The Illuminati Regional Administration

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The Illuminati is administered by:

The Founder has not granted the WA Delegate (ASP) administrative power.

The ability to modify regional settings, as well as eject and ban nations, is automatically granted to Founders. The same powers also belong to the WA Delegate, unless the Founder has disabled WA Delegate access and is present within the region.

Border Control

  • The WA Delegate does not have administrative powers.

  • Nations do not require a password to enter.

  • No nations are banned.


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

The New Yionian ConfederacyPending (3 hours)
Blackbeards PiratesPending (3 hours)
AustroyaPending (3 hours)
Jacobanian Secret RegionPending (3 hours)
Grand Deep EmpirePending (3 hours)
LightmontPending (15 hours)
Federation of MalaysiaPending (15 hours)
Undefined Space RegionPending (15 hours)
Exodus IIIPending (15 hours)
The Federation of EquilibriumPending (15 hours)
League of AuthorityPending (15 hours)
Continent of Nice MemePending (15 hours)
The World of AvatarPending (15 hours)
The Buluin AlliesPending (15 hours)
Supreme Socialist CourtPending (1 day 3 hours)
The Death StarPending (1 day 3 hours)
MidworldPending (1 day 3 hours)
The Undefined Region of Universal KarmaPending (1 day 3 hours)
World Socialist AlliancePending (1 day 3 hours)
The United Nations of PowerPending (1 day 3 hours)
The United Perryic Regional LeaguePending (1 day 3 hours)
Floorish RepublicPending (1 day 15 hours)
The New Old SouthPending (1 day 15 hours)
The Sammie RidersPending (1 day 15 hours)
The Federated Nations of MyahPending (1 day 15 hours)
The Generation Of TechnologyPending (1 day 15 hours)
The CirclePending (2 days 3 hours)
SatanlandPending (2 days 3 hours)
TriLandsPending (2 days 3 hours)
The militaristic region of AmericaPending (2 days 3 hours)
Troop 117Pending (3 days 3 hours)
1. The United Nations Elite271 days
2. United Nations of Earth289 days
3. Discordia250 days
4. The Church of Eris247 days
5. Holy Rome287 days
6. Christianity288 days
7. The Royal Union309 days
8. Royal States315 days
9. Washington DC270 days
10. Greater London244 days
11. Vatican Secret Archives245 days
12. Unknown260 days
13. The Order of DeMolay205 days
14. United States of America318 days
15. CIA317 days
16. The Americas276 days
17. Romania318 days
18. Somalia318 days
19. Principality di Monaco317 days
20. Repubblica Italiana317 days
21. Most Serene Republic of San Marino317 days
22. Israel317 days
23. Principality of Andorra317 days
24. Delaware317 days
25. Republic of Seychelles317 days
26. Republic of Turkmenistan317 days
27. Union of Nationalists317 days
28. Commonwealth of Liberty317 days
29. Black Mesa Islands316 days
30. Florida316 days
31. Eastern Roman Empire316 days
32. Chireiden315 days
33. Syria315 days
34. Callington315 days
35. Indonesia315 days
36. The Alliance of Dictators314 days
37. Land of Israel314 days
38. Smiley Faces313 days
39. Campione di Italia313 days
40. Regione Sardegna313 days
41. Rhode Island313 days
42. Crematorium313 days
43. Earth Prime313 days
44. The Revolutionary Council313 days
45. The Republic of Rose Island312 days
46. Barbaria312 days
47. Lower Canada312 days
48. Region of Corsica312 days
49. Republic of Korea312 days
50. The Statue of Liberty312 days
51. Leninist Russia312 days
52. United Federation of Planets311 days
53. Occupied France311 days
54. Dune311 days
55. The Prometheus Isles311 days
56. Central Eastern Europe311 days
57. Catlandatopia311 days
58. Nakhitchevan Autonomous Republic310 days
59. Isla Perfectum310 days
60. Beeker Island310 days
61. House of Five Leaves310 days
62. Tychrome310 days
63. Illinois310 days
64. The Green Star Socialist Union310 days
65. Ivory Tower309 days
66. The SOP309 days
67. West Germany309 days
68. The Graveyard309 days
69. The Darwin Allied Republics308 days
70. Greater Dienstad308 days
71. Equatoria308 days
72. The Sea Of Love308 days
73. Groland308 days
74. Ancient Lands308 days
75. Regione Siciliana307 days
76. The Kingdom of Great Britain307 days
77. Autonomous city of Ceuta307 days
78. City of Sevastopol307 days
79. Carnival of Souls307 days
80. Right to Life307 days
81. Armagedox307 days
82. Cat Empire307 days
83. Strategos Prime307 days
84. League of Independent Nations307 days
85. The Nightmare Realms306 days
86. The Empire Of Oppression306 days
87. Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane306 days
88. Noordija306 days
89. Asiana305 days
90. The Land of Power305 days
91. Farkistan304 days
92. Meridon304 days
93. The Forest304 days
94. The United Federative of the UCE PUPPETS304 days
95. New Republica304 days
96. Michigan304 days
97. Chicago302 days
98. The Immortals301 days
99. Minecraftia301 days
100. Dreamworld300 days
101. Atheist Empire300 days
102. International Republican Union300 days
103. Laissez Faireholm300 days
104. New Industria299 days
105. Torchwood Hub296 days
106. The Apartment Block296 days
107. United Dictatorships294 days
108. Repubblika ta Malta293 days
109. The Republic Nations290 days
110. The Second Empire of Arrakine290 days
111. The Lush Continent of Nowhere IX290 days
112. Asia Pacific Economic Group289 days
113. The Satanic Alliance289 days
114. Old World Union288 days
115. Trade Federation288 days
116. Republic of Angola288 days
117. Hinduism288 days
118. Christendom288 days
119. Funen288 days
120. The United League of Empires288 days
121. Megalomania Paradise288 days
122. The British Commonwealth288 days
123. Armenia288 days
124. The Federation of Dethklok 1000287 days
125. State of Palestine287 days
126. Neo Otaku Utopia287 days
127. Spectrasonic287 days
128. The Alliance of Grittonia287 days
129. Orbital Friendship Cannon HQ287 days
130. The INTernational Waters287 days
131. Baronetcy of Sanctuary Islands287 days
132. The Germanei Sivanian Alliance287 days
133. Yerushalem VI287 days
134. Antista287 days
135. The alliance of homework286 days
136. The Furry Federation286 days
137. The Federal Islands 2nd Gen286 days
138. The Region of Industrious Nations286 days
139. Sagittarius Arm286 days
140. Bettie Page vs Jayne Mansfield Catfight286 days
141. Hollow Point286 days
142. Onett285 days
143. Nations of the Death Metal Military285 days
144. The Awesomeness of Conquistadors285 days
145. New World Communists States285 days
146. Alliance Of Armed Nations285 days
147. The United Nations of Secoritan285 days
148. No region285 days
149. Greysteel285 days
150. The Holy Pacific Lorraine285 days
151. The Luxan Empire285 days
152. Continent of Xenonia284 days
153. Madeira Archipelago Liberation Front284 days
154. United Empire of Islam284 days
155. Republic of Azerbaijan284 days
156. World Alliance284 days
157. Ministreyl Union284 days
158. The Jade Wheel Society283 days
159. The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples283 days
160. Fort Zoutman283 days
161. Osakaland283 days
162. The Kingdom of Burgundy283 days
163. Nintendo282 days
164. Cymru282 days
165. United Federation of Edwards282 days
166. LRI282 days
167. Grand Alliance Of Independant Nations282 days
168. Religious Union of Dradogoonism282 days
169. The Autocratic Imperium of Nations282 days
170. Tamhriel282 days
171. The Legions of Heaven And Hell281 days
172. Nebraska281 days
173. Oranje Armistice281 days
174. The Global Chitown Confederacy281 days
175. The Holy Land of D Spence281 days
176. Holy Lands281 days
177. Urkalgurk280 days
178. Benevolent Capitalism280 days
179. Celtic warrior280 days
180. Great Southern Ocean279 days
181. Pennsylvania278 days
182. Iowa278 days
183. Colorado278 days
184. Arizona278 days
185. Kentucky278 days
186. Prettydragoon277 days
187. Emirates of Futurnia277 days
188. Imperium of the Wolf277 days
189. The Red Wolf Rifle Korps277 days
190. The Land of the Most Compitent277 days
191. Bonvanasmith277 days
192. The Western Colonies277 days
193. Massachusetts276 days
194. Weed276 days
195. Virginia276 days
196. New Hampshire276 days
197. New Mexico276 days
198. Ozzy276 days
199. Montreal276 days
200. Sunalaya275 days
201. Kerala275 days
202. Poqilet275 days
203. Greece275 days
204. Persian Tricycle Riders275 days
205. Solar System275 days
206. Constantinople275 days
207. Brochis275 days
208. Athens275 days
209. Hellenic Civilization274 days
210. Eladen274 days
211. Astyria273 days
212. The Hodori Archipelago273 days
213. Global Powers273 days
214. North Vietnam273 days
215. Chinese Taipei272 days
216. Cars272 days
217. Anticapitalist Alliance272 days
218. Pisces Centauri272 days
219. ISSU272 days
220. The Derpy Dominion271 days
221. United States of Canadia271 days
222. Northern Emirates271 days
223. The Seventh Bay271 days
224. Alliance of Free and Independent Nations271 days
225. United Federation of Canada Embassy271 days
226. Neue Osterreich271 days
227. The Species Alliance271 days
228. Chalker270 days
229. The Worst Region Known in NS270 days
230. Union of Socialist Confederate Republics270 days
231. The Cyrillic Empire of New Slavica270 days
232. Erabor Union270 days
233. Missouri270 days
234. Moneylania270 days
235. Great Britain and Northern Ireland270 days
236. Idaho270 days
237. Tropical Isles270 days
238. Holyoke270 days
239. Rhen Var270 days
240. Uganda270 days
241. North Dakota270 days
242. The Discord Dominion270 days
243. Utah270 days
244. South Carolina270 days
245. North Carolina270 days
246. Minnesota270 days
247. Polandia270 days
248. Georgia270 days
249. Sirius269 days
250. Zombie Processing Center269 days
251. Saint Kitts and Nevis269 days
252. South Dakota269 days
253. Anarchist Alliance269 days
254. New Barsaria269 days
255. International East Union269 days
256. Valeria269 days
257. The Hyatt Islands269 days
258. My Pants269 days
259. Wyoming268 days
260. Scientific Union268 days
261. Alaran peri quan preciad268 days
262. Maryland268 days
263. Pact of the Emperors268 days
264. The Allied States Of The Campbell Nation268 days
265. The Federal Islands268 days
266. Johorne268 days
267. Zetegen268 days
268. Scandinavia267 days
269. Mozambique267 days
270. Empire of Andrew267 days
271. United Nations of Virtus267 days
272. Australia267 days
273. Washington267 days
274. United Socialist Nations of Zandalari267 days
275. Commonwealth of Nations266 days
276. Knights of the Round Table266 days
277. Sonnel266 days
278. Mystria265 days
279. Serenity265 days
280. SteamPunk265 days
281. The Military Commonwealth265 days
282. Gatehouse by the P2TM265 days
283. League of Cobalt Nations264 days
284. The Vrai Alliance264 days
285. WeedNation264 days
286. The inukastani desert territories264 days
287. The Jedi Order264 days
288. The Frozen Pacific264 days
289. The Alliance Pocket Universe264 days
290. The Triphorian Empire264 days
291. Sarandi264 days
292. Currahee263 days
293. Pokemon World263 days
294. Union of Communist states263 days
295. Maranmor263 days
296. Crovathan263 days
297. Emeraldise263 days
298. New Vegas263 days
299. Bezdomny House263 days
300. UAA263 days
301. United Sovereign Nations263 days
302. Goliath SpecOps inc263 days
303. The Zuropean Union263 days
304. The United Nations of Here263 days
