International Republican Union Administration

International Republican Union is administered by:

The Founder has not granted the WA Delegate (Poptropia) administrative power.

The ability to modify regional settings, as well as eject and ban nations, is automatically granted to Founders. The same powers also belong to the WA Delegate, unless the Founder has disabled WA Delegate access and is present within the region.

Border Control


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

1. Libertatem
2. Conservative League
3. Federation of Free States
4. The Union
5. Right to Life
6. The Confederation
7. Laissez Faireholm
8. Union of Confederate Regions
9. Glorious Nations of Iwaku
10. Commonwealth of Liberty
11. Commonwealth of Free Nations
12. International Northwestern Union
13. Sunalaya
15. Fort Coolidge
16. Pro Life International
17. FFS Libertatem IRU Cafe
18. The Banana Republic
19. The Commonwealth of Crowns
20. U R N
21. Avadam Inn
22. Wolves of Night
23. The Utopian Freesocialists
24. The Atlas Union
25. Archmont
26. Gay Equality
27. New Republica
28. Genuan Rebirth
29. Empire of Andrew
30. ACA
31. The Hyatt Islands

Invitations Received

International Republican Union Message Board

Nations in embassy regions are permitted to post on the International Republican Union Message Board.


Welcome Telegram: Written by Conservative Idealism.

Recruitment: Recruitment telegrams promoting this region can only be sent by: Poptropia, Conservative Idealism, and 1 other.Jadentopia.

by Max Barry

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