hours)
Intergalactic Military AlliancePending (2 days 21 hours)
Time after timePending (2 days 21 hours)
The Safe Haven of AliaPending (2 days 21 hours)
The United States of TaylorPending (2 days 21 hours)
League of Nations and TerritoriesPending (2 days 21 hours)
The Federation of Sovereign StatesPending (2 days 21 hours)
The Realm of DiscordPending (2 days 21 hours)
World Federation StatesPending (2 days 21 hours)
Fandom alliancePending (2 days 21 hours)
Galactic RepublicPending (2 days 21 hours)
International Arctic UnionPending (3 days 9 hours)
TartarusPending (3 days 9 hours)
The Ottoman EmpirePending (3 days 9 hours)
ApolytonPending (3 days 9 hours)
TrebizondPending (3 days 9 hours)
Greater Persian EmpirePending (3 days 9 hours)
MediterraneanPending (3 days 9 hours)
The OrientPending (3 days 9 hours)

Requests Sent

Request Sent ToSent
Ignari2 days 1 hour ago
Research Facility C1 day 6 hours ago
United Nations of NS2 days ago
VGF9 minutes ago
Gravenhold2 days ago
77th Legion2 days 1 hour ago
Janstar System2 days ago
Matrix Dwarf Galaxy2 days ago
Kikinda2 days ago
Conquestos1 day 8 hours ago
Memetopia8 hours ago
Descendants of Alternia2 days ago
Oostatean2 days ago
Philosophy 1156 days ago

Rejected 6 days ago
Hjaalmarch2 days ago
Morph Islands2 days 1 hour ago
Monkey Island5 days ago
Earth Reborn1 day 8 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 5 hours ago
10000 Zombies1 day 6 hours ago
New Gensokyo5 hours ago
Jewish Defense League3 days ago
The Royal Imperial Directorate8 hours ago
Arcanassia3 days ago
The Region of Micro nations2 days ago
PierceLand 20142 days 3 hours ago
Antartic2 days ago
The Brethren Court1 day 22 hours ago
Escar99 minutes ago
Shalefields2 days 1 hour ago
The International Communist Union4 hours ago
The Union of Sovereign States8 hours ago
Landskrona Cure Center28 minutes ago
Land of Oz1 day 8 hours ago
Cirrus2 days 1 hour ago
Third Position International2 days ago
The Cosmos of Washington2 days 1 hour ago
TerrorBlitz2 days 1 hour ago
Coronis2 days 1 hour ago
The Commonwealth of Independent Nations2 days ago

Rejected 33 minutes ago
Testregionia5 days ago
ONLINE GOV F20141 day 6 hours ago
IMAHOBOs Puppeteer Cure Center28 minutes ago
The Independent Capitalist Union13 hours ago

Rejected 13 hours ago
Chicago Cubs Cure Center29 minutes ago
Ocules prima2 days 1 hour ago
The Germanic States4 hours ago
Teddy bears tea party2 days ago
The Hive of Kiava2 days 1 hour ago
Bootline2 days ago
Orthodoxnia7 hours ago
The Bahamas2 days 1 hour ago
Awesomeland1 day 6 hours ago
The Regional Alliance of Aldiron2 days 1 hour ago
The Anarchist Collective2 days 1 hour ago
Kamidotekushi1 day 8 hours ago
Christian anarchy2 days ago
Grand Alliance8 hours ago
The Lost Realms2 days 1 hour ago
High Archanoma2 days ago
Necron Empire13 hours ago