305. Greece for Greeks263 days
306. The Great Oblivion263 days
307. United World Alliance263 days
308. Wyndia263 days
309. Srbija262 days
310. Unified Europe262 days
311. Nationalist Commonwealth of Free Regions262 days
312. Wash Out262 days
313. The Planet of the Green Marble262 days
314. The Supreme Union262 days
315. The Third Dominion262 days
316. Jerusalem262 days
317. Ravencroft262 days
318. California261 days
319. Sacrum Romanum Imperium261 days
320. Intergalactic Federacy261 days
321. Equinox261 days
322. Association of Southeast Asian Nations261 days
323. The Commonwealth of Independent States261 days
324. United Bolshevik Republics261 days
325. Horses and Bayonets261 days
326. Inner heavens grace261 days
327. International fascist military alliance261 days
328. Beyond the Wub261 days
329. Libertatem Pub261 days
330. Toronto260 days
331. Kingdom of Hawaii260 days
332. The Higher Royal Empire of the Flood260 days
333. Muynelles Pact260 days
334. Mississippi260 days
335. Nunavut260 days
336. The Franco Spanish Empire260 days
337. Argo260 days
338. Nevada260 days
339. New York State260 days
340. Kansas260 days
341. Pony Lands260 days
342. Royal Alliance III260 days
343. The Confederacy of Allied Nations260 days
344. The Western Empire260 days
345. Anarcho Pragmatism259 days
346. Planet Maxorus Prime259 days
347. The Freed Lands259 days
348. The Atlantic Federation259 days
349. Finisterra259 days
350. Rock Solid Zimbabwe Korea259 days
351. The Venus Project259 days
352. The Empire of Common Territories259 days
353. Westphalia259 days
354. United Nations in Solidarity259 days
355. Technologica259 days
356. The Kingdom of Bavaria258 days
357. Crusaders of the Matriarch258 days
358. Saxony258 days
359. Futaba Aoi258 days
360. The great alliance of JSUV258 days
361. UnIT258 days
362. The Confederate Commonwealth258 days
363. AnimeManga Land258 days
364. New Egypt258 days
365. Libertatem258 days
366. Puppet Park258 days
367. The council of free nations258 days
368. Le Kraut Union258 days
369. The Accepted Realms258 days
370. The Bungle Brigade258 days
371. Aaronian Space258 days
372. Itevia258 days
373. The Union of Aligned Soviet States257 days
374. Plotzov257 days
375. Alliance of Allied Alliances257 days
376. Buddhism257 days
377. The Coalition of Psychlo States257 days
378. The Atlantic Union257 days
379. Steel Blue Castle257 days
380. The WASC257 days
381. Eskea257 days
382. Italian Regions257 days
383. Create a nation of n o oo nmad257 days
384. Amor Fati Anagenesis257 days
385. Oriental Constanta257 days
386. The Nation of Nations and Friends256 days
387. Galts Gulch256 days
388. Axis of Absurdity256 days
389. Isles of Socialism256 days
390. Imperialis256 days
391. Minoa256 days
392. The Atlantic256 days
393. Spinward256 days
394. Imperium256 days
395. Confederation of Imperial States256 days
396. A Federal Commonwealth Society256 days
397. Secret of the Outcasts255 days
398. Union of Kurdistan255 days
399. The Arid Badlands254 days
400. United Independent Nations254 days
401. The Epic Pony Region254 days
402. Golden Triangle254 days
403. Greek Islands254 days
404. Hells Tavern254 days
405. Dead Kittens and Tastefull Cookies254 days
406. Monty Pythons Flying Circus254 days
407. Leftist Agrarian Revolutionary Union254 days
408. Skypia253 days
409. Suomi253 days
410. Angels of Derp253 days
411. Land of Aaron253 days
412. The Federated Klatchian Coast253 days
413. TheIronLegion253 days
414. Italy253 days
415. South Eastern North West253 days
416. United Federation of Nations252 days
417. Alleanza252 days
418. Erep enclave252 days
419. Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region252 days
420. Confederate American Union251 days
421. United Confederacy of Sutoan251 days
422. Halcyon251 days
423. Ozymandium250 days
424. Moscow250 days
425. Havana250 days
426. The Peoples Republic of China250 days
427. Central Atlantic Islands of the Pacific250 days
428. The Wheel of Time249 days
429. World Region249 days
430. Coffee House249 days
431. The Lexicon249 days
432. Roman Republic248 days
433. Kylden248 days
434. Federation of Emersonia248 days
435. Blasphemous Beach Bungalow247 days
436. The Empire of Trebizond247 days
437. Achillean League247 days
438. The Covenant of Shrek247 days
439. Union of Republics247 days
440. The United Holistic Society246 days
441. Mexico City246 days
442. British Columbia246 days
443. The Karian Union246 days
444. Bogota246 days
445. Saskatchewan246 days
446. Nova Scotia246 days
447. Blue245 days
448. Asphodel Meadows245 days
449. Academy city245 days
450. White245 days
451. Hufflepuff245 days
452. Move Point245 days
453. Irish Republican Army245 days
454. Arleans245 days
455. Angel245 days
456. The DreamScape245 days
457. War Museum245 days
458. Pink245 days
459. Unova245 days
460. Monobear245 days
461. Pallet Town245 days
462. Jump Point245 days
463. Oslo245 days
464. Keukenhof245 days
465. SETI245 days
466. Easter245 days
467. Dublin245 days
468. Manga245 days
469. Othalla245 days
470. Winter245 days
471. Bern245 days
472. Vimy Ridge245 days
473. Battle Frontier245 days
474. Sateda245 days
475. Helsinki245 days
476. Praxis245 days
477. Terra Nullius245 days
478. Levamme245 days
479. State City245 days
480. Gryffindor245 days
481. IRA245 days
482. International space station245 days
483. Scorpius245 days
484. Little Garden245 days
485. Death Weapon Meister Academy245 days
486. Anime HQ245 days
487. Kalos245 days
488. Royal Canadian Navy245 days
489. True West245 days
490. Green245 days
491. Eeveetopian empire245 days
492. Orange245 days
493. National Hockey League245 days
494. Summer245 days
495. Ente Isla245 days
496. Arc Aile245 days
497. Love245 days
498. Pandora245 days
499. Defiance245 days
500. Halkeginia245 days
501. LOTR245 days
502. El Dorado245 days
503. Miscellaneous245 days
504. Noblesse oblige245 days
505. Stockholm245 days
506. Recycle245 days
507. Ravenclaw245 days
508. Aurea aquilarum245 days
509. South caribbean245 days
510. Ragnarok245 days
511. Stargate Command245 days
512. Yellow245 days
513. Cerulean City245 days
514. Continental Navy245 days
515. Pewter City245 days
516. Purple245 days
517. Pokemon245 days
518. Antananarivo245 days
519. Minsk245 days
520. Dexter245 days
521. Balsteros245 days
522. Sagittarius245 days
523. Supernatural245 days
524. North American Aerospace Defense Command245 days
525. True East245 days
526. Okinawa245 days
527. Sons of Anarchy245 days
528. Klondike245 days
529. Hinamizawa245 days
530. Otaku245 days
531. Brynhildr245 days
532. McMurdo Station245 days
533. Orange Islands245 days
534. Alfheim245 days
535. Nature245 days
536. Red245 days
537. SAO245 days
538. Upper canada245 days
539. Spring245 days
540. Slytherin245 days
541. Hollow Earth245 days
542. Chernobyl245 days
543. City State245 days
544. Glastonbury245 days
545. Starfleet245 days
546. Sorami245 days
547. Kanto245 days
548. Anomaly245 days
549. Perseus245 days
550. Johto245 days
551. Autumn245 days
552. Music245 days
553. Akihabara245 days
554. Log Horizon245 days
555. GREAT Britain245 days
556. Glorious Praetorian Empire245 days
557. The Commonwealth of Kings245 days
558. Land of Absolute Freedom244 days
559. Prince Edward Island244 days
560. Union of world empires244 days
561. New Brunswick244 days
562. The Burning Aisles244 days
563. Newfoundland and Labrador244 days
564. Northwest Territories244 days
565. Yukon244 days
566. The Elithian Alliance244 days
567. United Nations of the Moon244 days
568. Urbanites244 days
569. Amsterdam243 days
570. The United Alliance243 days
571. The Republic of Korea243 days
572. Conservative Maine243 days
573. Shrekistan243 days
574. Fusionism242 days
575. The Zonians242 days
576. Argantia242 days
577. Terran imperium242 days
578. One big Island241 days
579. INGSOC241 days
580. League of Free Nations241 days
581. The Syndicate of Planets239 days
582. The World Of Gomlis239 days
583. The Southeast Asian Collective239 days
584. Confederation of Terra239 days
585. The Brotherhood of Evil239 days
586. Britantion239 days
587. Delta Trianguli239 days
588. The Valley of The Wind239 days
589. Marlboria238 days
590. Jupiters Core238 days
591. The Infinite Alliance238 days
592. IMRE Veers Approved238 days
593. The Second Coming of Vex238 days
594. Collective Enlightenment238 days
595. Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem238 days
596. Nu Eta Omicron237 days
597. Warhammer 40000237 days
598. The True Marxism236 days
599. Arctic236 days
600. Mid Pacific Islands236 days
601. 00000000000000000000000235 days
602. Planet Maxorus Minor235 days
603. The Volcheknian Badlands235 days
604. Spokane235 days
605. Primeval Realm234 days
606. Dyst United234 days
607. Need for Speed234 days
608. Austinian League234 days
609. Somniate Libertas234 days
610. United Purple Nations233 days
611. Wishton Polynesia233 days
612. Frigid Wastelands233 days
613. United territories of North America233 days
614. The New Confederate States of America231 days
615. Abelardia230 days
616. Darkmount230 days
617. The Mechanocracy229 days
618. Loamhedge228 days
619. The Savage Garden228 days
620. The United League228 days
621. Orbit228 days
622. Tyrceria228 days
623. Andaba226 days
624. Freedonia226 days
625. Chsemoian Government225 days
626. Independent legion224 days
627. Asia224 days
628. Transhuman Singularity Research Alliance223 days
629. The Private Nations of Private Parts223 days
630. The Realm of Ethopolis223 days
631. Fifth Empire223 days
632. Global Imperium Of Nations222 days
633. The Lands of Ancient Peoples222 days
634. Hapes Consortium222 days
635. Pink Bunnies With Wings222 days
636. The Great Kingdom of Prussia222 days
637. The Commune of Auchmar222 days
638. Ganja222 days
639. New Agder222 days
640. The Farm221 days
641. A Large Gathering of Loose Skin221 days
642. The Brotherhood of Blood221 days
643. Collectives of the Futurecraft Universe221 days
644. Multain Military Alliance220 days
645. Alternate History World220 days
646. Minas Tirith220 days
647. United States of Beer220 days
648. GHS Elysium220 days
649. Pacifican Domain220 days
650. OLNC219 days
651. North Africa219 days
652. Land of Hypothetical Strategy219 days
653. Renovan Cluster219 days
654. Northwest Peninsula219 days
655. Cannabis219 days
656. Tyronia219 days
657. Alliance of Imperials219 days
658. The Imperial Council219 days
659. Hastings219 days
660. The Wastes of Mordor219 days
661. Dawn Slayers of the Galaxy219 days
662. South Pacific219 days
663. Chaos Legions of Hell219 days
664. The Maelstrom219 days
665. Federation of Jaubish States218 days
666. The Fresh Region of Bel Air218 days
667. The Grand Alliance216 days
668. Hadrians Wall216 days
669. Star Frontiers215 days
670. Bionicle215 days
671. Parallel Dimension214 days
672. Castavar213 days
673. The Universal Allegiance213 days
674. Delta213 days
675. The Region of Alts213 days
676. Knights of the Realm213 days
677. The Hanseatic Union212 days
678. Muro212 days
679. Stavoren Collective212 days
680. The place for awesome nations212 days
681. Pot212 days
682. Union Argentina212 days
683. Brannack212 days
684. Threedom212 days

