Austritaria Administration

Austritaria is administered by:

The Founder has not granted the WA Delegate (Grand Britaria) administrative power.

The ability to modify regional settings, as well as eject and ban nations, is automatically granted to Founders. The same powers also belong to the WA Delegate, unless the Founder has disabled WA Delegate access and is present within the region.

Border Control

  • The WA Delegate does not have administrative powers.

  • Nations do not require a password to enter.

  • Nations banned from Austritaria: Beruka, Probably Is Groznyj Leich.


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

1. Fifth Empire2 years 334 days
2. Zarathustra2 years 283 days
3. Antarctic Alliance2 years 143 days
4. The Alliance of Grittonia2 years 140 days
5. Union of Nationalists2 years 97 days
6. The SOP1 year 270 days
7. Greater Dienstad1 year 259 days
8. Sonnel1 year 254 days
9. Black Mesa Islands1 year 251 days
10. The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples1 year 250 days
11. NationStates Sesquipedalian Countries1 year 219 days
12. Ivory Tower1 year 136 days
13. Totally Not Groznyjs V2 The Revengening1 year 72 days
14. Laissez Faireholm1 year 30 days
15. The Americas1 year 29 days
16. World Alliance1 year 29 days
17. International Commonwealth Of Nations1 year 27 days
18. Astyria1 year 26 days
19. Island of Union347 days
20. Genuan Rebirth263 days
21. Eladen166 days
22. The Atlas Union161 days
23. Terra Corvus161 days

Austritaria Message Board

Nations in embassy regions are not permitted to post on the Austritaria Message Board.


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