Rejected 2 hours ago
The American Empire2 days 1 hour ago
Last Smoke Benders1 day 8 hours ago
Lands of Squabbling Oysters2 days ago
Dragon Knights2 days 1 hour ago
The Outer Rim5 hours ago
Vectis2 days 1 hour ago
Frogtopia2 days ago
The Dark Ages2 days ago
Ogre3 hours ago
Golden Heart Silver Soul2 days ago
The Alliance of United Lands2 days ago
Indivisa Manent1 day 6 hours ago
Squirrel Fields1 day 6 hours ago
Austritaria3 days 6 hours ago
Venom1 day 8 hours ago
Union of Colbertian Liberalist Nations3 hours ago
New folsom2 days 7 hours ago
Hyperion Prime2 days ago
Queendom Of The Outcasts2 days 1 hour ago
Marxist alliance3 days ago
The Recon Empire5 days ago
Musical socialism and communism2 days ago
Antarctic Refuge1 day 6 hours ago
The united nations of the world3 hours ago
United States and Federations of America2 days ago
Zoo2 days ago
Yerfilag4 days ago
Synthesis Anarchism2 days 1 hour ago
Monoffian Militarized Zone6 days ago
Land of the mamba2 days 1 hour ago
Nocturnalya3 days 8 hours ago
Heavy Metal2 days 1 hour ago
The Royal Ocean2 days 1 hour ago
Long Earth2 days 1 hour ago
Brandishland Alliance2 days ago

Rejected 2 days ago
Irish Republic6 days ago
The Free Union2 days 1 hour ago
The Proletariats Society of the Red Star3 days 6 hours ago
Policea1 day 11 hours ago
Federation of Colonial Nations6 days ago
Supreme Western Empire2 days ago
United Nations Organization5 days ago
Burlesonian Counties2 days ago
Saxophone Island2 days ago
Xarcanian Puppets1 day 6 hours ago

Rejected 1 day 4 hours ago
Borduria1 day 7 hours ago
Atlantic Islands2 days 1 hour ago
Minecrafters haven2 days ago
South Georgia2 days 6 hours ago
Star Cluster RU18042 days ago
The Kings Own8 hours ago
Soranium2 days 1 hour ago
Funky Fresh1 day 8 hours ago
The LifePunch Alliance2 days 1 hour ago
The Inter Regional United Nations8 hours ago
Nitro Type2 days 1 hour ago
Better India2 days ago

Rejected 1 day ago
Atalanta2 days ago
The Wonderful Empire Of Utopia2 days 1 hour ago
Empire of Great Zedongguo14 minutes ago
HEILER ZeiG2 days ago
Confederacy of Mutual Assistance2 days ago
Conservative Conglomerate1 day 6 hours ago
Marx Was Kinda Right2 days ago
Reformed Christianity2 days ago

Rejected 1 day 23 hours ago
The New Uiska Order2 days ago
The Eternal Knights3 hours ago
Coalition of Piklian Nations2 days 1 hour ago
The Union of Kings8 hours ago
Territory of Georgia2 days 6 hours ago
Teachings of Islam2 days ago
WAR CAMP18 minutes ago
Women5 days ago
Touhou Union5 days ago
Liberty Galaxy4 days ago
The Pact of Nations1 day 8 hours ago
Theopolemia2 days 1 hour ago
Neu bayern1 day 8 hours ago
The Wastelands of Arda2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 1 day 23 hours ago
Versona Iss4 hours ago
Draconis Ultimas2 days 3 hours ago
Role Player Coaltition4 hours ago
Alliance of Night Watchman States2 days ago
Telenovelas6 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
The Dark Frontier2 days ago
OmegaT Empire2 days 1 hour ago
Arrida5 days ago
The Den Base2 days 1 hour ago
Chuuk15 minutes ago
Aldmeri Dominion2 days ago
Land of myth and Legends2 days ago
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan5 days ago
The Allied Republics8 hours ago
Game Created Region2 days ago
Andaman and Nicobar Islands3 hours ago
Knirhizohehoneolhe2 days ago
Underground tunnels4 hours ago
Africa8 minutes ago
Nazi dictatorships4 hours ago
Nudist Dreamland8 hours ago
The Northen Ocean2 days ago
Valiant2 days ago
The Federated Isles of Stevington2 days ago
Democratic Union2 days 1 hour ago
Kaos2 days ago
Babe Island2 days ago
Republic of Conservadom5 hours ago
The Citadel8 hours ago
United Commonwealth of Islam2 days ago
Ashenvalle2 days 1 hour ago
The Inner Circle2 days 1 hour ago
Slave1 day 6 hours ago
The Keystone Dimension3 days 8 hours ago
The Icelandic Commonwealth2 days ago
Forsaken2 days 1 hour ago
The Home4 hours ago
Tofulinearity6 days ago
The Breakfast Club2 days 1 hour ago
Kalgan2 days 1 hour ago
Ancient Mesopotamia2 days 1 hour ago
Storlotzka2 days 1 hour ago
Castar2 days 1 hour ago
SWEGGGGGS2 days ago
The 5 United Nations1 day 6 hours ago
The Omega Alliance2 days ago
Booblandia2 days ago
Orion Stellar Alliance4 days ago
Vissella6 days ago
Neo Gear Phoneix Pact2 days 1 hour ago
Solum Libertas2 days 1 hour ago
Gilger2 days ago
Forest of Silence2 days 1 hour ago
The holy roman confederation1 day 8 hours ago
The United Capitalist Alliance2 days ago
The Icemark Empire2 days 1 hour ago
CDN Transit Station2 days ago
Higics2 days ago
The Region of Brutal Soul Crushing2 days 1 hour ago
Atsitnasartot2 days 1 hour ago
Thedas3 days 8 hours ago
The Green Archipelago2 days ago
PanSlavia1 day 6 hours ago
The Mictlan System3 days 8 hours ago
TulitLatam8 hours ago
Royal house of the dogisia empire1 day 8 hours ago
U I N8 hours ago
Avisha2 days 1 hour ago
The International Confederacy2 days ago
The United Democratic Socialist Front5 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
Viper Destruction Force1 day 8 hours ago
The Orion Raiders1 day 8 hours ago
100 Islands2 days ago
Wareata2 days 1 hour ago
Fanon Antarctica6 days ago
Council for the Stage2 days 1 hour ago
Babylon 62 days ago
Association States1 day 6 hours ago
Exilus2 days 1 hour ago
Magigo2 days ago
Brazilian Empire1 day 8 hours ago
Open Puppet Storage2 days ago
Maahanmuuttovirasto2 days ago
Island of Wankonia1 day 6 hours ago
Yee Yee Ass Haircut5 days ago
The Communist International League2 days ago