Closing in 1 day 3 hours
685. CCA212 days
686. The Alliance of Golden Nations211 days
687. Orbis Regional Alliance211 days
688. The Crystal Empire211 days
689. Two Thirds Civilized211 days
690. Albanian Union210 days
691. State Empire Union210 days
692. Terra Intelligenta209 days
693. Vapour209 days
694. Poll Police209 days
695. Stoners209 days
696. Kinjerian Federation208 days
697. Delicious Friends208 days
698. Wild Space208 days
699. The Genesis Federation208 days
700. Camerania207 days
701. TheLawlsOfTheUnderworld207 days
702. Gilbert Commonwealth207 days
703. Squidict States206 days
704. New Zealandia206 days
705. Communist Krussia206 days
706. Republic of Newark206 days
707. Tamriel206 days
708. The United Invaders League205 days
709. UIL205 days
710. Introversia205 days
711. Praelia Caicos204 days
712. The Azerothian Protectorates204 days
713. The URL204 days
714. URL204 days
715. The United Raiders League204 days
716. The UIL204 days
717. United Raiders League204 days
718. The Procrastinator Union204 days
719. United Invaders League204 days
720. The lost galaxy203 days
721. Not the New Western Coalition202 days
722. The Westlands201 days
723. Pirate warriors201 days
724. Isles of Holy Order of The Holy Potato199 days
725. South Communist empire199 days
726. Red Winter Negotiation Council199 days
727. The Silence199 days
728. Land of Iron Fists199 days
729. Saddleland Archipelago Nations197 days
730. Empire of Rome196 days
731. The Illawarran Empire196 days
732. The Outcasts194 days
733. The Caddsqued Concordat194 days
734. We love Mises to Pieces194 days
735. Pacficia Alliance194 days
736. The Hellenic Empire194 days
737. Freedom Fries Inc193 days
738. Necropolis193 days
739. Communist Overlords193 days
740. International Federation of Monarchies193 days
741. Chorumeia193 days
742. The Autismal Alliance192 days
743. Nyxton191 days
744. Coalition of Free Hyperaggresive States191 days
745. Germano British Scandinavian Alliance191 days
746. Demolibs189 days
747. The United Nations of West Eurazia188 days
748. The Great Jurisdiction of Arkaenov188 days
749. United Samson Republic188 days
750. Vinita Pact188 days
751. Greater Barsovich188 days
752. The Union of Socialist Republics188 days
753. Eat Sea188 days
754. Neo Caledonia187 days
755. The Little Guys United187 days
756. Greater Chernarus186 days
757. The Region of Lost Pizza186 days
758. BOSS TOWN186 days
759. Assembly of Former Telltale Union States186 days
760. Hallowell Commonwealth185 days
761. Windswept Depths of Pandemonium185 days
762. The Amin Tata Haat Fandom183 days
763. Solar System Alpha Centari182 days
764. British Caribbean Sea182 days
765. Skivx182 days
766. Narragansettia182 days
767. U R N182 days
768. The United Countries Over Antarctica181 days
769. The Kingdom of Spain180 days
770. Castile and Leon180 days
771. Dragonz180 days
772. Itim180 days
773. The Novan Empire180 days
774. Archipelago of Situational Humor180 days
775. Arkon180 days
776. Kingstona179 days
777. Parkerican Lands179 days
778. The Great Lands179 days
779. UDSD179 days
780. The Violet Isles179 days
781. The Sapphire Isles179 days
782. The Wasteland Of The Void179 days
783. Verbandsgemeinde Nieder Olm179 days
784. Zombies178 days
785. The Empire of Alfred Lim178 days
786. New York177 days
787. The Greater Democratic Union II177 days
788. Suwanneelandia176 days
789. United World Powers175 days
790. New Osean Cooperation Organisation173 days
791. VCG172 days
792. The Tug Boat Raiders172 days
793. The United Mujahedeen172 days
794. Bloodbender Heaven172 days
795. The Unmotivated Place172 days
796. The Dominion172 days
797. The Underworld islands of Necropolis172 days
798. United Poland Union172 days
799. Republic of Channel Island172 days
800. The Commonwealth of the Fish172 days
801. Trans Universal System Alliance171 days
802. The delicate delegacy171 days
803. Arlen171 days
804. The Spanish Republic171 days
805. The Other Powers171 days
806. Cult of Hope171 days
807. The Region Of Your Dreams171 days
808. United Sovereign Socialist Republics171 days
809. The Allied Defense Forces171 days
810. Aeiou171 days
811. Open Set171 days
812. ZCOM170 days
813. Scoria and Raspirus170 days
814. The Reagan Isles170 days
815. Idris169 days
816. The Alliance of Superpowers169 days
817. The Desert169 days
818. The United Nations of Ludington169 days
819. Union of Sapient Socialist Republics168 days
820. United Global Powers168 days
821. The Solar Reign168 days
822. Ingress167 days
823. The HeadWall Monastery165 days
824. The Hell165 days
825. Beast Coast164 days
826. Colonized Mars164 days
827. Ormene164 days
828. NCC 1701 E164 days
829. Pacific Rim164 days
830. SideWalk Zone164 days
831. The Great Chili163 days
832. Union of Confederate Regions149 days
833. Islamic Comintern149 days
834. The Eorlingan Empire142 days
835. Punk140 days
836. Union of Allied Nations140 days
837. Fishy Land140 days
838. Liberal States of Athesoir140 days
839. The Raptor God Raptor Hole For Raptors140 days
840. The Sovereign Republic139 days
841. United States of Keviniyye139 days
842. GLOBAL ANARCHY139 days
843. Sandwichland138 days
844. United Sovereign Republics Of Acuder138 days
845. Rubiaceae138 days
846. Royal States II138 days
847. Turkestan ASSR137 days
848. Nether Region136 days
849. The Great Territories Of Baeku135 days
850. The Assembly135 days
851. Toilet arsonist appreciation society134 days
852. Windemere133 days
853. The commonwealth of capitalism131 days
854. Greater Seabrook123 days
855. The Region of Master Control Programs123 days
856. Dorocena123 days
857. Friendship123 days
858. The nutty hooligans from outer space123 days
859. The Free World Alliance123 days
860. The Empire of Tamriel123 days
861. Vertaramin123 days
862. The Socialist and Communist Lands123 days
863. The Confederation Of Independent Nations123 days
864. Polsimania123 days
865. United Nations of the North123 days
866. Alkain Empire States123 days
867. Terra do Tabaco122 days
868. Brightport122 days
869. The Great Western Desert122 days
870. The Carrot Commonwealth122 days
871. The Armed Alliances of Democracy120 days
872. Esamir119 days
873. International Workers Union116 days
875. The Caribbean Community113 days
876. Gay Equality113 days
877. The Peoples Federation of Qandaristan105 days
878. Rahturi105 days
879. Stormwyte105 days
880. Belgrade Triumvirate105 days
881. Parthia105 days
882. The Anticapitalist Alliance105 days
883. Zero Beta105 days
884. Cashnatchee105 days
885. The Ivory Warriors84 days
886. Planet Neuriotronn84 days
887. New Tamedia84 days
888. The Dragons Hospitaller84 days
889. Confederacy Of United Nonsoviet States84 days
890. The Followers Of Kthulhu68 days
891. The West Tropicals68 days
892. Caelum68 days
893. Realm of the Dead68 days
894. The New Reality68 days
895. Armed Forces of All68 days
896. Military powers of Arcadia68 days
897. Legion of Hate68 days
898. Syldavia67 days
899. United Imperial States67 days
900. New Rome67 days
901. Neo Pacific Union67 days
902. The Union of Global Defence67 days
903. Union of Aristocratic Empires67 days
904. Canadian Freemasons66 days
905. The United Mandalorian Brotherhood66 days
906. The Christian Nations65 days
907. Otaku Nukkas65 days
908. League of Democracy64 days
909. Elite Region Of Global Command64 days
910. IOU LowSettlement Colonies64 days
911. The Darwinish Coalition64 days
912. The One Army64 days
913. United Coalition of Sovereign Republics64 days
914. United Frontier Nations64 days
915. The Grand Union64 days
916. Catalyst63 days
917. True Korea63 days
918. The Eastern Empire63 days
919. The War Torn Southern Pacifc63 days
920. The Democratic Union of Allied Nations63 days
921. German Front Lines63 days
922. Fermanaugh63 days
923. Communist Republic63 days
924. Anoir62 days
925. The Banana Republic62 days
926. The Sentient Hub62 days
927. Arabella62 days
928. New World Union61 days
929. Kingdom of Kush61 days
930. The house of the eclipse61 days
931. Rockville61 days
932. United Kush States61 days
933. Ziggibofolopimiganigusootipitopia61 days
934. The New Roman Kingdom61 days
935. The Atlas Union61 days
936. Judea60 days
937. Modorra60 days
938. F R S S N60 days
939. Pow Bang Zing60 days
940. Silent Isolation60 days
941. The International Congress of Nations60 days
942. Moonited Nations60 days
943. Markarth60 days
944. The Council of the Multiverse60 days
945. The Coalition of Empires60 days
947. Kingdom of Reunion59 days
948. The Union of Red Nations59 days
949. The region of weed59 days
950. Profectus59 days
951. Oil Fields59 days
952. BoMB59 days
953. Anti Authoritarian Alliance58 days
954. The Loomynarty58 days
955. Imperium Figarium58 days
956. UFP United Federation of Planets58 days
957. The Tavern58 days
958. The Venn Imperium57 days
959. Babylon 457 days
960. The Royal Alliance III57 days
961. The Post Apocalyptic Divide57 days
962. Safe Guard56 days
963. Aeldorin56 days
964. The Kingdom of Jerusalem56 days
965. New Catsville56 days
966. England56 days
967. Hansan55 days
968. The International GSA55 days
969. The United Northern Countries55 days
970. Allied Archipeligo55 days
971. The Byzonic Isles55 days
972. End 50055 days
973. Dnipropetrovsk55 days
974. The Federation of States Against HYDRA55 days
975. Religious Fanatics Division55 days
976. Semper In Fide55 days
977. The Crystalgate Realm55 days
978. Gorlan Colonies Federation55 days
979. Greater AltHistoria55 days
980. The Anarcho Fascist Commune55 days
981. The Sidehoes of Priory55 days
982. Crime Infested Region of South Detroit55 days
983. The Remnants of The Remnants55 days
984. Saint Augustine55 days
985. The Slavic Base 1654 days
986. The Landfill54 days
987. The Actual Alliance Region54 days
988. Oberius Prime54 days
989. Great Southern Continent54 days
990. Appalachian Trail Region54 days
991. World Nations in Unison54 days
992. Utopis54 days
993. Swagtopia54 days
994. Ilowina54 days
995. Ashenvale54 days
996. Superior Swamps of Shrek54 days
997. United Micronations54 days
998. Gold54 days
999. Nightshade54 days
1000. Imperial Habsburg Austria54 days
1001. Thryn54 days
1002. The Domination of the Draka54 days
1003. Ibiratrea54 days
1004. The Blood Armada54 days
1005. Black Reach54 days
1006. Nusantara54 days
1007. Unfactual Region of Democratic Control54 days
1008. Region of cheektowaga54 days
1010. Kalaalit Nunaat54 days
1011. Liberal Union54 days
1012. Sumygaia54 days
1013. WillieWood54 days
1014. The Wondrous Region of Tiefland54 days
1015. World Federation States53 days
1016. The Realm of Discord53 days
1017. The Federation of Sovereign States53 days
1018. Union of Militaristic Nations53 days
1019. K9 Assault Force53 days
1020. Galactic Republic53 days
1021. Schwartzler53 days
1022. Pillar Union53 days
1023. The United States of Taylor53 days
1024. Palermo53 days
1025. Time after time53 days
1027. Trebizond53 days
1028. The Ottoman Empire53 days
1029. The Orient53 days
1030. Tartarus53 days
1031. United Commonwealth of Islam53 days
1032. I Really Dont Care Anymore53 days
1033. Nascon53 days
1034. Greater Persian Empire53 days
1035. Turkic Union53 days
1036. Mediterranean53 days
1037. International Arctic Union53 days
1038. Apolyton53 days
1039. Antarctic Refuge52 days
1040. The Jedi Council52 days
1041. Zombie Free Safe Zone52 days
1042. The Black Riders Junior52 days
1043. Kingdom of Nationstates52 days
1044. The Impirrenship52 days
1045. Planita52 days
1046. The Rhine52 days
1047. Dragon Knights52 days
1048. Union of Islands52 days
1049. Pokemon Universe52 days
1050. Eureka52 days
1051. Atlantis52 days
1052. The Nudist Dreamland52 days
1053. Fifaladzia52 days
1054. Escar52 days
1055. TerrorBlitz51 days
1056. Troy51 days
1057. Skyheld51 days
1058. The World is Flat51 days
1059. Island of Wankonia51 days
1061. Ye Olde Hogarahoiprash51 days
1062. Imperial Conglomerate51 days
1063. Freecomunism51 days
1064. Global Alliance51 days
1065. Almost Ruleless50 days
1066. United Irish Empire50 days
1067. Hemptopia50 days
1068. The Federated Isles of Stevington50 days
1069. Star Cluster RU180450 days
1070. Alliance of Night Watchman States50 days
1071. Draenor50 days
1072. NS April Fools Day Jokes49 days
1073. Borederica Region49 days
1074. Fort Whitehorse49 days
1075. Angolis49 days
1076. New Vatican49 days
1077. The Brotherland Alliance49 days
1078. NationOutlawz49 days
1079. The No Flex Zone49 days
1080. The Georgia Federation49 days
1081. Aeturion Confederation49 days
1082. Gibraltarr48 days
1083. Holloway48 days
1084. Riverina48 days
1085. Thunder48 days
1086. CDN Transit Station48 days
1087. New Bowerstone48 days
1088. Kairos48 days
1089. The Fake AH Region48 days
1090. Deritan Meillur48 days
1091. Galactic Alliance47 days
1092. The Fergish Confederation47 days
1093. Artisan Conglomerate47 days
1094. Aevum46 days
1095. Monoffian Militarized Zone45 days
1096. The Erviadus Galaxy45 days
1097. Babylon 644 days
1098. The Shores of Peace and Freedom44 days
1099. Confederation of Sovereign States44 days
1100. The Salazar System44 days
1101. Slavija44 days
1102. New Socialist Bloc44 days
1103. Esperanza44 days
1104. Requiem Insulae44 days
1105. Wrong44 days
1106. Southparkrox44 days
1107. Brotherhood of the Psychotic Dictators44 days
1108. United San Blas Nations43 days
1109. United Nations of North43 days
1110. Hash Browns Money43 days
1111. Islamya42 days
1112. The Confederation42 days
1113. Collection of Retarded Countries42 days
1114. Stellar Althing42 days
1115. Peoples Republic of Japan42 days
1116. The Underworld42 days
1117. Caucus of Nations42 days
1118. A Brand New World42 days
1119. The Brotherhood of Nations42 days
1120. Gaia Prime42 days
1121. The Purifiers42 days
1122. Kaurava42 days
1123. The Kingdom of Judah42 days
1124. Chicken Nugut42 days
1125. HybridsRealmOfOblivion42 days
1126. Quarian Colonization Fleet42 days
1127. PBS42 days
1128. Byzantiovakia42 days
1129. Freedom Isle42 days
1130. Lorien42 days
1131. Caucus of Revived Nations42 days
1132. Exclusive to These Countries42 days
1133. Commonwealth of Allied Democratic States42 days
1134. The Crimson Empire42 days
1135. Puedas Muerte42 days
1136. Benevolent Nazi Alliance42 days
1137. Rosau42 days
1138. The fictional land of California42 days
1139. The Lands Of Sussex42 days
1140. Realm Infinituum42 days
1141. The Fredericton Union42 days
1142. Nexus II42 days
1143. AFCC Patria Forces42 days
1144. Imandrem42 days
1145. Kingdom of Ireland42 days
1146. Grand Continent of the Clans42 days
1147. The United World of Battlefronts42 days
1148. Democratic Kingdom of Conn42 days
1149. Hedonistic Escape42 days
1150. Holy Order of Waffles42 days
1151. The League of Nova Roma42 days
1152. The Confederate Coalition42 days
1153. Mango Tango42 days
1154. Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek42 days
1155. Oranje Vrijstaat42 days
1156. Canada 241 days
1157. The Elitists41 days
1158. The Alliance of Free Nations41 days
1159. Sturmland41 days
1160. Ossetia41 days
1161. The Federal Empire41 days
1162. Quarantine41 days
1163. Imgur41 days
1164. The League of Fascist States41 days
1165. Z O R T41 days
1166. Inferno41 days
1167. Abkhazia41 days
1168. The Unaligned Isolated States41 days
1169. The Multiversal Void41 days
1170. Neveah41 days
1171. The United Empire of Matrix Programmers41 days
1172. The Grand Region of the River41 days
1173. Human Empire41 days
1174. The Region41 days
1175. United Federation of Anschlussed Nations41 days
1176. Lumiera41 days
1177. Celestanodyne41 days
1178. Rainbow Raven Land41 days
1179. United Utopian Lands of Kalibar40 days
1180. The Orion Arm of the Milky Way40 days
1181. Zombie Emergency Shelter40 days
1182. Excleria Test40 days
1183. New Templaria40 days
1184. RCMP40 days
1185. Oak Islands40 days
1186. Good Ol Boyz39 days
1187. Fort Melody39 days
1188. Union of Epic Nations39 days
1189. Conchordian Flight39 days
1190. Chadaria39 days
1191. The Council of Allied Nations39 days
1192. Voluntary Alliance39 days
1193. Eraser Wars39 days
1194. Naziism39 days
1195. MLG Australia38 days
1196. The New Founded Union38 days
1197. The Quelsh Area38 days
1198. Northern Oceania38 days
1199. Atmoran Commonwealth38 days
1200. The Interfaith Federation of Theocracies38 days
1201. Ignari38 days
1202. The Legal Bureaucracy38 days
1203. Coalition of Allied Nations38 days
1204. The world as we know it38 days
1205. Tempestatem Desertores37 days
1206. The Best Soviet Union37 days
1207. Palatine Confederacy37 days
1208. Wafflemen37 days
1209. NS Intelligence Agency37 days
1210. Alaskan Mountains36 days
1211. The United Assembly36 days
1212. Rishian Union of Republics36 days
1213. International Continental Union36 days
1214. Money36 days
1215. Zionist Empire36 days
1216. The European Parliament36 days
1217. League of Legends36 days
1218. The Truly Holy Roman Union36 days
1219. Spy bot central36 days
1220. The Order of Verden36 days
1221. Murdanacion36 days
1222. Trans Atlantice36 days
1223. HYDRA36 days
1224. Confederation of imperial German states36 days
1225. Greater Markania36 days
1226. The Right Libertarian Bloc36 days
1227. Kernow36 days
1228. United Nations Of Seredon36 days
1229. Chinese Region36 days
1230. The Autochthon Archipelago36 days
1231. Land of Anarchy36 days
1232. Odrenia36 days
1233. Order of the Backassward Lotus36 days
1234. United Leftist Nations36 days
1235. The Holy Quadrant of Draconius36 days
1236. Nations Under the Rador36 days
1237. MLG FAZE CLAN 42036 days
1238. Eternal Scholars36 days
1239. The Republic of Austria36 days
1240. The Eternal Golden Fire36 days
1241. The Imperial Federation36 days
1242. United Empires36 days
1243. The Imperial States36 days
1244. The United Socialist Union36 days
1245. Hells Field36 days
1246. The Oness Republic36 days
1247. Ogeirg Valley36 days
1248. Southern National Congress35 days
1249. Gay Pride35 days
1250. Imperial Maxima35 days
1251. The Guianas35 days
1252. New TG Realms35 days
1253. Southwest Psycholand35 days
1254. Southern Rhodesia35 days
1255. Socksidoneism35 days
1256. VY Canis Majoris35 days
1257. Kingdom of America35 days
1258. Land of the Light35 days
1259. Rovinionist Party Militia35 days
1260. New Black Riders35 days
1261. WonderNations of The Evil Goodness35 days
1262. Lexicon35 days
1263. The United Region of Helping Nations35 days
1264. The Rebel Forces of Havenbrooke35 days
1265. Embassy35 days
1266. The Intergalactic Embassy35 days
1267. Aurelia35 days
1268. The Bandits34 days
1269. Kanada34 days
1270. The Free Region of Mincraftia34 days
1271. Shattered Empire of Discordia34 days
1272. Gears of Economy34 days
1273. The United States Of Fascist Nations34 days
1274. Korean Pacific34 days
1275. Sumerian Coalition34 days
1276. The Customs Court of Elderly Peoples34 days
1277. An Anarchist and a Hippie34 days
1278. Rutlish Countries34 days
1279. Corporate Conservative34 days
1280. The Empire of New Coruscant34 days
1281. United Alliances33 days
1282. Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union33 days
1283. The Beuaguardian Empire33 days
1284. The Last of Nationstates Wrestling33 days
1285. The Commonwealth of Keano33 days
1286. The Very Very Dark Gray Diamond33 days
1287. Cancerland33 days
1288. North Valhaven33 days
1289. The Condemned Kitchen33 days
1290. Averdon33 days
1291. Distric of BC33 days
1292. Caesars Legion33 days
1293. Duloc32 days
1294. Chiyo32 days
1295. The land of the DuckCrocs32 days
1296. The United Nations of Cthulhu32 days
1297. The Royal Federation32 days
1298. The Sopranos32 days
1299. The Serene Republic of Darvia32 days
1300. Allied Defense Region32 days
1301. The Nations of Rebuild32 days
1302. The Cygnet Peninsula32 days
1303. Legion of Legionnaires32 days
1304. The Mermaid Nations31 days
1305. The Council of Elders31 days
1306. The north rapid31 days
1307. Imperial Colonial Sphere31 days
1308. Gypsies Of The Death Order31 days
1309. Hawaiian Friends31 days
1310. Sweet and sour popcorn31 days
1311. The new order31 days
1312. Cold Springs31 days
1313. The Paradise of the Nation Creators30 days
1314. Mustache Land30 days
1315. The Waters of Lethe30 days
1316. The Land of Equestria30 days
1317. Germilar30 days
1318. The Soviet Russian Alliance30 days
1319. Silent30 days
1320. Ashenvalle30 days
1321. A Very Small Region30 days
1322. Konfoederierten Mythos Iris30 days
1323. InterRegional Trade Federation29 days
1324. Ameland29 days
1325. Mediterranean Union28 days
1326. The Enternal Swords28 days
1327. The Ala Islands28 days
1328. Federation of Capitalist States28 days
1329. Sadness and Desolation28 days
1330. The Order of the Eagle28 days
1331. The Italian Empire28 days
1332. Union of Althena28 days
1333. Yau Guai28 days
1334. Imperial Commonwealth League of Crowns28 days
1335. The United Hippies of the Sea Goats28 days
1336. The Opera House28 days
1337. The Full Diagram28 days
1338. East Mediterranean Treaty Organization28 days
1339. Keynesian28 days

