Current Bugs & Issues

This page was created to keep players up to date with game problems and bugs. Originally the forum served that purpose, but then it developed its own problems. Ah yes, cruel irony.

If a problem is listed here, then admin is aware of it and working on a solution (at admin's own glacial pace).

  1. Jolt Forum: Please note that issues with the old Jolt forum are beyond our control. You can try contacting Jolt for help, but we recommend you instead use our new, official forum.

Problem not on the list? Visit the Technical Forum to get help from moderators and other players. Good bug reports are very helpful, so if you've found a bug, please do mail it in. Be sure to say who you are, what you're trying to do, and exactly what's happening. If you're getting an error message, include that. Please be aware that admin is just one or two people looking after this game in their spare time, and we don't have time to answer most queries individually. But problems you report are investigated.

by Max Barry

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