Europeia Regional Administration

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Europeia is administered by:

The ability to modify regional settings, as well as eject and ban nations, is automatically granted to Founders. The same powers also belong to the WA Delegate, unless the Founder has disabled WA Delegate access and is present within the region.

Border Control

  • The WA Delegate does have administrative powers.

  • Nations do not require a password to enter.

  • Nations banned from Europeia: Ithqington, Moon Nazi.


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

1. The New Inquisition3 years 352 days
2. The South Pacific1 year 304 days
3. The Land of Kings and Emperors3 years 352 days
4. The North Pacific1 year 170 days
5. Balder2 years 61 days
6. Mazeria1 year 172 days
7. Ainur1 year 171 days
8. Kantrias1 year 135 days
9. Osiris1 year 31 days

Invitations Received

Europeia Message Board

Delegates and Founders in embassy regions are permitted to post on the Europeia Message Board.


Welcome Telegram: None.

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