Closing in 3 days 3 hours
1340. The Somewhat United Forces of Equity28 days
1341. Hyperion Alliance28 days
1342. EXO28 days
1343. Carpe Diem28 days
1344. The School of Athens28 days
1345. The Region of Orbis28 days
1346. Novus Terra28 days
1347. Phantoms lost puppets28 days
1348. The Brotherhood of The Makuta28 days
1349. The Gold Empire28 days
1350. United Kingdom of Britain II28 days
1351. Apink28 days
1352. Kokirion28 days
1353. Warendra28 days
1354. The Mogami28 days
1355. The Celibraean Federation28 days
1356. True Friends United28 days
1357. British Allegiance28 days
1358. The Liberty League28 days
1359. League of Draven28 days
1360. Pro Choice28 days
1361. The Great Land of Great Nations27 days
1362. The Last Hour Galaxy27 days
1363. Soyuznoye27 days
1364. Oesterreich27 days
1365. The Army of Defenderon27 days
1366. Transcendence27 days
1367. Fallen Vanguard27 days
1368. Feminina27 days
1369. The Mystical Council27 days
1370. Rome27 days
1371. The IDGAF Peoples27 days
1372. The Plains Confederation27 days
1373. The Commission of Nations27 days
1374. Planet of the Apes27 days
1375. Imperialist coalition27 days
1376. Nations with resrictions27 days
1377. Kingdom of Jerusalem27 days
1378. The World that Never Was27 days
1379. Tribe Tech Robotics27 days
1380. Blue Box Lunatics27 days
1381. Pact of Slavic Socialist Republics27 days
1382. Western Caribbean27 days