Rejected 1 day 18 hours ago
Lands of Nasty Peoples2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 1 day 23 hours ago
Altek Allied Powers1 day 6 hours ago
Zenegali Empire of Africa2 days 1 hour ago
The Vast Expanse2 days 1 hour ago
South Hessossofa Land2 days ago
Republic of Viet Nam2 days 1 hour ago
Atrum2 days ago
Eureka95 minutes ago
Torchwood2 days 1 hour ago
Zhimnorilruseymepmula2 days ago
The Scarlet Empire3 days 8 hours ago
Coalition of Independent Nation States2 days ago
Copper River2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 1 day 23 hours ago
The Ambassadors Reception2 days ago
Tonys spawn4 days ago
Principality of Prachya2 days ago
The Indian Navy2 days 1 hour ago
The United Republics of The East2 days ago
Kairos2 days ago
DEN Camp2 days 1 hour ago
The House of the Sun1 day 8 hours ago
Manitoba4 days ago
Skuldan Sphere of Influence2 days 1 hour ago
Owned Nations2 days 1 hour ago
The Supreme Reparation of Alentharia8 hours ago

Rejected 8 hours ago
Banking Klan1 day 8 hours ago
Lightning Court2 days ago
Shinjuku2 days ago
Land of Heat Transfer2 days 1 hour ago
Germanic Empire2 days 1 hour ago
The Dead City Of Minas Morgul3 days 6 hours ago
Coalition of Sovereign Nations7 days ago
Space Sector RPRA5 days ago

Rejected 5 days ago
Kirthanin2 days ago
The Royal Commonwealth4 days ago
Eco Socialism2 days ago
Fifaladzia1 day 6 hours ago
National Socialist Ministries6 days ago