Closing in 2 days 3 hours
1383. Lonestar27 days
1384. The Circles of Hell27 days
1385. Bule Besars in the House27 days
1386. Carmarthen27 days
1387. The United Tribal Peoples27 days
1388. Rerum Novarum27 days
1389. Union of Serbian Soviet Dictatorships27 days
1390. I HATE GRAPE JAM27 days
1391. The Glorious Provinces of Yangchu27 days
1392. The Communist Federation27 days
1393. West Olantica27 days
1394. My free region27 days
1395. Liberal Capitalist Coalition27 days
1396. The Great Boardia27 days
1397. Regional Alliance26 days
1398. Empire City26 days
1399. Federation of Geniocratic Russians26 days
1400. Suffolk26 days
1401. Royal Populated States26 days
1402. The Cuttlefish Reigon26 days
1403. British Overseas Territory26 days
1404. The World of 198426 days
1405. The Assembly of Allies26 days
1406. Insanity Reigns26 days
1407. Home Counties26 days
1408. Darude Sandstorm26 days
1409. America Two The Sequel26 days
1410. The Land of Night and Day26 days
1411. Hibernia Federation26 days
1412. Koreahstan26 days
1413. Half life 226 days
1414. The Continental Alliance26 days
1415. The new london alliance26 days
1416. U N I T E26 days
1417. Civil Libertarian Paradise26 days
1418. The confederation of free States25 days
1419. The United Peoplesesnesses 4 World Power25 days
1420. Hammerhead One25 days
1421. The Council of International Intel25 days
1422. Greater Imperial Alliance24 days
1423. Caershire24 days
1424. Latinoamerica24 days
1425. The Southern Soviet Allied Territories24 days
1426. The Holy Union of Favre24 days
1427. Fabulosos24 days
1428. Continent of Artifactia24 days
1429. Kronos24 days
1430. The UFN23 days
1431. North Koreas of the World23 days
1432. The International Land of Siberia23 days
1433. Franks bedroom23 days
1434. Tech Knowledge E23 days
1435. Hydra the All Powerful23 days
1436. Anzia23 days
1437. Jericho23 days
1438. Pax Australis22 days
1439. Verres22 days
1440. Regnum de Superius22 days
1441. Northside Irish States22 days
1442. The Intergalactic Region of Judson22 days
1443. The United Council22 days
1444. The Danish South Sea Archipelago22 days
1445. Federation of German Nations22 days
1446. Pokemon Jewelpets Adventure Time Region22 days
1447. The Reformed Sith Empire22 days
1448. The Communist Kingdom of Israel22 days
1449. Zorga22 days
1450. Tiernan222 days
1451. The Islands of TMac22 days
1452. Transatlantic Treaty Organisation22 days
1453. U wot m822 days
1454. Planet Bexurad22 days
1455. Darltra22 days
1456. Terra Capitala22 days
1457. Majikku To Ken22 days
1458. Crusader States22 days
1459. The Federated States22 days
1460. The Kingdom of Sainam22 days
1461. Putin Worship Alliance22 days
1462. Praisers of Aliens22 days
1463. The Alliance of Seven22 days
1464. Former English Republics22 days
1465. Jafarian Colonies22 days
1466. The Greenlands in Exile21 days
1467. Western Oregon21 days
1468. New Federal Union of Unions21 days
1469. Civil Rights Enforcers21 days
1470. The Soviet Republics of VF21 days
1471. Pandyssia21 days
1472. The Endless Summer21 days
1473. Grand Transgender Kingdom21 days
1474. Vesperia21 days
1475. Playgirls United21 days
1476. Jackva Union21 days
1477. The Slave Guilds21 days
1478. Proalothian Shibe Archipelago21 days
1479. Zoo21 days
1480. TR Terran Republic21 days
1481. The New Pact21 days
1482. Harad21 days
1483. United Nations of Splashfur21 days
1484. International Kyomarch Council21 days
1485. Syrixian Colonies21 days
1486. NWUA21 days
1487. The Interplanetary Alliance of Lansus21 days
1488. Alliance of Fascist States21 days
1489. Arnauland Commonwealth21 days
1490. The Alliance of Mad Dictators21 days
1491. Restricted Airspace21 days
1492. The league of cunning21 days
1493. Galgamesh21 days
1494. State of Jefferson21 days
1495. Uwainar21 days
1496. Deus Imperium21 days
1497. Savior21 days

Closing in 2 days 3 hours
1498. Fellowship21 days
1499. The United Matriarch States of Feminism20 days
1500. The Dutchland Area20 days
1501. Velyra20 days
1502. Lazarus Grand Peninsula20 days
1503. Planet Whoopydooptyoopsydaisy20 days
1504. Animosity20 days
1505. Cafaro20 days
1506. European Region20 days
1507. Le New Olympic Order20 days
1508. The United Nations of Opportunity20 days
1509. Peschici20 days
1510. The Lands of The Wolverines20 days
1511. Philosophical Volition20 days
1512. Somewhere Out There19 days
1513. Tobiasan19 days
1514. The British Raj19 days
1515. Oceandlia19 days
1516. Triple Alliance19 days
1517. Democratic Socialist Commonwealth19 days
1518. The Congregation of Great Nations18 days
1519. INDEFO18 days
1520. Corporate Confederation18 days
1521. Red Star Commonwealth Society18 days

Closing in 3 days 3 hours
1522. The New Allegiance18 days
1523. Seminaria18 days
1524. Anuvant18 days
1525. The Raven Empire18 days
1526. Forgotten about life18 days
1527. The Isle Of Arsonistical Infusment17 days
1528. Istanistan League of Nations17 days
1529. Nazis are evil17 days
1530. Kyrat17 days
1531. Civogi17 days
1532. The Tristenian Puppet Storage17 days
1533. Zombie land16 days
1534. Jexia16 days
1535. MyWikis16 days
1537. Iron Port16 days
1538. Todoropia16 days
1539. Confederacy of Free Nation States16 days
1540. Nerdpole15 days
1541. Khanid15 days
1542. The Island Of Hawaii15 days
1543. Republica of Bravek15 days
1544. Mcnernian Empire15 days
1545. Polyhymnia15 days
1546. Abgrund15 days
1547. The International Commerce Guild15 days
1548. Lacedaemonia15 days
1549. Death of death15 days
1550. Republican Headquarters15 days
1551. The Persian Empire15 days
1552. Poros15 days
1553. War Weary15 days
1554. South Asia15 days
1555. Arathus15 days
1556. Planetary Galactic Governments Assembly15 days
1557. The Northwest Coast15 days
1558. The Right and Divine Emirates of Shrim15 days
1559. The Coalition of Nations15 days
1560. New Bacon15 days
1561. Atonement of Harmony15 days
1562. Confederation of the Mississippi15 days
1563. Iura Pecunia et libertas15 days
1564. International Banking Cooperation15 days
1565. Socialist Islands of the Pacific15 days
1566. Nirn15 days
1567. Kalinka15 days
1568. Kingdom of New Spain15 days
1569. Latin american socialist republics15 days
1570. Port Redfish15 days
1571. Samothrace15 days
1572. The Reborn German Empire15 days
1573. Berk15 days
1574. El Alamienian Empire and Territories15 days
1575. The grand conglomerate of Serpentai14 days
1576. United Coalition of Sovereign Nations14 days
1577. Reformation of the Angels14 days
1578. Hellfire union14 days
1579. RadioStar Region14 days
1580. Aurea Republica14 days
1581. The Cavaliers14 days
1582. Ryle Peninsula14 days
1583. Transitory Mists14 days
1584. Alantica14 days
1585. Empire of Dreams14 days
1586. The Federation of Anarchic Governments14 days
1587. Union of the Free Totalitarian States14 days
1588. Genuan14 days
1589. Atlas14 days
1590. The Harrowed West14 days
1591. Nova Evropa13 days
1592. Drangleic13 days
1593. Tsay13 days
1594. Hyperion13 days
1595. The Holy Nations of North Atlantic13 days
1596. Confederation of the West Specific13 days
1597. IAPA13 days
1598. Nordland13 days
1599. Indochina13 days
1600. PRV13 days
1601. Candor13 days
1602. The predators13 days
1603. Southern territories13 days
1604. Umbria13 days
1605. The Betrayed Island13 days
1606. Islam13 days
1607. Federation of Nations of Wartone13 days
1608. The Lirizon Sector13 days
1609. The Combine Coalition13 days
1610. Werewolves of the Flame12 days
1611. Galiceia12 days
1612. Rice 312 days
1613. The Order of Lucifer12 days
1614. Via di Vita12 days

Closing in 2 days 3 hours
1615. Human Rights Alliance12 days
1616. Commonwealth of Great Britain11 days
1617. The Morningstar Republic11 days
1618. Irish Pub11 days
1619. The Court of Mice11 days
1620. Semantics Concilium11 days
1621. The Loose Coalition of Tiny Horses11 days
1622. Sawuslavian Tracts10 days
1623. The Spiral Arm10 days
1624. Procrustes10 days
1625. The Rogue Dimension Of Archdemon Lukain9 days
1626. MNTO9 days
1627. The Supreme Soviet9 days
1628. Hannanstan9 days
1629. The Iron Hammer9 days
1630. We The People9 days
1631. Nords for Talos8 days
1632. Antiosiom8 days
1633. The New Soviet Union8 days
1634. The Union Of National Socialists8 days
1635. The Commonwealth of Empires8 days
1636. The Assassin Order8 days
1637. Stcrossbuilding8 days
1638. Union for Social Democracy8 days
1639. The Plains of Greater Chirpoof8 days
1640. The Star Alliance8 days
1641. Super Ghetto8 days
1642. Dimension 38 days
1643. Galaxy Citizen8 days
1644. The not so Nazis of Soviet Boarderlands8 days
1645. Mt Olympus8 days
1646. The New Roman Nations8 days
1647. Middle Eastern Democratic Nations8 days
1648. United Kingdoms of Shiylantis8 days
1649. Shimane Shogunate8 days
1650. Frozen8 days
1651. The Chancellors of NuBrick8 days
1652. The Cannabis Alliance8 days
1653. WHITASHER8 days
1654. Parador8 days
1655. Hjfo8 days
1656. Province of Persis8 days
1657. The ghosts of old nations8 days
1658. The Coalition of Idiots8 days
1659. The Knights of Democracy8 days
1660. United Republics of Foothills8 days
1661. The Coalition of Democratic Republicans8 days
1662. I Like Trains8 days
1663. The PLANTs8 days
1664. The Manifest Destiny8 days
1665. The Council of Nations8 days
1666. League of the Golden Nations8 days
1667. Astrid Rock8 days
1668. The Republic Union of Nations8 days
1669. Democracy of atheistic libertarians8 days
1670. United Provinces of the World8 days
1671. Pirate cove8 days
1672. The United Kingdom Space Command UKSC8 days
1673. The United Nations of Waffletown8 days
1674. Caesars Republic8 days
1675. Suigintia and Cirnland8 days
1676. The Alliance of Nobles8 days
1677. United Alts8 days
1678. PuppetStates8 days
1679. The Intergalactic Corporate Paradise8 days
1680. The Cult of AoI7 days
1681. League of Great Nations7 days
1682. Trevvip Mountain Range Nations7 days
1683. Coalition of Post Apocalyptic States7 days
1684. The Utopia of Supremacy7 days
1685. Confederate Empire of Nyanners7 days
1686. USSR Puppet Storage7 days
1687. HOUMT SOUK7 days
1688. The Free Nations of Epireia7 days
1689. The Second Byzantine Empire7 days
1690. The Holy Mountain of Idiocy7 days
1691. PanPolitical Conglomerate7 days
1692. The United Allied Nations7 days
1693. Head Scratchers7 days
1694. The Conservative Confederacy7 days
1695. Itrania7 days
1696. Autism7 days
1697. Idabakeh7 days