Rejected 3 days 2 hours ago
Union of Islands5 days ago
Socialist Workers Party2 days ago
MoreMeh2 days ago
Nazi Syrup2 days ago
Kamenan graveyard1 day 8 hours ago
South Indian Ocean and South Atlantic2 days 1 hour ago
Alternate US History2 days 1 hour ago
Trickshot No Scope8 hours ago
Confederation of Free States13 hours ago
Empires of Earth5 days ago
Confederacy of Fenton2 days 1 hour ago
Thelema7 hours ago
Marcup2 days ago
TMNT2 days 1 hour ago
Klagenfurt2 days ago
The Black Riders Junior2 days ago
Karris2 days 1 hour ago
United Stellar Empire Inner Sphere2 days ago
The Great Republic of Dixie3 hours ago
Bebin2 days ago
The Consensus2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 2 days ago
Trozoota1 day 8 hours ago
The Sandbox2 days 1 hour ago
Confederation of New England13 hours ago
Kettle Shaped Fluffyworld2 days ago
The terriost section2 days ago
Central Region2 days ago
Esperanto Nations2 days 1 hour ago
Draenor2 days ago
The New Empire Of Gallifrey2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 2 hours ago
The world federation1 day 8 hours ago
Shattered Empire of Discordia2 days 1 hour ago
Rabotnikia2 days 1 hour ago
Witches2 days ago
The Second Union of Simmanian Republics4 days ago
Facebook Nations13 hours ago
Hemptopia2 days ago
The Axis of Evil4 days ago
Pea Gattlers2 days ago
TRUST Security and Intelligence Agency4 hours ago
Roblox VGF Region9 minutes ago
Supreme Riech2 days ago
Soli Deo gloria13 hours ago
Bananas And Pineapples2 days 1 hour ago
The Alliance of Red Knights2 days ago
Federative Republic of Brazil2 days 1 hour ago
The Under Empire2 days 1 hour ago
Louisiana3 days 6 hours ago
Commonwealth of Sovereign States2 days ago
The Proliteriat Unification Pact2 days 3 hours ago
The Nudist Dreamland8 hours ago
Alliance of Civilizations2 days 1 hour ago
Snazzy3 days 8 hours ago
The Impirrenship2 days ago
The Fascist Union6 days ago

Rejected 3 days 13 hours ago
The Great Gynarchy3 hours ago
Holloway Islands13 minutes ago
HiberNationStates3 days 8 hours ago
The Willow Meads of Tasarinan2 days 1 hour ago
Agorism2 days ago
The Guerrilla Revolution2 days ago
The Cave2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 1 day 1 hour ago
The Georgia Federation2 days 6 hours ago
Hot Dogs United3 hours ago
Meta Zion2 days ago
Timeline2 days 1 hour ago
The United Feline Commonwealths4 days ago
Globalis Politica1 day 8 hours ago
The Legendary Galactic Empire2 days 1 hour ago
Diashnaar Commonwealth2 days 1 hour ago
Medieval Lords2 days 1 hour ago
Saints2 days ago
The Moon5 days ago
Communist Friends2 days 1 hour ago
Bao Fa2 days 1 hour ago
United Yaliens98 minutes ago
Grant8 hours ago
Atlantis8 hours ago
The region of nowhere2 days ago
Valhalla2 days ago
Ye Olde Hogarahoiprash3 hours ago
Nationalsozialistische Volksstaaten4 hours ago
Pacific Union2 days ago
City of Chicago2 days 1 hour ago
Akhominida8 hours ago
South Valhaven2 days 8 hours ago
Seventh Heaven2 days ago
Revolutionaria4 hours ago
Arbes2 days 1 hour ago
The League of Aggressive Gentlemen4 days ago
Granterra2 days ago
Outremer2 days ago
North West England alliance2 days 1 hour ago
Babylatia3 hours ago
Empire of Ajijic2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 2 days ago
Langonia2 days 1 hour ago
The Greater Reich Mark XII2 days 1 hour ago
Salasia2 days 1 hour ago
Prometheus2 days 1 hour ago
Unie21 minutes ago
Turkic Union7 hours ago
Mianite2 days ago
World Powers2 days 1 hour ago
United North America II2 days ago
Red Armor2 days ago