Closing in 1 day 3 hours
1698. Star Wars Revolution7 days
1699. The United Federation of Republics7 days
1700. PMC Phantom7 days
1701. The Consolidated Nations7 days
1702. Alternate Earth7 days
1703. Apocrypha7 days
1704. The Aryan Homeland7 days
1705. Tamrielic Islands of Hermacrypha7 days
1706. Corporation Leaders7 days
1707. Twelve Tribes of Israel6 days
1708. The Children of Halo6 days
1709. Holy Regime of the German Chocolate Cake6 days
1710. ULSR6 days
1711. Enedwaith6 days
1712. Nova Belgica6 days
1713. The Isle of Berk6 days
1714. The Coalition of Sovereign States6 days
1715. Survivors Paradise6 days
1716. Touchstone6 days
1717. The Federal Existence of Countries6 days
1718. Regolith6 days
1719. The United Republics of Gallifrey6 days
1720. Najd6 days
1721. The Pansy Confederation6 days
1722. Havenbrooke Puppet Storage6 days
1723. Gilded Nations6 days
1724. Te Comishunz ov te Hoverkatz6 days
1725. Commonwealth of Diversity6 days
1726. Noverra6 days
1727. Thilsaia Intellegentia6 days
1728. Pax Republica6 days
1729. Rangborial region6 days
1730. The Stealth Force6 days
1731. The GLBEC5 days
1732. OHGB5 days
1733. The Mountain Sea Parallel5 days
1734. The Boofican5 days
1735. Federated Union of Rocakik5 days
1736. The Organization of Independent States5 days
1737. The United Socialist Republics Of Cheeba5 days
1738. United Nations of WMAA5 days
1739. Frosthaven4 days
1740. The Republic of Leugenschstan4 days
1741. New Alfheim4 days
1742. Pianosa4 days
1743. Nwahs with Attitude4 days
1744. Heinrichian Territory4 days
1745. The United Commonwealth of Rogersland4 days
1746. Starwing Allies4 days
1747. Eternal Silence4 days
1748. The International Treaty Organization4 days
1749. Grand Fandom Aliance3 days 19 hours
1750. New Jawa Land3 days 19 hours
1751. Havshivik3 days 19 hours
1752. Korriban3 days 19 hours
1753. International Union of Semi Sanity3 days 19 hours
1754. TEAM3 days 19 hours
1755. LandoftheTyrants3 days 19 hours
1756. Panau3 days 19 hours
1757. THE republic of freedom3 days 7 hours
1758. Contralian kush shed3 days 7 hours
1759. Ramundi3 days 7 hours
1760. Arconian Empire2 days 19 hours
1761. The Mormon Utopia2 days 19 hours
1762. Amster Continent2 days 7 hours
1763. Kvatch1 day 19 hours
1764. Role Player Coalition1 day 19 hours
1765. The Sapphire Seas1 day 19 hours
1766. Union of Sovereign States1 day 19 hours
1767. United Nations of Peace and Liberty1 day 19 hours
1768. Gholsrieg1 day 19 hours
1769. Holy Empire of Springfield1 day 7 hours
1770. The Free Isles of Hawana1 day 7 hours
1771. Explosive Badlands1 day 7 hours
1772. Carnag3nia1 day 7 hours
1773. Red Kings or Redmine1 day 7 hours
1774. Glorious Leaders1 day 7 hours
1775. The Mien Defender Group1 day 7 hours
1776. Salami Arctic1 day 7 hours
1777. Drawskab drows ekam emosewa secnatnes1 day 7 hours
1778. Sector 4871 day 7 hours
1779. West Ontaric Treaty Alliance1 day 7 hours
1780. Lunar Nations1 day 7 hours
1781. The Hagen1 day 7 hours
1782. Sentient Planet Supreme1 day 7 hours
1783. Faaren1 day 7 hours
1784. Free Mans World1 day 7 hours
1785. Northern Alga1 day 7 hours
1786. Common Ground1 day 7 hours
1787. The Tesla Congress1 day 7 hours
1788. Ceo1 day 7 hours
1789. Nuwe Transvaal1 day 7 hours
1790. The Raider Defense Force20 hours
1791. The Multitude of States20 hours
1792. The Olivic Lands20 hours
1793. Portuguese Commonwealth20 hours
1794. The Free Lands of Nomadogian20 hours
1795. Overwatch19 hours
1796. The shatterd isles of Britannia19 hours
1797. The Septim Empire19 hours
1798. The Imperial New World Order19 hours

Closing in 3 days 3 hours
1799. The Gydome Solar System19 hours
1800. NSSHQ19 hours
1801. Empire of Majora19 hours
1802. The New Modern South19 hours
1803. The Namu Root19 hours
1804. Wayside Cove of the Weary Traveller19 hours
1805. Empura19 hours
1806. The Puppet Housing Region of Abidawe19 hours
1807. Imperial Lands of Great Vaeland19 hours
1808. The Dalek Empire19 hours
1809. Joint Alliance of the North Atlantic19 hours
1810. Union of States19 hours
1811. Socialist Pact19 hours
1812. The One Earth Regime19 hours
1813. The Red Sun Union19 hours
1814. The Freelands19 hours
1815. Union of Germanic Nations19 hours
1816. The World Alliance19 hours
1817. Van Xuan19 hours
1818. United Defenders League19 hours
1819. Windhelm7 hours
1820. Liberal Assembly7 hours
1821. Holy Land of Luck and Weed Netherlands7 hours
1822. Just Ferrets7 hours
1823. Socialist republic7 hours
1824. Refuges of Refuges7 hours

Invitations Received

Invitation Received FromViaReceived
The Federal IslesThe Atheist Empire of SPQR12342 minutes ago

Requests Sent

Request Sent ToSent
Democratic Capitalist Alliance HQ4 days ago
Svestan4 days ago
Woebegotten4 days ago
Liberty Republic4 days ago
State of Connecticut4 days ago
Saints Empire4 days ago
Libertarian Anarchists4 days ago
Xerixia4 days ago
State of California4 days ago
The Pallasian Purlieu of Pantasia4 days ago
Yeezusland4 days ago
State of Nebraska4 days ago
The Fascist Republic of America4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Americas4 days ago
The Vorrcean Imperium4 days ago
What are these civil rights you speak of4 days ago
South Pacific Ejection Contest4 days ago
State of Michigan4 days ago
United Eastern Territories4 days ago
Seas of Three4 days ago

Rejected 3 days 15 hours ago
State of New Jersey4 days ago
Ex Nihilo Omnia4 days ago
The intergalactic assembly of brofists4 days ago
The United Crowns of Alius4 days ago
Kotturheim2 days 1 hour ago
A Clowder Flock4 days ago
State of West Virginia4 days ago
State of Virginia4 days ago
The Black Rose Coalition4 days ago
Adranus4 days ago
Panem014 days ago
Brutix4 days ago
State of Washington4 days ago
The Abyss of Abaddon4 days ago
SS Abteilung 14 days ago
The Coalition of Equality4 days ago
The Allied Empire4 days ago
Konfoederation deutschsprachiger Staaten4 days ago
Potato4 days ago
Marxist Vietnam4 days ago
The Coalition to Invade the Black Riders4 days ago
Umad bro4 days ago
The Seating Chart4 days ago
The State of Cows4 days ago
The Coalition of a Free State4 days ago
The Federation Of Totalitarian States4 days ago
The New World Alliance4 days ago
League of Crowns4 days ago
The Northeastern Nations4 days ago
Hopelessnessville4 days ago
Evil Axis4 days ago
Hong Kong City4 days ago
The FSA4 days ago
Leeland Empire4 days ago
United Republic Federation4 days ago
Global Union4 days ago
The Leftist Union4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Exodus4 days ago
Cape Vajayjay4 days ago
State of Indiana4 days ago
Gravel pit4 days ago
International Alliance4 days ago
Terra Mortis4 days ago
Greater Zakrowskitoria4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
NNOP4 days ago
Antfarmkeyboard4 days ago
The Glorious Spam Empire4 days ago
The Region of Kaon4 days ago
Round24 days ago
State of Alaska4 days ago
Orium4 days ago

Rejected 2 days 4 hours ago
Schonesland4 days ago
The Eternal Kingdom4 days ago
New British Kingdom4 days ago
Revolutionary Base4 days ago
The Night Raid4 days ago

Rejected 5 hours ago
Concord4 days ago
Redford4 days ago
Hastilia4 days ago
Deteroarliininutmail4 days ago
The New Confedarcy4 days ago
The Alliance of Safe Communities4 days ago
SPEAR4 days ago
The Ieianian League of Empires2 days 8 hours ago
Akiviiri4 days ago
Raska4 days ago
Llopsoo4 days ago
Deathworlds United4 days ago
The Perfect Aryan Race4 days ago
The Region of Peace and Love4 days ago
Lordaeron4 days ago
Commonwealth of Kentucky4 days ago
Blackreach4 days ago
The Agency Federation of Equestia4 days ago
Kerest4 days ago
The American Defense Administration4 days ago
North Western Korea4 days ago
Assassins island4 days ago
Nationalist Empire4 days ago
The True Italy4 days ago
The Simpsons4 days ago
The Christian Alliance4 days ago