Rejected 1 day 9 hours ago
The grand empire of eurasia2 days 1 hour ago
The Glass Bead Game8 hours ago
Groom Lake4 hours ago
Kolonien der macht1 day 8 hours ago
The Western Mojica2 days 1 hour ago
Lune3 hours ago
Aeturion Confederation13 hours ago
Greater Ceres1 day 6 hours ago
Cat Burglars5 days ago
Middle Eastern Asia2 days 1 hour ago
Home on the Wastes2 days ago
Federation of Luthen2 days ago
The Grand Coalition1 day 8 hours ago
Arorro2 days ago
The Kingdom Of God2 days ago
The Union of Overlanders2 days ago
Luthien and Beren2 days 1 hour ago
Alagaesia1 day 7 hours ago
The Rhine1 day 6 hours ago
The United Left1 day 6 hours ago
Real nazi america4 hours ago
The Calm Disasters2 days 1 hour ago
Confederation of Nations13 hours ago
Democratium7 hours ago
Ivrea2 days 1 hour ago
Blue Box Lunatics2 days ago
Safe House2 days ago

Rejected 1 day 14 hours ago
Global Left Alliance2 days ago
The fackers1 day 6 hours ago
The Beatles1 day 8 hours ago
Mysterium Diplomacy Offices1 day 6 hours ago
The great allies2 days ago
Boko Haram3 hours ago
Bengal2 days 1 hour ago
Anarchic Federation2 days 1 hour ago
Worlds Archipel3 days ago
Orange Free State2 days ago
Violet Irises7 days ago

Rejected 1 day 10 hours ago
The Rebelation1 day 8 hours ago
Galactic Alliance8 hours ago
Freiheit2 days 1 hour ago
Research Facility B2 days 1 hour ago
Irish Republican Vikings6 days ago
Memecenterius1 day 6 hours ago
NS Intelligence Agency8 hours ago
The Maritimes8 hours ago
Didneyworld3 days ago

Rejected 14 hours ago
Sikkim1 day 8 hours ago
Zionist Empire8 hours ago
Regionia2 days 1 hour ago
Socialist Democratic Union of the People5 days ago
The War Torn Land Of Crimson Dawn3 hours ago
Lands of Hildrusur2 days ago
Greater Mercateria5 days ago

Rejected 3 days 12 hours ago
North Korea4 hours ago

Rejected 3 hours ago
Elemental Chaos3 hours ago
Zombie Free Safe Zone2 days ago
The Plane of Wishes2 days ago
Esquarium2 days 1 hour ago
The 5th Internationale19 minutes ago
Saranthos2 days 1 hour ago
Treaty of the Socialist Union2 days 1 hour ago
The Red Path Nebula2 days 1 hour ago
New Bowerstone2 days ago
The Alliance of Moon Bear2 days ago
The Collective3 days 8 hours ago
Union of Kingdoms2 days 1 hour ago
Pelawoa2 days 1 hour ago
Free Oliphaunt Savanna2 days 1 hour ago
The Jedi Council8 hours ago
The Ninth Brigade1 day 8 hours ago
The Fake AH Region2 days 1 hour ago
Lordran2 days 1 hour ago
Exitus Acta Probat2 days ago
The New Pact2 days ago
Libcom4 hours ago
Robot2 days ago
Current Events2 days 1 hour ago
Rodal2 days ago
WorldPowers2 days 1 hour ago
The Safe Kingdoms of Germania2 days ago
The Mighty Empire Of The United Kingdom1 day 6 hours ago
The Cult of AoI2 days ago
The Commons2 days ago
Suns2 days ago
The Sovern Unity Alliance2 days 1 hour ago
Holloway14 minutes ago
Alternia2 days ago
Nova Limbo1 day 6 hours ago
French Resistance2 days ago
Ocieant8 hours ago
Launching Point16 hours ago
ZZ 9 Plural Z Alpha3 hours ago
The Gustavan League2 days 1 hour ago
Mysterium Department of War2 days ago
League of Christian Nations4 days ago
Raider Unity Switchboard2 days ago
Eran1 day 8 hours ago
Arnor2 days ago
Kaempact Union1 day 8 hours ago
Dsfsdfsdaswde1 day 8 hours ago
United Americas2 days ago
Whileaway8 hours ago
Chinaland2 days ago
The Joint Undead Security Zone1 day 6 hours ago
The Revolutionary Front4 hours ago
Anarchy and Socialist Utopia2 days ago
Southern Antartican League2 days 1 hour ago
Okatama2 days ago
The Coop of the People Yakhaas2 days 1 hour ago
SCAN dinavia3 days ago
Midway Point1 day 6 hours ago
Vasteland16 hours ago
Akallabeth2 days 1 hour ago
New Vatican3 days 6 hours ago
Paradoxia13 hours ago
The Netherlands East Indies1 day 6 hours ago
Great League of Regions2 days 3 hours ago
New Kamidotekushi1 day 8 hours ago
Confederacy of Purple and Gold Polls2 days 1 hour ago
The Archipelago of Cienfuegos2 days 1 hour ago
Duduwo2 days ago
Northern Commonwealth of Fridged Wolves2 days 1 hour ago
The Holy Order1 day 8 hours ago
Diamond Jewel1 day 8 hours ago
The Chernobyl Peninsula Alliance2 days 8 hours ago
Borederica Region2 days ago
Yahsotl2 days ago
North Darwinia2 days 1 hour ago
Revognah2 days 1 hour ago
Liberty Island7 hours ago

Rejected 6 hours ago
White Riders2 days 1 hour ago
The Interpellan Empire2 days 1 hour ago
Southparkrox2 days 1 hour ago
Priory of Sion2 days ago
Eboland1 day 6 hours ago
Erset Lag Tari13 hours ago
Panem7 hours ago
The United Empire of All Souls Kingdoms3 days ago
Indopacific3 hours ago
Test Region B2 days 1 hour ago
Golgoron2 days ago
Itevis1 day 8 hours ago
The Neo Sith Empire8 hours ago
Planita8 hours ago
Alliance of Catholic Nations7 hours ago

Rejected 6 hours ago
The Third Party4 hours ago
Amazon Federation13 hours ago
Nascon4 hours ago
The airport1 day 8 hours ago
Auqilia2 days ago
TheNightsWatch2 days ago
Promised Land of Usrael2 days ago
The Allied Union of Militia and Intel2 days ago
New London2 days ago
Mriverse97 minutes ago
Stalins Grave1 day 6 hours ago
Telloko2 days ago
Interplanetary Archipelagos of Lafayette2 days ago
Chuck Norris Territory2 days ago
Authoritian of Evill2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 1 day 1 hour ago
Argenti and Auremia27 minutes ago
Alterran Federation13 hours ago
Global Cooldown2 days ago
Bandar Seri Begawan3 hours ago
Nation States Union2 days ago
Krelweko2 days 1 hour ago
Imperial France4 hours ago
Nightmare Movement2 days ago
The unholy relm2 days 1 hour ago
International Liberty Alliance2 days 1 hour ago
The Smoking Section5 days ago
Earth Federation13 hours ago
The Regional Hills of Careyn2 days 1 hour ago
The Association of Imperialism2 days ago
London Bridge16 hours ago
The Ancient Empires Of The World5 hours ago
Aeris16 hours ago
Anti Socialist Union2 days 1 hour ago
Quantum Union6 days ago
The Cosmos4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
The Russian Anarchy2 days ago
Come now2 days ago
Racia2 days 1 hour ago
The Liberal Alliance2 days ago

Rejected 1 day 15 hours ago
Test Region A2 days 1 hour ago
Yersinia Pestis1 day 8 hours ago
Esermia II Electric Boogaloo100 minutes ago
The Great Nations of Krimizod2 days 1 hour ago
Almost Ruleless8 hours ago
Freedom Gulf2 days ago
PierceLand2 days 3 hours ago
Manchester Rules2 days 1 hour ago
Avengers Ensemble2 days 1 hour ago
Hoddmimis Holt2 days ago
Cimmeria2 days ago
ELODIA6 days ago
Leitungism2 days ago
The Olympian Federation3 days 8 hours ago
Alternativia8 hours ago
Corpulex2 days ago
The United Republic of Free Nations2 days ago
City of New York2 days 1 hour ago
Tarot2 days ago
New Californian Republic2 days 1 hour ago
United Ghydershanian Socialist Provinces1 day 8 hours ago
The Psychonautcropolis3 hours ago
Scotland Region2 days 1 hour ago
Carroll College2 days 1 hour ago
Clean Bandit2 days 1 hour ago
The Great Northern Expanse2 days ago
Reactor Number 62 days 1 hour ago
The Hill4 days ago
Suburbia2 days 1 hour ago
Freedom and Justice Alliance8 hours ago
Midmoon Sealand2 days 1 hour ago
Salemtopia2 days 1 hour ago
Central Power Alliance8 hours ago
Zorbaean Empire1 day 8 hours ago