Rejected 3 days 11 hours ago
Gallup4 days ago
Amunzar4 days ago
LostSouls4 days ago

Rejected 2 days ago
Val Royeaux4 days ago
The Confederate Empire4 days ago
Raised by the Phoenix4 days ago
State of Nevada4 days ago
The Harsh Democracies4 days ago
State of Alabama4 days ago
The Bantipodean Alliance4 days ago
The North American Dominions4 days ago
Why4 days ago
World Protestant Alliance4 days ago

Rejected 2 days 10 hours ago
The Caledonian Union4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Charlestant4 days ago
The Alliance of Protestant Nations4 days ago

Rejected 1 day 1 hour ago
The Voodoo Islands4 days ago
The Vanguard4 days ago
State of Texas4 days ago
State of Mississippi4 days ago
The Commonwealth of Independent Species4 days ago
Icelandic International Community4 days ago
The land of psychotic happiness4 days ago

Rejected 5 hours ago
Wah4 days ago
Kingdom of Genovia4 days ago
Antalya4 days ago
Facist Alliance4 days ago
Universal4 days ago
Serenity province4 days ago
The Taft School4 days ago
Allied Alliance of AntiCommunists4 days ago
Ekalis4 days ago
Leland Co4 days ago

Rejected 5 hours ago
The Holy Qthlic Empire4 days ago
Byzantine Federation4 days ago
Albion Winter Wonderland4 days ago
The Orlesian Empire4 days ago
State of South Dakota4 days ago
The United Regions headquarters4 days ago
Republik osterreich4 days ago
Fourth Hour4 days ago
Worldwide Fascist Federation4 days ago
Northern Ameri4 days ago
The Khaganate of Kevinid4 days ago
Nungerz and Co4 days ago
No Mans Union4 days ago
Indarnaea Segycir Dalorar4 days ago
The Legion Empire4 days ago
The Kingdom4 days ago
The Joint Nations of Republica4 days ago
Akavir4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
The United Korean People4 days ago
Democratic capitalist alliance4 days ago
The Aurors4 days ago
City in the Sky4 days ago
Transiental Confederation4 days ago
The Insane Region4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Cosmic Islands4 days ago
Kezzelia4 days ago
Next Generation Alliance4 days ago
Piedmont4 days ago
The Northlands4 days ago
State of North Carolina4 days ago
Poleans4 days ago
State of Arizona4 days ago
United Leon4 days ago
Clericofascism4 days ago
PRHS friends4 days ago
United Prussian Royalties 24 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
The Defender Intelligence Network4 days ago
The Akatsuki4 days ago
Brotherhood of Muslim Nations4 days ago
Hells Circle4 days ago
Terra Corvus4 days ago
The Omega Republic4 days ago
Companions of Diomedes4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Northeastern Isles4 days ago
The Southeast Asian Union4 days ago
WeWEED4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
The United Militaristic States4 days ago
Ztetareikorahamethee4 days ago
APN Patriot Movement Headquarters4 days ago
Polios Nations4 days ago
Katholonan Empire4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
The Dumb Ducks4 days ago
Gregata Nui4 days ago
State of Georgia4 days ago
Isole Di Fellia4 days ago
The Donut League4 days ago
Commune for Ascendance and Annihilation4 days ago
The We Love Tano Region4 days ago
Communist Grissom Refugee Center4 days ago
Solitude4 days ago
The Holy Siribat Empire4 days ago
Fascist Grissom4 days ago
Reuleaux4 days ago

Rejected 1 day 5 hours ago
Red Banner Baltic Fleet4 days ago
The Intergalactic Alliance4 days ago

Rejected 2 days 21 hours ago
Forgotten little corner4 days ago
The Lenny Islands4 days ago
Great Mensia4 days ago
Heritage4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Alfoquian North African Territories4 days ago
The Holy Book of Log4 days ago
Shinsekai4 days ago
Mayhend Countries4 days ago
Nope4 days ago
Onomkiel Isunitnetelrapaoj4 days ago
The Empty Quarter4 days ago

Rejected 3 days 16 hours ago
H2Snowway4 days ago
The Black Mamba4 days ago
GeoBlunt4 days ago
University of Cincinnati4 days ago
Placeholdername4 days ago
Nations at Work4 days ago
Heavens4 days ago
The New Small Countries Millatary Force4 days ago
Warlords of Draenor4 days ago
Janetland4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Zetiran Tagpuuyeran4 days ago
Palestinian Territories4 days ago
Valenwood4 days ago
Steam Realm4 days ago

Rejected 2 days 19 hours ago
RMB Counting Challenge4 days ago
State of Massachusetts4 days ago
Pangea4 days ago
The Council of Krasko4 days ago
Opposites Attract4 days ago
The Japanese Empire4 days ago
The West Pacific Defense Alliance4 days ago
Hunters4 days ago
State of Ohio4 days ago
The empire of Tarslacavia4 days ago
State of Vermont4 days ago
Kessland4 days ago
Paiterra4 days ago
The democracy of the enlighted immortals4 days ago
Reich Recruiting Office4 days ago
Svaith4 days ago
GERITAPAN4 days ago
Eisalsam Asmasellanurwu4 days ago
ICE4 days ago
State of Arkansas4 days ago
State of North Dakota4 days ago
State of New Hampshire4 days ago
State of Iowa4 days ago
The Doctor Who fan Universe4 days ago
The World Alliance Puppet Storage4 days ago
The Kingdom of Fife4 days ago
State of Delaware4 days ago
Grande Unione Fascista4 days ago
Alliance of Christian Nations4 days ago
United Kingdom of Islands4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Saylora4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Tonys spawn4 days ago
Lulztesttopia4 days ago

Rejected 2 days 1 hour ago
The Gallifreyan Republic4 days ago
The Great Nazi Alliance4 days ago
Reflexion4 days ago
Swingsack4 days ago
The United Federation of Nebraska4 days ago
The Mojolicious Laboratory4 days ago
The Saga of Seven Suns4 days ago
The United Empire4 days ago
The United Realm of Mattyhuw4 days ago
State of Wisconsin4 days ago
The Socialist Treaty Organization4 days ago
REAR4 days ago
Alrerrepmafpo4 days ago
Illhosian Puppet Storage4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Countries at Work4 days ago
Nazi Party Members4 days ago
Konungariket Sverige4 days ago
Holy Russian Empire4 days ago
Gods Own4 days ago
State of New Mexico4 days ago
The Union of Nationstates4 days ago
The Galaxitico Ronneux Union4 days ago
The Empire of Alia4 days ago
The Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army4 days ago
North Canton4 days ago

Rejected 2 days 5 hours ago
Mandrill Morass4 days ago
Grimmaesop4 days ago
State of Missouri4 days ago
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation4 days ago
Aurignis4 days ago
Cruisean4 days ago
State of Maine4 days ago
The 100 Worlds4 days ago
Equital4 days ago
Arcturian Empire4 days ago
Mewbirtian Empire4 days ago
The UEI Training Field4 days ago
The Great National Socialist Empire4 days ago
The Red Raiders4 days ago
XXXXXX4 days ago
Region o Tards4 days ago

Rejected 2 days 8 hours ago
Occupy NationStates4 days ago
State of Kansas4 days ago
Nandorith4 days ago
American Empire4 days ago
Paderborn4 days ago
American States4 days ago
State of Minnesota4 days ago
Golden Praetorian Empire4 days ago
Acidalia4 days ago
Wnenana Lehsopentoipuke4 days ago
Al Ummah4 days ago
The Alliance of the Corrupt4 days ago

Rejected 5 hours ago
Midget Jesus Rulez4 days ago
Nazi Utah4 days ago
Superdubemland4 days ago
The United Nations of Paradise4 days ago
Pratord4 days ago
The Kingdoms of the Future4 days ago
Obscure regionsaw4 days ago
Coalition of Sovereign States4 days ago
State of Idaho4 days ago
Osterreichisch Deutsche Reich4 days ago
League Of Axis Powers4 days ago
State of Louisiana4 days ago
State of Colorado4 days ago
The Tsardom of Russia4 days ago
The Spark of Invention4 days ago
State of Tennessee4 days ago
The Lost Land Of Drangleic4 days ago
State of Maryland4 days ago
Abyssal Forgetfullness4 days ago
Grand Banks4 days ago
State of Oklahoma4 days ago
Marionettes for DAYS4 days ago

Rejected 2 days 10 hours ago
The Mafia Game4 days ago
Oppression of the Ugly4 days ago
Jack4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Home4 days ago
State of Florida4 days ago
The Cotswolds3 hours ago
State of South Carolina4 days ago
State of Kentucky4 days ago
New Land of Power4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Islamic State of Nation States4 days ago
The Alliance of Totalitarian Nations4 days ago
State of New York4 days ago
Food4 days ago
Bowerstone4 days ago
United Republic Federation of Ilithyia4 days ago
Commonwealth of Sovereign Crowns4 days ago
Punkyland4 days ago
Earth 20504 days ago
The Western Coalition4 days ago
The Non Aligned International4 days ago

Rejected 4 days ago
Gallente Federation4 days ago
State of Illinois4 days ago
The Anglosphere4 days ago
Blake is kool4 days ago
State of Hawaii4 days ago
Genovia4 days ago
The Holy Empire of Siribat4 days ago
Odyn Vsesvit4 days ago
Exodus Alliance4 days ago
Federation of Democratic Republics4 days ago
Post Great War America4 days ago

Rejected 1 day 5 hours ago
National Technate4 days ago
The Appearance Galaxy4 days ago
Distant Land of Fallen Sarnath4 days ago
Cape Maher4 days ago
OBI Jump Point4 days ago

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