Rejected 15 hours ago
SPACE8 hours ago
CCS2 days ago
South side 132 days 1 hour ago
Bunker 7328 minutes ago
I Have a Life2 days ago
Negchas2 days ago
Khora2 days 10 hours ago
Dutopia1 day 8 hours ago
Terre du Bouc2 days ago
The Federated States of Pessimism2 days 1 hour ago
Independence of Knowley2 days ago
The Core Galaxy5 days ago

Rejected 1 day 8 hours ago
The Ranilian Nuclear Force4 hours ago
Unott2 days 1 hour ago
Angolis8 hours ago
Kildare street1 day 6 hours ago
Siege Manor2 days ago
The Royal Alliance8 hours ago

Rejected 7 hours ago
Jacobite Scotland8 hours ago
Greenwich Village4 days ago
Antares alliance1 day 8 hours ago
The Mumbutan Empire1 day 8 hours ago
Lands of Stenches Foul2 days ago
Ankh Mauta3 days 8 hours ago
Trifecta of the Black Sea2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 15 hours ago
Eastern Asia12 minutes ago
Federation of Herbshire2 days ago

Rejected 17 hours ago
Magnatheos3 days 6 hours ago
Nation of Brunei the Abode of Peace3 hours ago
Bassdrops13 hours ago
Protectorates United1 day 8 hours ago
Seafieldia4 hours ago
Empire of Oceania5 days ago
UCR Military Outpost 12 days ago
Door of Night2 days 1 hour ago
The empire of terror1 day 8 hours ago
Oceanside Cure Center29 minutes ago
The Allied Nations of INH and Binhex2 days ago
Oceanside30 minutes ago
Region of aryanesk peoples4 hours ago
The Gogito Multiverse3 days 8 hours ago
Warp Space5 hours ago
Alverion hq1 day 8 hours ago
UMass Amherst2 days 1 hour ago
Pokemon Universe8 hours ago
The Anglican Realm2 days 1 hour ago
Ywirbik1 day 8 hours ago
The Dark Pact2 days 1 hour ago
Nova Sanctorum4 days ago
I Really Dont Care Anymore1 day 6 hours ago
The World is Flat2 days 1 hour ago
The Shores of Peace and Freedom2 days 1 hour ago
Conneaut High School2 days 1 hour ago
Guhalsao2 days ago
Research Facility A2 days 1 hour ago
National Socialist League6 days ago
The Lonely Seas2 days ago
Slavionia1 day 6 hours ago
Warzone Southamerica2 days 1 hour ago
The Death Province of The Skeleton Army2 days ago
The Colsak Mountains3 hours ago
Coalition of Free Military States3 days 8 hours ago
The Union Of Soviet Socialism2 days ago
Xidoen1 day 6 hours ago
Jordan Works Alone2 days 1 hour ago
Euphoria2 days 1 hour ago
Republica Dominicana2 days ago
Bananas of BO22 days 1 hour ago
The Best Region2 days ago
The Leviathan Alliance2 days 1 hour ago
Kemono Union2 days 1 hour ago
Skyheld104 minutes ago
Place of No Return2 days ago
Pax Germanica2 days ago
Alebla2 days ago
The Litter Box2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 1 day 23 hours ago
West United Sovergein Republics1 day 8 hours ago
Shoo2 days 1 hour ago
Lawndale Commonwealth Realm2 days ago

Rejected 1 day ago
United Irish Empire2 days 1 hour ago
Tareldanore3 days 8 hours ago
Swine2 days ago
Kingdom of Ireland7 hours ago
Kingdom of Nationstates25 minutes ago
The Pamell Islands2 days 1 hour ago

Rejected 1 day 10 hours ago
BadBitchez2 days 1 hour ago

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